Just wanted 2 know whether BPTP Park Prime Sector 66 Gurgaon is a good from end user's perspective? In this forum anybody has bought apartment in the BPTP Park Prime as end user?

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  • HI Puneet ji,

    Do you have flate in BPTP park prime , if yes then in which tower ?
  • In tower f...
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  • I think Tower D and E are offered for possession. Next Tower J and H will be given possession. Not sure about F and G
  • Hi I am new member to this group and having a flat in BPTP Park Prime Gurgaon.
    Requesting to already active members to post the latest news about the project and possession activities happening.
  • Be ready to pay an exorbitant amount without any explanation. .....area is getting increased then registry charges have to be paid upfront and last but not the least the escalation costs which is varying from 6 lakhs to 17 lakhs....only god knows if he (god himself) exists......?????
  • I think its just trying to test the patience of a common man....its really sad...
  • HI Everyone ,

    This is really bad , Let's fight out with builder on this and ask for explaination. BPTP should not do it.
    How customer can afford demand like this , who is already streched and pyaing high interest on loan.
    Let's meet and sort out it with builder.
  • Hi Shushant ji,

    Can you please paste here Escalation cost calculation sheet ? It will help us to understand the calcualtion.
  • Yes agree amit ji....sushant ji pls share escalation cost calculation sheet....thanks
  • Originally Posted by khannapuneet
    In tower f...


    I also have flat in BPTP Park Prime and they send possession letter with multiple surprises:
    - Hefty escalation cost
    - No delay delivery payment
    - Sign undertaking without being physically inspected the flat

    Let's join together....
    (Vaibhav Mittal)
  • I am also being given hefty demand which has escalation cost.....no delay delivery adjustment......and worst that they don't have answer for any question being asked....

    I think we all should make a group.....put RTI.....go to consumer court.......contact news channel....or AAP party and whatever means we can be helpful.....
  • Hi vaibhav, in which tower is ur flat and how much escalation has been demanded?
  • I had a word with my childhood friend who is currently practising as a senior advocate in the supreme court....he says its foolish of builder's and customer's calling it as escalation cost.....it shud be called as Extortion Cost..
  • Guys, there is group on Facebook by the name of "BPTP Park Prime Owner's Group", plz join this and then we can decide on what next steps needed to taken to counter the Bullish behavior of the Builder.
    Requesting all to join this group or create a new one which each and every one can join.