I have booked a 1740 sq ft type in the project and had been to paramount office . got to meet mr.gandhi who is responsible for the legal aspects regarding the project.

1. Bank approval is under progress and will soon be obtained once the construction begins . abnk approval documentation is under progress. Patramount already has approval for the floraville project in sec 137 Noida. So the same banks will be associated.

2. Bhoomipujan in this week. we will get an intimation for the same.

3. Land obtained from UPSIDC and the loc is part of site-C extension Surajpur , although it is just opposite Zeta sector and hence location being named as that to be in greater noida.

4. penalty clause of Rs5psf will be included in the buyer seller agreement.

5. plan although has been changed with only villas coming up and not multi-storey appt as given in initial plan will be approved however if u notice there is lot of space mentioned to be for fututure devp and they are planning studio appt in the area.

6. All the details will be included in the buyer seller agreement . The same is being prepared.

7. Few things we need to do is keep track of their progress on bank approval and begining of the project on ground. so in case anybody is visiting may update the others in this forum.

8. if there is anybody else with other details then please share.
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  • Thanks for the update

    I called them today and they told me that they are waiting for the bank approval. A per them it ill take another month to start construction.
  • thanx we should keep tag of thimgs like this...
  • Paramount launched Studios apartment

    Recently Paramount have launched Studio apartments in Golf forest project I am wondering when they will submit their layout documents.

    I heard that till now Project is not bankable. Still date for Bhoomi poojan is not confirmed. Earlier they were saying 17th April.

    Anyone here have any idea, when they are going to start the construction?
  • Pl note-The land is still not alloted to this builder by the authority.:bab (34):
  • Thanks Manish for the update.

    How come builder is selling the property without having land on their name?

    As per brokers they old 70% of inventory.
  • Thats the sad part unfortunately. There are many projects launched in NCR which have issues but end users are not aware.
  • Are u sure that registry is not yet done.. Please confirm, As I have booked one villa there... If thats fact in real I need to think otherwise.. Please let me know whats the truth and yes, bhumi pujan is on 17th Apr. Thats what information I got from thr.
  • yes the land is not allotted and transferred to them. Why dont u ask the builder directly and update here.

    Also location-wise both these regions will not be livable for next 5 yrs.
  • They told that registry has done 10 days before, and without registry how can they do bhumi pujan.....
  • Tomorrow is bhoomi poojan. I guess everyone who have booked must have got invitation for Bhoomi Poojan.
    Even I m wondering how come they cover the land and fence it if land is not allocated to them?

    This project is on 130 m road which is going to complete in july this year. Prices will rise then.
    Also it is near to Bodhaki railway station and dadri road.

    Still this area will take 3 years to develop.
  • Just now I checked their site, they also launched Studio Apt and commercial (GolfMart).
  • the bhoomi pujan was done today..anybody who can tell me the latest or highlights if any abt the event.

    i had gone to paramount office and i had seen the papers for the land alloted to them...

    About the builder it is not an old company but ofcourse every builder would have gone through the initial stage and people would have invested then ...now these builders are reputed...so may be this one will also do well...there is a completed project of the builder in saharanpur ...can anybody tell me about it..
  • I attended Bhoomi Poojan at Paramount. It was owsum...was not expecting this type of event. Anyway It was my money only which was spent !
    There were Amisha Patel, Krishna, Kasmira Shah on Stage performances... whole Event management was g8 !

    - Rgearding the doubts about the registarttion.. every builder has to book initial inventory for showing the keenness of people in project. Otherwise These Builders will grab land a very cheaper rates from Authority if this land is not auctioned or Bidding process.

    - As expressway 130 m is under construction so return may be gud.
    -DPS scholl is just 2.5 KM from site...so this will give a lot of scope for progress.... Generally School, Hospitals are in safe areas and permament....!
    - definatly the area may take another 4 years to develop... but which builder will give Built up area 1900 PSF and PLOT of 80-90 Sq Yard Free !
    - Rates in Zeta -2 sector is around 20,000-25000 Per Sq M. So according to that rate our Plot only is around 15 Lakhs...

    But still there are many issue which are with all builders like - Allotment letter, approval, wrong informations etc...

    Those who have booked Villas in Paramount GF, lets make group at Gmail or yahoo so that we can form a short of society to pressurise the builder for all the issues that we may face... what all of u say ?

    Manish Singla
  • Hi,

    I also attended the bhoomi pujan and was pleasantly suprised with the arrangement they did. Ameesha patel and kashmeera shah performed along with Krishna. The food and service was just amazing. I hope our villas will also get this much attention from them :)

    It would be great if someone can start the google group for the same.

  • Can any one advise if it is rally worth investing in the Forest Golf Project keeping in mind the investments already made by many. Thanks