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If any body has any information on this project, please share it in the forum
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  • Its 8th OCt, and the godrej miss their deadline again .. where is going to happen with this project !!
  • All kind of rumors floating in the market that Godrej is panicky & cannot decide on the price etc etc.. I personally do not adhere to this theory.

    Do not know , what to believe & what not to .
  • More than 200 posts to a project which is not launched yet. Hype is already created by all of us. Let's see if this hype would be worth of once project will be launched.:bab (35):
  • This project is very good and very few of us would get a flat in this. As many people have given cheques to the agent and this project would be sold out on very first day.

    Location would be very good in next couple of years as it is on the NH8 and metro station near by.
    LnT is building this project - the best player in this space.

    i hope i get a flat here if i fail to get a plot in DLF.
  • Yes. Getting a flat in Phase 1 , Godrej, Project can be an issue , since most have been already booked by groups & hardly a handful would be there in the open market, the day , the project launches.
  • I agree. Tired of waiting for this project. No broker list yet.
    The last i heard from some reliable sources are: (sorry it changed again from my last post:) )
    BSP: 3500
    PLC's for anything facing inside: 175/sqft

    So anything with a decent garden view is 3675/sq ft.
    I believe it is really highly priced.
    Is this still a good investment at those prices? or is it too high now?
    Any inputs?
  • Considering the recent launch prices of CHD/Tulip/Today , this price looks not bad at all , in fact looks to be pretty attractive.
  • What are the prices of those? is Godrej's location better?
  • Originally Posted by MANOJa
    Considering the recent launch prices of CHD/Tulip/Today , this price looks not bad at all , in fact looks to be pretty attractive.

    Uppals residency is better in that case.

    Just that its 500 mtrs from NH8 but before Godrej and few units face Unitech lakeland karma.

    Godrej - 3500-4000/
    Uppals - 2650-2790/
  • In Uppal , nothing seems to be available now , at less than 2950/3000. If u have something , do let me know.

    Uppal is not right on NH, while Godrej is on NH. I do not need to tell u the brand value difference , between the two.
  • i still think godrej is the best and safest project to invest if looking for a flat.

    this location will only get better and this project has big names.

    Down the time resell of the same also would not be a problem so this seems to be a good project for investment(should hold for min 2 yrs) and end usage too.
  • For investment purposes, would you suggest going with the inside location and paying a PLC of 175/sqft or an outside location without PLC
  • A better location matters to the end user & would normally fetch u a better price, if u plan to hold it long term.

    In short term , i do not see much effect, but u will certainly not lose the money of the PLC's.
  • ok guys i just had a word with godrej few hrs back

    they r going to launch their project this month

    for all those who want a flat for their own use be ready with a budget of 70 lacs for 1700sft for 3bhk ( all inclusive ) plc will be extra

    i think this will be a very good oppertunity for end users to get a quality project even if the price is on higher side

    i was keen on this project for investment point of view but because of higher price i am out now

    but all those who want for their own use i will suggest dont miss this 1 & do booking directly from godrej

    good luck all:bab (6):
  • It looks good for investment too , if u have the capability to hold it for 1 yr.( compulsory lock in period ) & longer.