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wave city yamuna expressway


wave city yamuna expressway

Last updated: March 13 2014
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  • wave city yamuna expressway

    hi everyone

    I am a new member here ..I have read alot about noida extension , noida expressway and yamuna expressway in this website..and some of the views are very informative.. I wanted to invest my money and I find noida expressway is the best option..but i dont have enough money for investing in projects at noida expressway .. I also find yamuna expressway good for investing ..but for a long term ..5 years or more ... as I am a long term investor .. I choose yamuna expressway ..with my limited budget..I booked 96 sq yard villa at yamuna expressway in wave city, chadha group .. I have invested for a long term ..and I think it will be more beneficial than invested in flats at noida extension ..but it will be less fruitful than noida expressway..
    I have kept in mind following factors before investing ..
    1. F1 race in this year in JP sports City ..that will highlight this area and attract investors in the future
    2. Cricket match in the next year ...that wil be a reason for development of this area speedly
    3. Propsed airport in jevar ... when it will pass ...the price here will appreciate definately ..
    4. It will take 10 t0 15 minutes to reach this place from noida expressway.
    5. many reputed builders are developing township here so one can be positive for sure development.
    6. My senses are positive with this area.

    Some of my apprehensions are :
    1. Only investors are investing here end user
    2. May take more time to develop
    3. what will happen if political situation changes

    I will be very thankful if members over here give their comments.. thank you very much.
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    Re : wave city yamuna expressway


    Yamunna Expressway is a good investment if you are looking at a safe horizon of 5-8 years......

    Either get a premium and sell quickly ( inventory of 96 yrd plots would always be in demand even though the wave has 4500 acers)


    Really forget about it for next 5 years and ask the rate and everybodies opinion then.

    There is a good possibility for it to take longer but 96 yrds inventory would be first to sell keep in mind that so you are most liquid in the group

    Political situation cant comment on as it is relative

    Initially only investors come in end users are less as there is no access to the property

    Also make sure when you get this plot alloted the facing is proper NE or NW and having a park facing or corner never hurt to increase liquidity


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      Re : wave city yamuna expressway

      i am unhappy customer of wave...i feel it was a wrong decision to book in it. As i booked in wave in2011 in prelaunch. as i m a doctor i thoght i would open my clinic there some day. but due to very big upset in family i have to discontinue it. for that wave staff initally told us u come to sarita vihar office ,,we went ,,nobody talked,,then repetedly they gave different date for 6 months ...we used to go everymonth. then they told office shifted to noida sec 32. we went there . we provided all the documents ..noc. cancallation all. some harsh chaturvedi and one other gentle(?)man in fact he treated very badly ...very rudely,,all time they used to tell -bad apka cheque taiyar hai , sign baki hai...and one bad day ..he bluntly told that we will not give you ..go away!!!! with all my surprise they reacted so
      bad sometime i felt that i am beggar and they are (not) giving that amount from their pocket????? i felt so unwanted , neglected at that place. infact i couldnt stop my tear not just only for my hard earned money but their behaviour!!!is this the way to speak???? actully we just trusted name of ponty chadhdha and unfortunatly we could nt continue with it ...but i wont any of my near and dear to go for wave. As in past one of my family member booked in extention and he also canceled the unit but he was treated very professionaly..and got his money back in time...i dont know when i will get my money back...i m fighting since my worst of time when i needed my money back i have to take loan from others and i couldnt get my own money ,i m so hurd and disheartened ...still going to thier office in hope that someday i willl get back my money .....please dont go for such heartlesss builder who have no value for time for emotion for money of others who think only about their own benefit their self only...i think if ponty chadhdha would alive....things wont be same!


      Have any questions or thoughts about this?