For the last 3-4 months I have been interested in buying home in Greater Noida. In fact booked a flat also.

While comparing Greater Noida West (Gaur Chouk) vs Original Greater Noida (around Pari Chouk), I feel that growth potential of Greater Noida West (Gaur Chouk) is better.

~ That is place from where 130 meter wide road starts (closer or have multiple routes to places of interest)
~ Many commercial complexes are seems to be coming.
~ Closer for people/business in Noida/Ghaziabad to expand in Greater Noida West.

I am sharing my little experience over these few months - but I am not expert.

~ It has Greater Noida Administration
~ Likely to have soon Metros connectivity
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  • Greater Noida main will be more open, green, and low density with direct connectivity to noida expressway (which has best schools, hospitals, jobs) and yamuna expressway (more universities and some industries) BUT will lack Educated Gentry and majority gentry will be villagers thereby effecting the standard of facilities in the it schoolls, hospitals, commercials, etc. the majority locals lack civic sense and have infested every aspect of the city making it very uncomfortable for educated families spl women

    noida extn....will be dense, high rises around, will have another bridge connecting to sector 79 but connectivity will NOT be seamless to noida (no expressway) so in future expect huge jams . 130 mtr expressway is useless and only purpose was to create will just have appts all along..
    and connects worst region of gnoida to outskirts of nothing great.
    its gentry will be far better than main gnoida and majority will be educated service class which will give a more cosmopolitanat look to the region...with majority good gentry.....facility providers will come infast with good schools, hospitals and markets.
    Jobs.....not much land allocated to corporates so for jobs one would have ro go to noida only (2bd bridge brings expressway near...andexisting bridgeg keeps 62sector near) so jibs will be within 20-30 mij drive

    if u want good facilities, feel of a metro city, good crowd but willing to.compromise on density.....go to noida extn

    if u can have villagers all around u, poor standard facilites but open greener city...go to gnoida main

    AVOID...high density flats in main greater noida as then u get worst of everything.....high density living in a region which will be full of villagers and poor standard of facilites

    this is reality....
  • In this comparison one more important question arises: Who gets metro first?

    --- Greater Noida or Greater Noida West ---

    For people in greater Noida, it is a promise for the last 10-15 years - there is endless wait. It started with best promises, which it could not meet.

    Greater Noida West is fairly new.
  • Originally Posted by dhundhun
    In this comparison one more important question arises: Who gets metro first?

    --- Greater Noida or Greater Noida West ---

    For people in greater Noida, it is a promise for the last 10-15 years - there is endless wait. It started with best promises, which it could not meet.

    Greater Noida West is fairly new.

    Dhundhun bhai,

    It seems u have purchased a flat in Noida a bit skewed towards that option.
    However lets not forget its also a part of Greater NOIDA Authority!

    With majority of the land already being sold to private players...and no sight of basic development(water/electricity/transportation etc) in NOIDA Extn, it is to be seen how the things pan out in NOIDA Extension. GNIDA will be least bothered abt the development of NOIDA Extn.

    Authority is very slow in terms of bringing even the basic development in the city resulting in slow habitation. But it has started with the MAIN GREATER NOIDA First.

    Abt Metro...For sure ..It would be main greater NOIDA First and then anything else.

    NOIDA Extn will come much later.

    Thats my two cents..

  • Greater Noida main will always have better infrastructure, openness and "gentry" going forward. Direct connection with noida expressway would always provide better connectivity to it with expressway sectors which already have many MNCs, corporate offices, good schools and hospitals and to Delhi/GGN. Expressway apartment rates now out of middle class range is already resulting people to move to greater noida and for plots, no one can argue that with in 1 cr, you can get in already inhabited sectors of main GN which is not possible anywhere in NCR. Greater Noida in itself is already a self sustaining city having all big schools (DPS, Ryan, Sommerville, JayPee, JP, GD Goenka, ApeeJay etc), moderate level hospital for day to day issues (yatharth, naveen, amrapali, etc) or can reach JayPee hospital on expressway in 20 mins. Max is already operational.

    Where as Noida Ext will be bigger version of indirapuram with tons of highrises, ongoing construction, dusty and big construction vehicles movement for next 10+ years. Once possessions start it will result in huge number of empty apartments for next few years as most of end users will not move due to no facilities around and later facing huge traffic jams in peak hours due to so many units. Security will be a big concern due to so much construction and labor movement. Would be a nightmare for investors to sell and exit due to oversupply. Time for investors to exit is coming soon (before possession and registry) or they will have to keep it for long.
  • Originally Posted by rd_bmw

    It seems u have purchased a flat in Noida a bit skewed towards that option.
    However lets not forget its also a part of Greater NOIDA Authority!

    Before buying, I did give fair time to Noida, Greater Noida, Indira Puram and Greater Noida West. So my opinion is not based on my purchase, but it is based on time spent in different places. I shared it, so that I can get others view and probably benefit others from my view.

    I am not new to Noida. I bought flat in Noida, then in Indira Puram and then in Greater Noida West. Couple of my friends moved to Greater Noida long ago and I know their pain because Greater Noida did not keep its promise of being better home for various reasons. In fact those who remained in Noida despite crowd are more happier. But my circle is limited, so that can't be generalized.

    Thanks for your feedback.
  • Greater noida "Main" has schools, markets, hospitals, BUT not a single one is at par with NCR standards.

    Gentry is a huge problem and will remain for next 15 yrs easily

    its not bad....its pathetic...and its effect can be seen in public spaces....and % of locals and villagers coming into that city is VERY HIGH compared to educated service class

    nooda, ghaziabad , gurgaon attracted a lot of service class....gnoida main attracts ppl from dadri, sikandrabad, villages
    THATS a problem

    Noida extn is NOT atttracting such people...its attracting educated. service class....THATS an advantage

    Openness, Greens, low density....main gnoida

    infra ?....there are hospitals, malls, markets but still educated service class heads straight to noida ....why ???
    these infra facilities are infested by locals....and thats why educated class feels comfortable gng to noida

    This wont happen in noida extn....
    as and when it will develop or people move in ....infra will be for service class.....

    hospitals wont open classy, quality hospitals for villagers

    malls wont be leased by brands for dadri type crowd

    noida extn will develop as a suburb For service class much faster

    see how crossings republik developed as per service class...facility wise

    no area is 100%

    depends what u are willing to compromise on
  • noida still has same crowd in most of areas. ghaziabad is worse than GN for crowd. Roam in evening in GGN, you will see its best.
    cant generalized by visiting few high end malls or show rooms. GN needs its own time to reach there. If GN had all such parameters achieved, you wouldn't have been getting 200 sqmtr plot near to pari chowk under 1 cr or 1800 sqft ready to move flat in 60+% occupied society for 62 lacks :).
    what you pay is for, what you get.
    If someone has too many issues with gentry etc, please buy out of NCR as i couldnt see a 100% decent crowd anywhere
  • Regd Gentry....There is absolutely no doubt that Gnoida is the worst in NCR.

    Its a good, cleaner, green city which is connected to Noida and Delhi via a Expressway.....Its well laid out and has no pollution
    These are positive aspects....which i already highighted

    But the moment someone GETS DOWN from the car and walks in ANY PUBLIC area of the becomes clear immediately that its a Ghetto of Newly rich villagers from nearby towns.
    The problem is that these people majority lack civic sense and dont care about the law

    The issue which i am that......In Greater Noida....there is "NOT" lack of Malls, Hospitals, schools, markets, office space etc etc etc

    The city is FULL OF THEM.....but they are NOT OCCUPIED the way they should be.....

    REASON......the people who are service providers DONOT see the city the way it should be

    Its not that Gnoida has some Malls, Hospitals, Markets, Office etc etc...COMING UP

    They EXIST....Unoccupied....Because of Gentry Issue

    I am highlighting what is there....

    In coming 5-7 years....You will find BETTER SCHOOLS....Better markets....better hospitals....Well stcked markets in noida exrtn comapred to Main gnoida


    You will have less traffic issues...less congestion....less pollution in Main Gnoida

    So its upto individual to decide what they want.......

    The fact is....that even after 15 years of Probably the first Builder society in Main Gnoida being Inhabited......the educated service class goes shopping in Noida.....goes to hospital in Noida...send children to noida expressway...etc etc etc etc

    To cut the long story short

    Greater Noida Population IS Increasing...BUT.....the kind of population filling NOT the kind..for which service providers will be very interested in....

    Noida extn....population will increase....and the kind of population WILL BE the kind..service providers will Line Up
  • so according to you You, everyone send their kids to expressway and all schools of GN runs empty class rooms :) I can just smile here... anyways, no complains as i never see any positive post from you about GN so not much to worry.

    Good to see you praising an area which has ZERO population today, next 10+yrs would be under construction, would be one the highest density area of India, has so many issues (land, builders, constructions, delays, farmers, cases ..... ) and bashing other which has complete self sustaining life cycle..... not much to discuss here . Isn't it?

    And about gentry, not sure if you really know about any area or about people in India. Delhi is worst in road rage, day light cash robberies, rapes, money driven school culture, huge eve teasing incidents, water shortage, one of the most polluted city of India, ......................
    God bless you, if you think that these are the parameters for good city :)
  • These two areas cater to two different mindsets and are vastly dissimilar in what they have to offer, both now and in future.

    Greater Noida West has developed primarily keeping high density affordable living for urban masses in mind. A majority of the development is in the form of builder high-rise apartments with limited options for plots/ villas. The infrastructure, although developed keeping in mind the high density part, would definitely feel stressed once occupancy levels cross 70 percent for the simple reason that the same was developed keeping a comparatively lower FAR. Post the farmer's fiasco, the authority had to increase FAR to provide for enhanced compensation to the farmers. Basic amenities like schools, hospitals etc. would not be a problem. What would be of a problem in the long run would be the traffic, congestion and pollution (both air and noise).

    Main Greater Noida on the other hand is planned for low density housing so you would never see it as crowded as GNW. The problem of locals would remain only till the time the density levels are low and would not remain noticeable once occupancy levels cross 70 percent. The only deterrent is that prices here are comparatively higher as compared to GNW and would always remain so even in future. For investment purpose too, plots command better prices than flats and tilts the scale in favor of Main Greater Noida.

    Both places would see Metro connectivity in future and hence, that doesn't become a deciding factor.

    MY ADVICE: You won't go wrong with any of the two places provided you are willing to stay invested in the coming 5 years to reap handsome dividends. I would suggest that you invest in a piece of land in main Greater Noida rather than a flat in GNW if you are willing to invest about 30-50 percent extra overall. This additional investment should double itself in the coming 5 years.
  • investment ???

    forget gnoida main or gnoida west...even Noida is FLOP for investment

    my comments were ONLY for End use

    its better to put ur money in "savings bank" than "invest" in noida, greater noida

    ONLY plot investment in noida or greater noida will give u "decent" returns if u invest and forget for at least 10 years

    flats ??.....stay away for investment
  • for investments, try to avoid apartments and UC properties are BIG NO. Plots also for longer term.
    Bank fixed deposit is much better now a days. Wait for huge rtm properties (4+ lacks) to get available at expressway, noida ext, noida 7x etc and choose the best as per your decision.
    Best is to live on rent in rtm "luxury" apartments for 10+k/month, enjoy the place and if you like something, negotiate hard and get the real value of money. No hurry!
  • Greater Noida West, the way I looked at ...

    Builder called it Noida Extension - to differentiate from Noida. For some time it became builders paradise.

    Administration in 2012 renamed it to Greater Noida West, which focuses on providing homes to about a million middle class and upper middle class population. So that it can focus on infrastructure/development.

    Infrastructure improvement:

    Wider roads/bridges:

    Best for affordable houses: Greater Noida West best for affordable houses - The Economic Times

    Committed builders:
  • Greater Noida Main .......................Wins

    Proximity to New Sectors of Noida and premium ones like Sector 105,108, jaypee sector 44

    also the whole of Expressway where the gentry is hopefullly better than that of old noida and Ghaziabad

    Hence i believe that the facilities of School, Gentry , Malls facilities is going to rectify .......... i will agree on greater noida main at present having not the very best gentry in the NCR but

    Commuting from Gnoida main will be easier than GNW to the Expressway

    Any opinions ???
  • pari.chowk.....yes
    but then how many societies in pari chowk ?
    to reach pari chowk...most new societies are approx 3-5 kms

    new hindon bridge from noida extn will bring expressway LB will be approx 8 kms from noida extn
    this bridge is under construction and will be operational within 18 mnths

    if NG section if FNG becomes operational then sector 143 will be also within 10 kms from noida extn (this section is not under constr. as of now...but talks on)

    and just for info...pari chowk to sector 143 is approx 14 kms

    so proximity to expressway is a factor which wont remain as big as its today

    i wouldI would say...if u like open, green, area...main gnoida....but pathetici gentry...

    if u want like minded gentry and compromise on density, etc....noida extn