As mentioned by Aam Aadmi, they have come up with another project in GNoida (near Pari Chowk). The location will be within 2-3 kms from Pari Chowk probably.

Rates being quoted as of now are 2500-2600 all inclusive.

Not too sure if these Yamuna/Taj Expressway projects are attracting any customers at all.

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  • Owner Shah Alam is from BSP and its not easy getting Fresh Land bank in this region for BSP associates in SP regime....

    From the inside info I have...Purvanchal Group is planning to pick up a Plot in noida extenion area...but due to its polticial alliances...its getting very difficult for them to procure it...
  • Purvanchal Royal City - Greater Noida

    They have a liquidity crunch because of unsold inventory in sector 137 and money spent during elections. Will take some time to stabilise
  • Originally Posted by NeenaO
    arif_iq is an employee of Purvanchal, Beware!!!

    Arif_iq is not a broker or employee of Purvanchal. He is a actual owner. He also administers the 'all owners facebook page'.
  • Arif, will PUrvanchal complete this project?
  • Prc

    Project will be delay atleast 2 years.
    Sample flat is not ready even after 2 years.
  • What is the progress in this project and any idea about how much time it might take for possession
  • Surly, there will be delay in possession not exactly sure how much, assuming an year for sure.
  • Am interested in booking a A1/A2 flat.

    Am in touch with sales team.

    Request advice by experienced and seniors please.
  • Project is good, but on delay side...

    Be wise while choosing your unit w.r.t. east/west facing, park/podium/pool/yamuna exp way view
  • All podium flats are facing inside in with Park PLC. Afraid Yamuna Expressway view only possible from top most floor only. Am interested in lower floors.
  • Is first floor in A1/A2 type towers OK or one needs to go to fifth floor
  • fifth floor is better than first floor, in many terms
  • Can you elaborate on the rationale of fifth floor please
  • The site plan of this project is very bad. very poor layout of towers. Ruining not only the central greens but also best possible views for Larger flats. Having a 3-4 acre podium with 4 towers surrounding it is another bummer And now with U.P appartment act this builder HAS to hand over maintenance to RWA...so even its unique previous advantage of builder commiting to lifetime maintenance stands null and void In my opinion....its useless to buy in this project
  • Thanks a lot Abhishek and Zohaib for your perspective on my queries.

    Am looking for end use. I shall need a house after about 10 years (when I retire). Have a 3 BHK flat in Noida which I plan selling (though not in a hurry so as to realise an OK price). Thats why was looking at this project.

    Other options can be Dhruva Greens which is slightly costly and payment schedule necessitates me selling my NOIDA flat within couple of months.

    What are your views on ATS Paradiso.

    Am slightly confused (frankly it is a tough decision).

    Request some pearls of wisdom from seniors and experts on this forum