Has anyone booked a office space in earth Alpha techone?

Please update with the latest update and the current market price?

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Earth Alpha-Tech Zone is an Echo Friendly Business hub. It is a well Planed destination of NCR Region. It flexi size business suits ranging with 350-500-750 and 1000 Sq Ft. It contain with Large floor Plates, open span design and central corridor ensures maximum utilization of space. With Huge catchment area comprising of IT Professionals, visitors and Tourists. This Tech Zone offers world class infrastructure and facilities like LED Technology, Wi-Fi Internet Broadband, on-site utility and more. The Earth Tech Zone are positioned on the brink of the Metro route, and very close from the highway, making it all the more convenient.
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  • We have created a whatsapp group for Earth customers ...If you are also one of the aggrieved Earth customers and want to take an action
    • rg77181 years ago
      Hi could you please add me in the group if it still exists or else if you could share you contact details so we can have a word. Thank you
  • yes, please add me also to that whatsapp group.
  • Hi,

    can you also add me in the whatsapp group? Also i am in the process of filling the FIR against the builder and recently met SSP, Noida.

    So i will suggest that other will also join me and we will together file the FIR
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