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Good Schools in Greater Noida


Good Schools in Greater Noida

Last updated: December 17 2017
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    Re : Good Schools in Greater Noida

    Originally posted by ver_amit View Post
    GD Goenka is a good option with low teacher:student ratio. Yes, that true that they don't have any entrance test like stuff. Its their 2nd session only so they give admission as per the seats availability. Some of other "good" schools which have such process also, it is almost a formality too, if you are ready to pay some asked donations for their associated charities (i faced same scenario when i was looking for nurs. admission for my kid last year).
    Admission in most of the GN schools is not a very big problem due to high number of good convent/CBSE schools and less population .
    I would personally suggest you to consider GD Goenka, DPS, Ryan, ,sommerville, pragyan and you may look for greater valley too.
    thx again !


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      Re : Good Schools in Greater Noida

      Hi can some one post the repulation of 3 schools below in Noida
      1. Millenium
      2. Global International School - GIIS sec 71 noida
      3. Millenium International School - sec 70 noida


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        Re : Good Schools in Greater Noida

        @srichk, did you get one for your child?

        Now I am also in the same situation and planning to shift to GN, only if I get the good school in current or next session, currently my kid is going in class 1 in South Delhi (DSMS), it's no good at all.


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          Re : Good Schools in Greater Noida

          GD Goenka - a Gimmick

          My son used to go to GD Goenka. This school is just an eyewash. The management is very rude. If you raise your concern, you will be told to look for other schools or told there is some fault with your child. The teachers are allowed to beat and slap students. Lot of construction workers and other male staff keeps moving around the school building, so it is not a safe school for girls.

          For every question that you you ask, you will be told, it is not our policy to give this information.
          They will purposely slow down the syllabus so that your child does not clear the entrance exam of other schools and so that you are stuck with the school.

          The extracurricular activities are a gimmick. You have just 1-2 activity classes in the full year. They do not have time to do it.The facilities are just there for marketing. the school timings are so less ( 3 hrs for std 1) that they dont have time for activities.My son had one horse riding class in the entire year. They rented one horse from somewhere and children had to wait 40 minutes in the sun for their turn.

          The principal is very fashionable. She forgets that she is there to be a role model for kids and not a ramp model.


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            Re : Good Schools in Greater Noida

            Amity Noida forms are out and last date is 25th August............just FYI

            Any reviews for DPS vs Ryan


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              Re : Good Schools in Greater Noida

              Both DPS and Ryan have good number of students with them.
              What I understand,DPS is better in studies and Ryan is better for extra curricular activities


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                Re : Good Schools in Greater Noida

                Comparison of class XII cbse results of the various schools in noida is available at

                CBSE results analysis

                This will provide better insight and another dimension in determining the best school in greater noida


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                  Re : Good Schools in Greater Noida

                  I have also done analysis on the basis of CBSE 12 result.


                  step by step is not only best in Noida but also secures the first position in all over India

                  when it comes to Greater Noida DPS is the best.


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                    Re : Good Schools in Greater Noida

                    Hi All - I am planning to shift to Greater Noida from Vasundhara Enclave in June 2018. My kids are currently studying in Amity International School Sector 44 Noida. I will appreciate if you can please help me on the below -
                    1. Best schools in Greater Noida in terms of education and extra curricular. I am not looking for schools putting too much pressure on students and parents
                    2. How is APJ International, GD Goenka, Sommerville and DPS
                    3. Will it be a good option to keep kids in Amity. Is there a cab facility available from Greater Noida to Sector 44

                    Any help will be much appreciated.


                    • Mahendrap
                      Mahendrap commented
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                      Which class? Father Agnel School in Beta 2 (till class 10th) and DPS are good options. If their is bus facility (provided by the current school) to Greater Noida is available than keeping your kid in current school will be better
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                    Re : Good Schools in Greater Noida

                    Best school is a very subjective term.

                    Greater Noida has many schools which are very decent, except the standard of the student and to certain extend, the teacher.

                    Some recommended schools are



                    JayPee Public school (NOT JP International)


                    Heard Viswabharti and Cambridge are also good, not explored personally.

                    Rest of the known schoools are more or less all 19-20.

                    I took admission in one of the top four listed above and two of my neighbours are teacher in another two of the top 4.


                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?