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Long term price trend (swarn nagri plots)


Long term price trend (swarn nagri plots)

Last updated: September 29 2014
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  • Long term price trend (swarn nagri plots)

    People have been selling and buying stuff in greater noida long time but it is still hard to get a price trend/appreciation data in this forum or anywhere. I am starting this thread to track swarn-nagri pricing data.

    If you have bought/sold plots in swarn nagri please post your price and year. No need to give exact location specifics....just enough like block...A/B/C/D.....area and park-facing etc...

    I am hoping this thread continues and I would like to come back in 2020 and see what data we have collected. and data from as back as possible if people post it.
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    Re : Long term price trend (swarn nagri plots)


    The link above belongs to magic bricks. just prepend magic bricks to open link.

    The insecurity of site admins amazes me.
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      Re : Long term price trend (swarn nagri plots)

      GN real estate market is majorly driven by real estate brokers. Hard to find any good direct deals. Buy only good location. You can get 200 sqmtr plot in 80 lacks in swarn nagri too but would not be able to sell or live. I have been hunting for 6+ months and then could finalize but at higher end. Fine location are in range of 85+ and best one with corner, park facing, east facing etc are in range of 92 to 95 (+/- 2 lacks).
      So you can easily see that there is almost difference of 10 + lacks in same sector depends on location so its not good just to see price trend but consider other factors too...
      What i know now that these plots were originally allotted for 5-6 lacks ... so good growth for original allottees .


      Have any questions or thoughts about this?