ATS 150/152 or ATS Noida extension or Gaur sports wood sector 79?
Hi guys,

I am new to this forum. I am looking to buy 3+ BHK flat in Noida. I need your expert advice to select one among the options given below. Please note that I can go only with 30:40:30 payment plan hence RTM is out of the question. Also, I can not compromise with quality. I checked that ATS is the good brand to buy flat for end use. I am exploring following ATS projects along with one other builder, all these options comes with almost similar price tag:-

1. ATS new project in Noida extension, sector 1(4000 psf)

a. Only two sizes 1800 and 2400 size with good layout

b. Two lift per floor, 2 flat per floor in 2400 size, I am looking that size only. 2400 size is two side open as well and no common wall sharing

c. Small plot of 7 acres, 7 towers of 26 floors , total 500 flats

d. It is near to villas, sports city, right after 79 bridge


a. Seems green area is less, I mean not at par as other option mentioned here.

b. It is in NE, MIG segment area

2. ATS Le Grandiose, sector 150, Noida(4600 psf)


a. low density with the huge green area, even golf course in the back of the society. BIGGEST PROS is 2300 size flat, two side open, one side society green another side golf course view!!!!


a. It seems to be too far, though my work location is expressway only and we do not need metro or any public transportation , still not sure if that far too far location will suit my family.

b.Also, I am looking for 2300 size flat which is open two sides, one side society green and another side is golf course view. But builder is saying that all launched tower of this size sold out already and I need to wait another 6-8 months when the new tower of same location and size will be launched with approx. 500 additional price tag. However, builder executive told me that I can book now the small unit and once the new tower of 2300 will be launched they will upgrade me. Though not sure if that will be possible as its hard to believe on marketing guys until they give this in writing.

3. ATS Picturesque Reprieves,sector 152(4500 psf) Pros:

a.Again huge greenery

b. bang on expressway

c. 2350 size is two side open

d. cricket stadium is adjacent to society


a. phase 1 which is open now is on the back of the society that means neither expressway nor stadium view

b. density is higher then 150 being in sector 152.

c. I am not sure if it is wise to wait for their phase2 and 3 which will have stadium and expressway view as those might be launch with high price tag.

4. Gaur sports wood, sector 79, Noida(4200 psf)


a. low-density project compared to other 7x projects

b. Near to metro and other main points of Noida

c. damn good price, 4200 AI +car parking in 30:40:30 payment plan. Here I am looking for 2280 sf area.

d. Airwill villas are coming nearby.


a. I checked lotus side flat which as per builder will have plots and golf course view, though this can be risk as well if there will be high rise will come in future as that way I will not either have society green view nor the golf one.

b. Loading is too high and 4 flat per floor and only 3 lift.

c. Gaur is not at par with ATS.

Please suggest me which one I should go for. Here I am confused because I want to have all i.e. BRAND(ATS or eq), NOIDA TAG and DISTANCE(minimum), but only two at a time in those options are available :(
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  • ATS noida extension is best. live like Kingsize.
    biggest size
    cheapest option
    ATS Tag on yr Bentley.
    happy Dhanteras.:)
  • ATS GNW - 'Rhapsody'
  • Minimum size 1800 and price is 82 lakh looks higher for noida extension.
  • I also have a very similar requirement & was looking at ATS project on Noida expressway & Noida extension.

    I have a few comments about your analysis.

    ATS Picturesque reprieve is very dense (2700 flats in 30 acres is 90 flats per acre). 90 flats per acre is very high density. Not sure whether there is enough space for greenary. It looks very green in their plan. But i have doubts about how it will look, after its completion.

    ATS Grandiose is a low density compared to other projects. 500 flat in 18 acres i.e. 28 flats per acre. If openness and greenary are important to you, this is the only one with greenary.

    I think it boils down to the location Noida expressway vs Noida extension vs 7x sectors.

    Noida expressway sector 150 & 152 are very far (almost greater noida). But 150 has low FAR. Also, expressway is the location for future IT offices in Noida

    Noida extension. Prices are low compared even when compared to far off locations on expressway (such as 150 & 152)

    7x is best in terms of location. But it is a very crowded location because of other projects all around.

    This is my limited understanding on Noida market. Would request more experienced members of the group to share more information with us. So that we can finally take a decision.
  • Has any one booked flat in ATS Rypsody ...what is the current rate ?

    • rishaa202 years ago
      Hi All,

      few owners created fb page for ats rhapsody residents. plz free to join