Just wanted 2 know whether BPTP Park Prime Sector 66 Gurgaon is a good from end user's perspective? In this forum anybody has bought apartment in the BPTP Park Prime as end user?

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  • BPTP is a lousy & corrupt builder.

    Not only their Faridabad project, even for Freedom Park in Gurgaon there are lots of stories going around that they are asking people for additional money & not giving possession though work is complete.

    WOuld be good to check on that first.
  • Any other feedback regarding BPTP Park Prime


    Any other feedback regarding BPTP Park Prime?
  • I have also heard similar stories, like the area is reduced, price increased about BPTP Faridabad projects...
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  • Heard lots of negative abt BPTP


    Did some google and found lots of negative abt BPTP? Not able to find any positive comment abt BPTP. But visited Park Prime site and found that construction is going on full swing. Around 7 -10 floors have been constructed in all 6 towers. In that area price of this project only fits my budget. Checked with HDFC bank and HDFC bank is providing loan for this project. Also heard that BPTP is trying to improve it's image (May be due to forthcoming IPO). So I am little bit confused.

  • What area & price you are getting ? Also remember there is 10 % rebate for timely payment in this project ....
  • Area 1360 3300PSF

    3 BHK Area 1360 Rate 3300
  • this price after rebate & if it is only BSP ? See their launch price below..

    Price List Park Prime, Sec-66, Gurgaon
    Super Areas (in sq.ft.) 3BR : 1360 sq. ft. 4 BR + Servant : 1999 sq. ft.

    Price (In Rs.)
    Basic Sale Price(BSP) with Standard Specification
    3000/- per sq ft
    Special Discount 250/- per sq ft Other Charges EDC(Extrenal Development Charges) 137/- per sq ft

    IDC(Infrastructure Development Charges) 34.45/- per sq ft

    PLC(Prefrential Location Charges):-

    Corner 100/- per sq. ft. Corner + Club Facing 150/- per sq. ft. Ground Floor 100/-per sq. ft 1st Floor 75/-per sq. ft 2nd - 3rd Floor 50/-per sq. ft Reserved Covered Parking 250000/- per slot

    IFMS(Interest Free maintenance Security) 50/- per sq ft

    Club Membership Charges 100000/- per family

    FFC, PBIC & ECC 50/- per sq ft 10% Timely Payment Discount on called BSP with every upcoming installment* *Conditions Apply

    Construction Linked Payment Plan
  • BPTP Park Prime

    I think seller's buy price is as follows:

    BSP - 3000

    Dealer Discount -- 3% (My Guess)

    So the BSP would be 2910 PSF. I think he is also calculating timely payment discount. May be his price is around 2750 PSF.

    Seller is asking for 7 to 8 lakh as premium.
  • in june , I had offer from agent ( narang realtors ) for 4.75L premium. i dropped my idea because upfront was approx. 30 L & there was no clarity on 10% rebate . Also this land does not belong 2 BPTP . They have some arrangement with land owner ...
  • BPTP Park Prime

    Yes I also heard that BPTP is not the land owner for that project. Is that a problem? If BPTP delivers this project on time (One of my known has bought a flat in this project and he was saying that it looks BPTP will deliver this project on time due to their forthcoming IPO) then whether BPTP owns the land or not would be issue in future?

    I think Golf Course Extenstion road will be a posh locality after some time.

    Reasons :

    Golf Course by m3m (Don't know anything abt this builder)
    IREO Grand Arch, uptown and Victory Valley
    Ansal green township in Sector 67 -- ????
    TATA Raisina in Sector 59
    Emmar-MGF in Sector 65 and 66
    7 KM commercial belt

    The above positive factors and negative factors of BPTP has created confusion in my mind. I am an end user .
  • :bab (38): despite some negative things about bptp , i like this project . if u can wait than abw is coming out with floors in sec 62 / 65...:bab (4):
  • ABW is better than BPTP?

    Ok . I think i am going 2 take risk by buying BPTP Park Prime. Finger crossed
  • Did you buy? At what total rate/ BSP?

    Anyone knows whats the going rate in BPTP or other projects in that area? As Mahendra meadows booking at 3700

    Originally Posted by rajggn
    Ok . I think i am going 2 take risk by buying BPTP Park Prime. Finger crossed
  • Era sky ville gurgaon


    any one know about Era sky ville gurgaon project .