Recently over telephonoc discussion someone was telling me story about Yamuna Expressway plot. Almost all property dealers had applied in this scheme and got lucky also.
They took numbers of those unsuccessful allotee from YEA and start sending SMS that if you want to buy plot then pay double premium and take it from me.
The person who was unsuccessful in draw thought oh I lost it.... Rate on Yamuna Expressway now got tripled. He start making mind to buy there and start looking for brokers/succesfull allotees.Then again those brokers come in picture and said I can sell you for only double rate not triple.
So the person thought I am making a killing and geting it only at double price.
Since the orignal allotee paid only booking amount,he made handsome profit and without any further investment make an early exit as he very well know actual story.
And the greedy person who given his all saving in black as premium to broker in anticipation that will apply for loan and pay for plot now in trouble as lot of bank not giving loan for that plots because possession is after 4 years.
Yamuna Expressway authority also seems helped these broker by allowing plot transfer with a fee.
So moral of story never believe market rate as it is always hyped in most cases.Apply in these scheme and make early exit whith maximum profit in percentage term.
From end user point NOIDA/NOIDA Extn Real estate market seems best prices are stable and for investers Gurgaon is best as still in Gurgaon project getting launched at 2600 and within one month reached 3250.
Beware these kind of projects as this is nexus of builder/broker/big investers to create hype and force you to buy at 3250 or buy in resale market from those who bought at 2600.

Comments invited from those who have invested in YEA plots or those who bought in resale. Also let me know is it true or it's really going on..
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  • oh people stopped talking abt yew plots? news?
  • What are the current rates in YEW authority plots(300 sq mt)? Is there any price difference in Sec 18 and 20?
  • Originally Posted by vibhudubey
    What are the current rates in YEW authority plots(300 sq mt)? Is there any price difference in Sec 18 and 20?

    Premium of 5K-7K depending upon location, direction and need of the buyer....Market is expected to go down further due to below reasons......

    Lot of issues in YEW plots:

    1. It is 100% sure that Authority will send letters for extra compensation to all plot owners to compensate farmers ....Same thing is already done in Greater Noida( letters received, payment done by many buyers)...In Gurgaon, plot owners have received 3rd letter of extra demand from plot owners ( more than 11K/sqyard).

    2. 100% completion would become mandatory even in YEW plots....after 3-4 years.

    3. Development has taken Gurgaon-Manesar-Bhiware route...YEW is flop show and will remain till SP is ruling.

    Would be well planned & will have good infrastructure .......but it has very less to do with property prices. GNoida( very good infra) & Gurgaon( very bad infra) has proved it. Demand is there where jobs are more/crime is less.
  • 100% completion is already mandatory. within 2 years of registry, minimum FAR coverage has to be achieved else penalty would be levied (penalty to tune of 1500 psyd per annum in 3rd year) which grows exponentially every year. Please refer yew bye laws for details.
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