Anyone booked a flat in central park 2...Belgravia...Phase 3
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  • There is no plaster, these are RCC ceilings and walls.
  • Central Park 2 - to buy or not

    Please see the RWA website Central Park 2 Residents Welfare Association (RWA), there are many legal cases against Central Park 2 and the High Court has passed an order to initiate action against them.

    Many issues that residents are facing are directly listed by them here - Issues in Central Park 2 | Central Park 2 Residents Welfare Association

    List of incomplete work or changes made by builder is here - List of issues in Central Park 2 | Central Park 2 Residents Welfare Association

    Overall, the project is very bad. Issue like delay in completion and minor changes happen in every project but Central Park 2 has so many other issues, it is unimaginable why people still buy apartments in it.
  • I am an investor in CP2 for past many years. The project has gone from bad to worse. Here are some recent updates:

    a. The builder got approval for new layout plan and has increased apartments by 17% in the same colony. 2 towers are now 32 for instead of 16 for within the same colony.

    b. Instead of three clubhouse facilities which were earlier promised, now only 1 being made for Belgravia.

    c. They have renamed part of project to Central Park Resorts and disconnected from other part near Sohan Road.

    d. Construction quality is very poor, I have seen in tower 11-12 diff between sample apartment and actual apartment is too much.

    Now i need to slowly exit project. Rates are also falling so I am worried.