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Starting this thread to specifically help the NRI community about projects coming up in the Gurgaon region. I will start posting information about launches and rates on a weekly basis to help you make a more informed decision. Please check in every Sunday to see an updated list. BSP for all these developments in Feb 2010 were between 2500/sq.ft. and 3200/sq.ft

Development | Estimated Units | Details

    Vatika Next | 6,000 | 500 acre township; 2500 apartment + 3000 plotted developments
    ILD Spire Greens Sector 37 C | 1200 | 10; 14 acres
    Raheja Developers, Navodaya - Sector 92 | 1800 | 17 acres
    Orchid Island Sector 51 | 1200 | Built on 40 acres G+2
    Pal City Park, Sector 95 | 404 | 4 high-rises G+14; The rest are G+3 1475 sq.ft. for 30.90 lacs - total units launched 124; 10.5 acres
    Raheja Vedanta, Sector 108 | 1200 | 10.67 acres
    The View - 37 | 2000 | 450 acre township; Currently 3 high-rise projects under construction; The View, The Edge, and The Atrium; G+13;
    Spire South Sector 68 | 400 | 10 buildings on 18 acres G+9;
    Mapsko Paradise Sec 83 | 1200 | 7 buildings on 5 acres; all G+12; premium segment 800 units G+20 high-rise;
    Pragati Heights Sec 70A | 180 | 4 towers on 4 acres;
    Un itech Vistas 70 | 750 | G+14; 10 towers
    Tulip Ivory 70 | 390 | G+12; 6 towers
    Crescent Park Royal - Sec 92 | 2500 | G+3; G+4; G+14;
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  • Originally Posted by caveman10
    Hi Guys,

    I had gone to India in Jan for a week, and a broker there (a trusted one who had sold me Palm Hills before) took me on a tour of the whole of Gurgaon upcoming RE scene (except DE way which he mentioned is a long shot off and not worth looking at this point).
    In particular, he took me to 2 projects, Today's sector 73 opposite to Canary green homes I think, it was not yet launched that time and its name was something like Cabradabra (!). This is off Sohna road, and close to Nirvana 2 and others.
    He also showed me the masterplan for 2021 (or 2025) and looking at that, it looked like a good location, with most amenities nearby.
    He then also took me to Ansal Independent floors, sec 67 (escencia?). Though we couldnt actually go to the site because of the construction going on, he mentioned that this is THE most affordable option in GCX.
    He didnt recommend me anything in particular, though I could see that he was hinting more towards Ansal. I have gone through the threads here and get a feel that neither of these projects are being recommended in this forum. However, I had a sense that the guy was giving me sound advice and didnt care which way I go. His main point was not to care too much about end use and think only from investment/ROI point of view.
    I havent gone back to him yet (not that he has pestered and called me up multiple times), but I want to go ahead in one of the 2. Would you recommend one? None?

    Both are not worth investing specially after Ansal increased BSP by 5L . Look for some other options.
  • As tinesha said, forget both, the Today's project is a complete NO NO & the Ansal's one is overpriced now .
  • update-18th feb 2011

    Emaar has released limited inventory in sky terrace, premier terrace and plam terrace at 6250/ and 6750/ bsp under subvention scheme..

    Godrej has launched phase 3 at 4330/-