I'm from Ghaziabad and have decided to shift to Greater Noida after selling our property in Ghaziabad(Nehru Nagar). I've always heard and even seen ATS properties in better condition than any other properties. I'm looking for a 3 BHK +Servant room with a minimum area of 1800 sqft. I found ATS Dolce and ATS Greens Paradiso which seemed suitable for me. Please let me know are these good options? Are these both properties are good for staying for family with perspective of long term investment as my family will completely relocate to this place. I'm looking for ready to move in apartments only. I found some apartments in AWHO as well but heard that only Defence personals can purchase property in AWHO. Is that true when it's bein put on resale, you can sell it to anyone or does it have to be specifically Defence personal?

So my preferences: ATS Dolce, ATS Greens Paradiso and AWHO or any other society which matches or are better for living

I'm really looking forward to hear a genuine response. I really need help in deciding this thing. Hope members from this forum can genuinly advise me.
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  • Dont go for AWHO if you are a social person. If you keep to yourself then AWHO is good. AWHO is run by big and shallow army egos.
    I havent seen Dolce, but have seen paradiso.
    In my opinion paradiso is better than Dolce. The reason i say this is only this Old FAR norms : Better green area. Well established society, good location.
  • Thanks for the response!!
    I hope someone who know or themselves live on these societies can share hand on experiences.
  • I stay in Greater Noida and well aware of all these projects. Rate of ready to move apartments are more or less same, batween Rs 3500 to Rs 4200. Depending upon quality, location, brand, etc.

    If you are ready to pay a little higher monthly maintenance charge then just go for Jaypee Greens. Ready to move flats will be available at the same rate of ATS. Probably the best residential project in India!!

    Second best option according to me is NRI City, rate around Rs 3500. NRI city, NOT NRI Putting Green

    Another two options, in case your preference is location over other factors then Omaxy Alpha Homes and Assotech Edana.

    If ONLY location is your preference then NRI Residency is an option.

    Incase location is not so important for you then best option is Palm Greens.

    A midway between location and quality is Silver City

    Among the two ATS project you mentions, Dolce is new. Construction will continue there for another 3 years for sure. So you have to live with construction problems. The area came up nicely with few other projects nearby and the place is livable now with market, auto stand. Paradiso is one of the best project in GN but it is old and location is not that great. Both will be around 4 km from the upcoming metro.

    Few more options could be Black Gold, Parsvnath Panorama ...

    AWHO and those kind of army societies, my personal opinion is, leave those like plague.

    Why are you not loooking for plots? There are many nice options but safety will remain a concern.

    Hope this helps.
  • Originally Posted by Truenity
    What is the maintenance rate and quality in Jaypee these days ? Isn't maintenance money being siphoned off to pay lawyers and courts ? Have all the projects been handed over to RWAs ? I have heard that golf course and clubs are mortgaged to lenders. Is it true ? What will happen to maintenance and common amenities when Jaypee goes bankrupt ?

    You have actually answered all your apprehensions
  • Originally Posted by Truenity
    What are the nearest metro stations to Dolce and Paradiso ? I don't know about quality, but ATS properties definitely have the best resale value.

    AWHO flats are good value for money if you want them for end use, but I think they will always trade at a discount in the resale market. In any case, in Greater Noida , the society has restricted resale to only Defence personnel.

    Occupancy in most plot sectors is still very low.

    Nearest Metro will come near sector 150 when it becomes operational.
  • Originally Posted by Radhadesh

    Nearest Metro will come near sector 150 when it becomes operational.

    Quality lies in the eyes of the beholder, but I do see ATS commands goodwill for the same.
  • Thanks sir..
    I know Paradiso is old but isn't it livable considering the location is almost is the same distance from the upcoming nearest metro station and also accessibility.
    I will be visiting to check both ATS projects in Greater Noida soon. By the way, please don't mind I just want to ask how is Greater Noida when it comes to basics necessaties like water, electricity and all. Currently, the place that I live in, doesn't have any major problems of electricity and water. I just hope that I am not making any wrong decision by shifting to Greater Noida.. Thanks for your help sir..
  • What will be an approximate maintenance charges that I have to pay if I shift to any of the ATS properties and what all does it includes? Considering we have been living in a house since last 30-40 years, it becomes really tricky that should I shift in a society or buy a new freehold plot.. Safety, basic infrastructure is my biggest concern.