I am considering a property at Vatika City, sector 49, Gurgaon. I also had a meeting with the seller. He showed me the documents that I want to clarify here.

Anyone who has seen papers, please guide me

Q1. The owner did not have allotment letter? Should I be concerned? Could it be a problem in the future when I go out to sell this property?

Q2. The possession letter was on an A4 size paper. I was expecting the possession letter to be on letter head of Vatika. Is it normal or should I go for some check?

Q3. The BBA was also on the A4 paper. Again a cause of concern. I was expecting it to be on the letter head of Vatika. Again, is it normal or should I go for some check?

Q4. The BBA had not drawings for floor plan or site plan? Again, is it normal?

Q5. one final question, what documents to check when buying a resale property in Vatika City, sector-49, Gurgaon?

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  • A-4 sheet , How's is this possible i am sure everything will be on Builder letter head and if the property is on loan he will have the photocopies of all documents , allotment letter should be there
  • so, i visited vatika builder office to have a look at the original papers.
    Yes, the possession letter is on A4 paper. I asked the same question to the CRM, how can a possession letter be on an A4 size paper? His response was that we, at that time, were new and had no idea how to do things. So, we issued possession letter on A4 paper and not on the company's letter head. But, now, everything is digitized and everything is communicated to a buyer on the company's letter head.
    I also got to see the allotment letter.

    Owner's argument was that if I have the registry in my name then I dont need allotment letter. Registry is the final thing. He bought this unit from another guy while the property was under construction. One more document was missing, which i saw at the builder's office, which was about the transfer of unit to the current owner. That was also on an A4 size paper and not on the letter head.

    This particular one has come to me as a surprise. The buyer himself didn't have half of the papers; i came to this conclusion when i saw the plethora of papers at the builder's office. I am sure the bank that has disbursed the loan has all the copies with him.

    Nonetheless, i would still like to hear from someone who has seen the papers of vatika city sector-49. Is it true that most of the documents are on A4 size paper.
  • is there any google group or yahoo group of vatika city sector 49 residents?
  • kumar77; may be i am too late, you can ask the bank who has disbursed to show you the documents, typically if you are transferring the loan or taking bank from same loan, they can show you documents.
  • You should just look at the registry. That is the final say.