Seems now there some proof in the so called rumors of Metro going from City Center, Sector 50,82, 93, Expressway ......
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  • Originally Posted by zohaib2012
    i still maintain that if you are an end user...then flats is fine...if you are investor....stay away from flats

    noida expressway is best region in noida for end use
    pari chowk is best region for end use

    i donot know why..but people think that as long as you shower praises for a region.....then only you like it

    highlighting the negatives of the region is very important

    everyone will tell you the positives...but no one will talk about negatives

    but i will always highlight them


    Zohaib bhai ... by that funda no one can invest in noida(as investor) as flats should not be bought and plots are out of reach... or can u suggest some plots for budget buyers as u say that noida is MIG segement.
  • DMRC approves extension of Noida & Greater Noida metro line

    DMRC approves extension of Noida & Greater Noida metro line
    Noida and Greater Noida are to get a new lifeline, as tracks are clear for the Metro line here.The authorities concerned have approved a major detailed extension of the Metro route connecting almost all of Noida and Greater Noida at a cost of Rs 10,000 crore, covering a total of 86km. The DMRC ( Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) has given a go-ahead to this project and it is likely to be completed by 2015.

    Besides extending the existing City Centre Metro route connecting Kalindi Kunj and Botanical Garden, a new line from the City Centre station connecting Sector 32 to Sector 62 and touching NH-24 , was also approved. This new 6km route will be via Sector 71 crossing and will provide connectivity to Sectors 32, 34, 35, Hoshiarpur, Sectors 51, 52, 71, Greater Noida Extension Marg, Sarfabad, Sectors 60, 61, 62, 63 and NH-24 .

    A new loop from Sector 71 via Sector 121 will then join the Greater Noida route between the City Centre and Bodaki railway station in Greater Noida. This route will be from the City Centre along the Greater Noida Expressway , touching Knowledge Park 4 via Pari Chowk and will finally end at Bodaki. The new loop has been added mainly to connect Noida Extension, which is near Sector 121, with Noida as well as with Greater Noida.

    If the project runs on schedule, there will soon be a direct Metro connectivity between Noida and areas in South Delhi like Kalkaji, Malviya Nagar, Nehru Place, Green Park and Vasant Kunj. At present, commuters have to take the Noida-Dwarka route and get down at Rajiv Chowk station to change lines. Experts believe it will boost real estate market in Noida, Greater Noida and the neighbouring areas.

    S K Diwedi, the chief executive officer of Noida, says: “The proposed line will be a part of the DMRC’s larger plan to link Jahangirpuri and Kalindi Kunj. Noida Authority and DMRC officials are reviewing the plans twice in a month.”

    The new link will also be a part of DMRC’s Phase III expansion plan, which will now cover 105km, instead of the earlier proposed 70km, to enter areas like Faridabad and Noida. In addition, Noida will also be floating the tender for the extension of the Metro line from Noida City Centre to Bodaki in Greater Noida.

    Rama Raman, the chairman and chief executive officer of Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA), says: “Once the project is complete, it will be easy to move from Delhi to Noida-Greater Noida and Ghaziabad, as the authority has designed this Metro connectivity project.

    The authority is approaching financial institutions for viability gap funds and tax exemptions to meet the requirement. According to the alignment, 22 Metro stations have been proposed in the 28kmlong Noida and Greater Noida Metro link, which costs around 5,500 crore. Nearly 65,000 passengers are expected to commute daily on this line. This Metro link will connect with Ghaziabad in the second phase of execution.”

    Proposed Metro stations in Greater Noida

    City Centre (Sector 32), Sector 51, Sector 50, Sector 78, Sector 101, Sector 81, Dadri Road, Sector 83, Sector 137, Sector 143, Sector 147, Sector 144, Sector 153, Sector 149, Knowledge Park 2, Pari Chowk, Alpha 1 Alpha 2 and Bodaki (depot stations)

    Daily commuters:

    65,000 (during peak hours);) :bab (41):
  • Is this an old article or any new development has been announced on this ?
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  • maybe another paid news...don't believe any news till the time you see DMRC boards alongside the proposed metro paths...till the time DMRC installs the construction site...don't believe it HT..TOI..Hindu..or any X, Y Zee newspaper or web news...don't believe anything...I have seen a new bridge being built in parallell to the Kalindi bridge..dont know if it is the Metro bridge or the bridge that was suppossed to be built to ease out the bottle neck of Kalindi..but, in my POV the connection between Jasola and Botanical garden will come up first and then others...

    anybody have any other information??
  • :D :D :D

    In no time this PAID news will be on the walls of ever builder and broker in NExtn.

    Hurry people, buy in NExtn, else you will miss boarding the "proposed metro". :bab (59):

    Can we shift this news to the Jokes thread. ;)
  • there have numerous such news in the past.. how can they plan a metro without having the master plan approved..
  • Breaking News - Eco village 3 sold all the units. Money Paid to toi & other newspaper is recovered. Happy Investing :)
  • Originally Posted by rohanarora536
    Breaking News - Eco village 3 sold all the units. Money Paid to toi & other newspaper is recovered. Happy Investing :)

    It shud hv been metro to be connectd to each tower of Ecovillage3. . Media kitni hollow ho gyi hai. Jo chahe vo baja le
  • Originally Posted by del_sanju
    It shud hv been metro to be connectd to each tower of Ecovillage3. . Media kitni hollow ho gyi hai. Jo chahe vo baja le

    Yes @sanju you are absolutely right...actually its not their fault..when you have news channels running for 24hrs a can expect these kinds of crap news...whatever the desire they print...sometimes its the DMRC..othres its Sunny Leone u C....
  • Seen in ABP News (Then Star News) That Noida-Greater Noida Authority has passed Noida Ext Metro Plan in the borad meeting and the same will be sent to Govt.
  • नोएडा से ग्रेटर नोएडा तक मेट्रो की योजना म

    नोएडा से ग्रेटर नोएडा तक मेट्रो की योजना मंजूर
    आईबीएन-7Posted on Jul 09, 2012 at 07:20pm IST

    नोएडा। नोएडा के लोगों के लिए खुशखबरी। नोएडा बोर्ड ने बॉटेनिकल गॉर्डन से लेकर कालिंदी कुंज तक मेट्रो के विस्तार की योजना को मंजूरी देकर राज्य सरकार के पास भेज दिया है। उधर नोएडा से लेकर ग्रेटर नोएडा और नोएडा एक्सटेंशन तक भी मेट्रो के प्रस्ताव को सरकार को भेजा गया है।
    इसके अलावा ग्रेटर नोएडा के मास्टर प्लान 2021 में संशोधन करके उसे राज्य सरकार को भेज दिया गया है। बोर्ड की बैठक में अथॉरिटी के कर्मचारियों के सेवानिवृत्ति की उम्र 58 से 60 करने के प्रस्ताव पर भी मुहर लगाई गई है।
    नोएडा से ग्रेटर नोएडा मेट्रो को पब्लिक प्राइवेट पार्टनरशिप के तहत विकसित करने का प्लान है। बोर्ड ने उम्मीद जताई है कि महीने के अंत तक उसपर सहमति बन जाएगी।
  • Khisyani billi Khamba Noche.
  • abhi bakki ke flat jo bechne hian noida extension me...
  • if Metro comes to Noida Extension it would certainly impact 7X rates....