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Kensington Park Plots at Jaypee Greens, Agra


Kensington Park Plots at Jaypee Greens, Agra

Last updated: May 25 2016
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  • Kensington Park Plots at Jaypee Greens, Agra

    This mail is in reference to Plot unit number PKT00J0383 in Kensington Park Plots at Jaypee Greens, Agra, alloted to my wife Ms. Rekha vide Provisional Allotment letter dated 27-01-2014 having Reference 48539/366583/PKT00J0383.

    Please be advised that Provisional allotment letter was issued to us after about 15 months of receipt of our Application form (result was through draw that happened on 17-Sep-2012) and possession was promised to be given within 24 months with a grace period of 90 days which is already over. All asked dues w.r.t mentioned Plot unit have been paid well on time.

    Kindly be informed that we haven't heard back on any progress related to the said project nor have heard back anything related to possession of said Plot unit number for more than 2 years. Please also note that there is delay of almost more than a year in even sending us Provisional allotment letter post result of draw.

    We are salaried people and we have trusted Jaypee brand while investing in the project. Our hard earned money is invested but we feel cheated now that there is no news or nothing is happening w.r.t to our hard earned money invested with Jaypee Greens.

    We request if anyone has any update related to said project or guide us on how to move forward with such cases.
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