As mentioned by Aam Aadmi, they have come up with another project in GNoida (near Pari Chowk). The location will be within 2-3 kms from Pari Chowk probably.

Rates being quoted as of now are 2500-2600 all inclusive.

Not too sure if these Yamuna/Taj Expressway projects are attracting any customers at all.

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  • Sunny, I tell you something, and that will be very beneficial for you to judge any project.

    It will take some time, but just read from post number 1 to last post of any project, and you will be able to know each any every +ve nad -ve aspects of the project.

    If you go through ATS Paradiso posts, you will know that the project is very costly in comparison to the area rate.

    I did the same for all CHI 5 projects, and near by projects like steller , ATS, Aman and all near by.... and finally choose purvanchal.

    Wesa Zohaib sir ne bataya tha, k Purvanchal is very dense, but fir bhi mena ise hi choose kia....
  • Thanks for your suggestion. Read most of the PRC posts.

    Am still confused as to what to do.

    I suppose its a tough call - never felt the same ever in my life.

    Was proud of my decision making abilities.
  • Can anyone advise me on buying a plot in NSG Colony vis a vis PRC
  • Originally Posted by SUNNY M
    Can anyone advise me on buying a plot in NSG Colony vis a vis PRC

    Every project has it's own pros and cons and PRC is no exception but I still believe for end use PRC would be a better choice irrespective of all odd's but if you (Sunny) are looking for pure investment then you may opt for other options.

    Everyone of us, had done lot of research before buying in PRC and here you come with the same dilemma but don't be in hurry, take your time, visit other project's forums on IREF, visit the actual site's physically.

    It's a hard earned money so please don't bias by anyone, use your own judgement at the end of the day.
  • Originally Posted by SUNNY M
    Can anyone advise me on buying a plot in NSG Colony vis a vis PRC

    NO COMPARISON AT ALL.....i have been stressing on this for a long time....if u can buy a plot...buy a plot...ur life and ur future generations are secured as far as housing needs are conncerned

    NSG and similar co operativr societies are well gated, secured and have decent gentry

    Awesome location

    For end users...its a TOP options

    Get membership of stellat or jaypee and enjoy life

    Pat urself in the back.....u have opened ur mind and saved urself from being caught in marketing gimmicks of builders.


    All the best....
  • Advantage of such gated plot cooperative societies is that they have bettter gentry, top location, gated and no commercial shops inside so access control is far better.

    Maintenance is just 1-1500 per month max.

    Quality of ur house is totally in ur hand

    It will be lifelong and unmatched expansion option for ur future needs

    Ur children can make their own independant floors on it and give ...or u can make extra floors and give on rent

    You dont have to pay rs. 3 psf maintenance for things u dont even need

    Security is good

    Community feel is also there as these societies have many end users

    Location is TOP class

    All Facilities present within 5 min walk

    Gentry far better.....less ganwar villagers who have infested authority sectors

    Well maintained

    Cheapet than authority sectors

    Far better planned than authoroty sectors which are PATHETICALLY planned with hospitals, markets, schools INSIDE of sector instead of having them at periphery.
    NSG has small commercial at periphery...NOT inside sector thereby control crowd and security

    Excellent location with good plot societies as neighbours unlike high density flat sectors full of concrrtr jungles

    Peace of mind for lifetime...unlike flats where after 10-15 years issues not under ur control crop up....like seepages, leakages


    you will not throw away ur money in super area...

    Yes...DO get membership of stellar or jaypee clubs to enjoy social life and facilities maintained by professionals
    Unlile paying rs. 3 psf per month for sharing a pool with 1000 families.

    For power back up...get a silent generator or high quality invertor...which will cost you max 3 lakhs ...which turn out FAR cheaper than power back in societies


    have your own terrace garden....kitxhen garden....enjoy sunlight...fresh air...and no high rises around.....

    And no sight of 100 balconies staring at you evertime u sit in ur small balcony in a flat
  • Sunny, ATS Paradiso is good living. You can have better retired life in Paradiso. Density is 33 flats/ acre
  • Flat is a flat after all...even with 20 flats per acre...cannot match a decent plot society .

    15-20 saal ke baad flat ki building ki haalat bigdegee hee...chahey kucch kar lo

    Spl. Basement and lift waali societies....seepages...leakages...etc

    People get FOOLED by seeing clubs and pools.....and forget that they need a Solid home...which fulfills their housing needs...is sturdy and will last a lifetime WITHOUT nagging issues.

    There is a golden rule in RE.....live in as many flats as u want....But ALWAYS have a Plot in the city u wish to reside in.

    When flats start crumbling...which will FOR SURE.....sell it and make ur home in ur plot.

    Most of buyers are 25-35 yrs....they forget that they will retire one day....have limited means of earning..and would like to relax and enjoy....

    The flats they are buying will start crumbling in 25-30 yrs for sure....would need solid repairs , etc.....kaun karega ?????

    Rwa ???

    The way rwa function today....bhool jao....sab chor hain

    And why the hell u shud pay for a seepage repair in another floor and tower....

    Plot....u r ur king....u maintain ur own house. ...ek baar solid construxtion karwa lo
    ...60-70 saal tak koi tension nahin

    Get basement done and rent it out....use it as office...throw parties.....

    Get extra floor made...ur children would get the best gift...their own floor with their parents living below

    No hanky panki like lifts...and complicated pipelines, etc...

    Simple, solid and the pride of having own own piece of land

    Flats is for people who cannot afford a plot

    Zohaibs rule....NEVER buy a flat in a location where u can get a plot in similar budget and location

    Location of ATS paradiso is inferior to NSG

    Club of jaypee which u can avail memberahip for just 5-6 lakhs lifetine for entire family...is 1000 times better than any club in NCR rwsidntial colony

    Why throw ur money to buy a flat in a residential society just to get a club you will use onxe a week and pay hefty amounts
    When u can buy (and even resale in future) membership in professional clubs like stellar and jaypee just 5 min away

    Choose a good located plot....and be tension free

    Rahi baat security kee....noida region is having issues in societies frequently now....and with millions a lt stake in RWAs...opposing RWA fanctions resort to such measures to show famikies that existing RWA is not good.

    दिनदहाड़े 50 लाख की चोरी - Navbharat Times


    Flat ...flat hi hota hai

    Plot asli real estate

    Greater noida is one of regions in NCR where one can get a plot in decent budget

    Dont throw ur money in flats

    Rest its ur call after all....u wish to fall for gimmicks....go ahead...u will remember my post after 10 years

    Co operative Plot societies in gnoida are one of BEST options in this entire region for end use.

    Greenwoods society, NSG, NTPC anandam are one of the BEST end user gated plot sectors with LESS Ganwar owners. most of villagers living in it are on rent and in far less numbers thab authority sextors which are infested by locals in a big way and offer extremely poor gentry for service class.
  • What are the sizes and indicative rates in these gated plot societies, please ?
  • 35-45k psm in best societies depending on size and loxation

    Size 120-500 sq.yard depending on society

    Transfer only after approval from RWA

    Not easy to Resale compare to authority and also slightly cheaper as no financers involved therefore not recommended for investors

    Brokers will always discourage you against these projects as financers (fellow brokers) not involved

    But FAR better in terms of End user experience , security, gentry and location
  • Thanks Zohaib. Appreciate your insight.
  • Purvanchal seems to be going the same road traveled by most builders in Noida...
  • Many Thanks Zohaib. Boss you're astuteness and insight has cleared some of my cobwebs.
  • Padhee likhee junta of today fall for marketing gimmicks and secondary issues like club, badminton court, etc etc and forget whats required Primary.

    Are you buying club membership or a house ???

    35 yr olds will buy flats in such complex buildings and after 25 yrs when they have to retire....will see their flats deteorating....someone elses seepage ruining ur flat.
    RWA issues as crores involved....and bad RWA in plot soxiety means max to max bad roads and parks...ur house is totally under ur control.....hell....u can even oay a few thousand and get road repair in front of ur house.....but bad RWA in flats means Deteorating Buildings.

    With 90% RWAs failure in Noida....do ubreally wish to risk ur hard earnings in this.???

    Tmrw ur kids will grow...and what a delight it will b for u and them that they dont have to struggle with EMIs

    Flat is ok to live in if u ALREADY have a plot
    U cant afford ( like in delhi, etc)

    Gnoida main u still have good options of plots

  • Zohaib2012, Mumbai has builder flats and there are lot of old flats(25 years+) and are maintained by RWA/co-op housing society. If it is working in Mumbai without much trouble, why is Noida an exception? Plots too have lots of issues, if plot was the best option, then rich guys would never have bought flats.