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Spencers Hypermarket Greater Noida


Spencers Hypermarket Greater Noida

Last updated: September 19 2014
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    Re : Spencers Hypermarket Greater Noida

    Originally posted by NeenaO View Post

    how are the prices/quality in comparison to honey money top, local shops etc
    do they have any special price day like big bazaar wednesday....

    Appreciate your revert.


    Honey Money Top is nowhere compare to such chains.

    What i always felt is that honey money top was taking advantage of lack of such chains in gnoida and selling most items at mrp.

    Being in commercial leasing i thought their hypermart in msx will be very good, but conpared to such chains, its very pale.

    Not only in sheer range but pricing / discounts , display and consumer friendly set up (ramps, trolley escalators, etc) Spencers is far ahead of honey money top.

    I put it at par with good hypermarts in noida and gurgaon.

    Regd special offers, discount days, you need to contact the store.

    In a nutshell...this is the best store in any category in gnoida so far.


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      Re : Spencers Hypermarket Greater Noida

      The best about this store according to me apart from beinh a proper hypermart with good stock of all household one of the best park and shop facility i have seen in ncr

      No long walks back to parkings dragging trolleys, no stuffy lifts, no limited parkings....

      One simply park at any of basement and can reach car in a few seconds with shopping trolley.

      Ramps, ramp escalators ensure even a senior citizen or a 10 yr old will not have any issues taking trolley to car comfortably

      I think Stores like Honey Money top who were selling products at mrp and other items at very high rates have to now plan new strategy to sustain their sales.

      This is very good for any region...competition

      Reliance super too was rearranging their store when i visited couple of days back.


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        Re : Spencers Hypermarket Greater Noida

        Thanks Zohaib...!! i completely echo your thoughts on this one...a must visit for Greater Noida promised posting some pics...had problems directly pasting the pics as they were heavy so appending it as attachments...

        Spencers Hypermart (Ansal Plaza) - Greater Noida

        What was pleasantly surprising was -

        1. Nov Veg sections...chicken,mutton (along with their varieties/variants) ...marinated BBQ stuff..variety of fishes ( Blue Crab,Tiger Prawns, Pomphret ,Rahu, Pangas, Katla)....
        2. Bakery section...pretty much everything that i've seen in other marts...
        3. Snack bar/Street food counter ...the best being "shawarmah"...& Paani Puri...
        4. And how can i forget the Cheese counter/Nuttie delights counter....refer to my check out the variety...:p
        5. Shopping bill ~4.5K....but deducting offer & discounts came upto one may say the MRP would be inflated, but my say would be ...Spencers is a national chain and product MRP stays relatively constant across overall a good deal for the stuff's we bought...!!

        6. And the most surprising being...i was there in the mart for about 2 hours with my family...from 7:30 pm - ~ 9:30pm and we didn't realize the time we spent...and yesterday being a Saturday..not once did i see any hooliganism or gentry issues that i expected...the rush of people you see in the pics about 9:30 pm is an unusual sight and is rare in a Greater Noida Mall at that was mostly married couples/families who were flocking the mart...good start ...hope Spencers paves way for more good things for the region....happy shopping !!
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          Re : Spencers Hypermarket Greater Noida

          GThomas...thank you for pics...

          MRP is decided by Brand and never the whatever discounts u get are genuine.

          If a bottle of oil is printed MRP of 500 in a will be same in any store.

          Kindly answer below:

          1. How convenient it was for you to park your car and enter the hypermart AND to take full trolley back to your car

          2. How convenient was ur billing ?

          3. How did you find the discounts and available stock compared to other hypermarts in NCR ??

          4. How did you like the layout of hypermart ??

          Also, I repeat....the TOP management of Spencers is very much active in going through suggestions now as its newly opened.

          So if u feel ANY suggestion needs to be given...THIS IS BEST time....

          Give it directly to store manager in their feedback form

          And if u wants post it here, i will forward it direct to top management


          PS: very happy to know that u can spend 1-2 hrs comfortably and enjoying at same time


          Support your local markets IF they are providing you quality, service and value for money

          MAJORITY people from middle and upper middle gentry i have interacted with for my surverys feel Gnoida markets are NOT suitable for them...its getting embedded in their do share ur experienxlce with others.

          If gnoida residents dont suppport efforts of brands....then too shall start conprimising on quality, sevice, etc etc etc....and eventually shut down and leave.
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            Re : Spencers Hypermarket Greater Noida

            Latest Feedback from another Source who spend 3-4 hours yesterday evening (Sunday) in the Hypermart, just observing the feedback from Gnoida residents:

            1. As per him, he has never seen such a good turnout for a store in any market of Gnoida..Actually Shopping

            2. Majority of Crowd was Service Educated class thereby giving them a feeling of comfort for family crowd shopping in the hypermart. Local and Villager Youth too were present but being in minority were behaving themselves.

            3. The crowd seemed like any decent crowd in rest of NCR hypermarts such as GIP Big Bazaar

            4. It seemed like the residents were waiting for such a store for a VERY LONG time and hence seemed very satisfied with it

            5. Most of them when asked liked 3 major things in the hypermart......Availability of Stock, Convenient / Comfortable experience and Discounts.
            As I mentioned before.....Majority service class had no option but to pay at MRP in Honey Money Top because it gave them the Ambience for their families. But not this has changed and Honey money Top needs to change its strategy Big time.

            6. Some Local Youths were trying to play around on the Trolley escalator by walking on it wrong side and being loud and cheap as always, but were stopped on time by Guards.

            7. People enjoyed the concept of shopping as well as grabbing a bite in the store itself.

            8. The convenient park and shop facility was loved by most family class crowd.

            9. Many people had suggestion for Ansal management to Improve their CAR PARKING ENTRY ....Apparently there was a queue at Entry and service was slow

            10. Some had suggestion to have more sitting area near exit


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              Re : Spencers Hypermarket Greater Noida

              Hi All,

              I was there in Spencers yesterday(sunday) evening with my family and yes,I agree to the points mentioned by Zohaib and others.

              I was too pleasantly surprised to see the automatic ramp to take the trolley back to the car very easily.
              The size of the store is big,though may be smaller than Big Bazaar of GIP but is good enough to stop you going to GIP for this .

              Well stocked and easy to store.Good Gentry.

              Suggestions from my side:

              1) ATM
              2)Some more options for kids and ladies to eat-Say ice cream section for eating.and more options to snack if not a dinner kind of option.This will make people spend more time inside the store
              3)Surely more security to discourage goons
              4)Boards to point buyers to wash rooms.I didn't see any in the B1
              5)Not too much to suggest further improvements at this stage


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                Re : Spencers Hypermarket Greater Noida


                I suggest pls fill their feedback and it over direct to store manager or if he says put it in suggestion box

                From my side...i am adding all suggestions from various sources incl. This forum into a draft and will send it to my friend who is respl. For lease of this store and he will pass it to top management in calcutta next weekend.

                Usually 2-3 weekend footfalls...a clear pattern emerges....



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                  Re : Spencers Hypermarket Greater Noida

                  I am not sure but i have been told that as a part of customer feedback....each and every bill is being stamped with Store managers name and mobile number.

                  I strongly suggest that gnoida residents who visit this hypermart, do give ur feedback or suggestions.

                  As senior management is personaly nvolvolved for approx. A month....


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                    Re : Spencers Hypermarket Greater Noida

                    Thanks all,
                    The best thing there was that no need to go to Ansal's lift. Stupid mall has just 3 lifts and those too don't have a syncing software, so everytime we have to push all the buttons.

                    For spencer we needn't to go to the mall at all, just use the escalator go to the spencers and come back without going to those damned lifts.
                    Nice job spencer


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                      Re : Spencers Hypermarket Greater Noida

                      The point raised by mr.sangal.....has been my favourite feature of the hypermart...and i personally congratulated the people respl. For same.

                      Ansal mall is a very poorly designed, operated and managed mall.....and over the period of time has completely lost footfall from the upper middle, educated class.

                      The design of hypermart approach ensures the biggest negative of mall is sidelined


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?