Hi friends,

Need some quick advice on upcoming Tashee Capital Gateway, Tashee Group, Sector 111, Dwarka E-way, Gurgaon

The project is located on Delhi border and very close to Dwarka phase 2 & International airport and on Dwarka expressway with very close Metro station
Also it shares the close vicinity of DDA 9 hole Golf course & Diplomatic enclave of Dwarka phase 2.

The Mehrauli - Najafgarh road is also fully operational and hits NH8 near Toll bridge.

All in all a great location.

Project is by Tashee group-- need suggestions on the same.

Kindly help out seniors. :D
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  • The cost of The Dwarka e way & all the development which may come with it ( D e way, at the best would be operational in the next 3-4 years ) is factored in . It is like buying a car without tyres, tyres may be available after 4-5 years, if everything goes well . :D :bab (45):

    On a serious note, my take is that one should look for the D e way construction issue to get settled & see the construction started without any hindrance & look for a decent builder with a decent location, to invest . I know, many would say, that by this time, rates may become out of reach of many etc.., but this way of approaching the issue, seems more logical & sensible to me .

    It's an individual's take on this & would also largely depend on one's risk taking capabilities .

  • 53 Lakhs for 2 BHK is outrageous, but property prices everywhere are outrageous. There is no justification whatsoever for the property prices. Builders on Eway have been acquiring land from farmers for more than Rs. 10 crore per acre (during last year's recession). This price is most unjustified and ridiculous, still builders invest since they know there is a market.
      The location is at Delhi border; it is unmatched in Gurgaon.

      The announcement/ coming of Eway would move-up the prices periodically, just like it has done elsewhere.

      In my view, this project is closest to 2 airports. Existing metro station (at International airport) would be just 5 kms away (once Eway is functional).

      The nearby Kapashera has projects launching at 6,000 per sq. ft. band.

      Dwarka 2 BHK's (at 65-70 Lakhs) don't have Club/ Swimming Pool/ spacious green facing option, and they are not on India's widest Expressway either.

      Tashee would be touching diplomatic enclave; so its would be a posh property.
    My only concern is management of affairs, once it is launched.
  • I am confused between SARE Crescent Parc and Tashee...plz help
  • Originally Posted by ankuragarwal1982
    2BR-2T (1295 sq. ft.)Per Sq. Ft.
    Basic Price - 3350 - 4338250
    EDC+IDC - 364 - 471380
    IFMS - 75 - 97125
    Club membership -150000
    Car parking -275000
    Total Cost *5331755

    Tashee is charging hell lot of extra charges!!! is it fare and justified ? I think if you find hard you can get a 2bhk around 55 lacs in dwarka itself!! Plz suggest....
    PS: this quote is given by all check deals.

    These two things just can't be compared.

    Not referring to just Tashee, but with any project of E-way.

    Dwarka 2BHK flats of 90 lacs in private societies is also without basic amenities, where as new age builders on E-way will have state of art amenities with clubhouse and shopping complex within the compound.

    Also bear in mind that Tashee is one of the cheapest option avilable on E-way. Wait for real big bombs :D
  • Originally Posted by ankuragarwal1982
    I am confused between SARE Crescent Parc and Tashee...plz help

    If sare location suits you, better go for it since price is much lesser.
  • U r comparing two dramatically opposite builders . :)

    Sare is an OK builder, VFM project, location is not so decent . Biggest positives - construction has started, so yr. money looks safe . FDI funding .

    Tashee as a builder is a totally unknown identity & there r many negative rumors on Tashee floating in the market, price is outrageous for the builder, Biggest positive - excellent location .
  • If you are looking from a short term investment point of view, then please be informed that Crescent Parc has not revised its prices since the past 3months...(launch of phase 3), not even taken off their inaugral discount.
    They are still selling off at around 2000 psft.
  • You are right about prices, Prices can be revised anytime now... How much no one knows

    If you are really intrested in this one then its the right time. Phase 4 is still awaiting & Phase 5 may also be there, so if you are bullish on gurgaon then you still have chances to gain something here. Considering the progress on construction & price comparision with other nearby projects, it has a good room for price increment.

    Originally Posted by MinnieM
    If you are looking from a short term investment point of view, then please be informed that Crescent Parc has not revised its prices since the past 3months...(launch of phase 3), not even taken off their inaugral discount.
    They are still selling off at around 2000 psft.
  • Yes, I totally agree with nkg. SARE seems to be the best investment opportunity with considerable upside left. Also, I find their construction linked plan very good...not like others who are charging 25-30% before starting any construction!
  • Sare Cresent arc is a decent VFM project, if u have an holding horizon of 4/5 years & plus .
  • very true...
    If u r ready to hold it for a little longer term, then it can yield good returns.
  • Anybody has any idea on the utility corridor mentioned in this article...

    GURGAON: In a measure to decongest Manesar highway, the city police changed shift timings of industrial units in IMT last month so that less vehicles throng the road during peak timings. But this, like earlier deployment of more personnel on same stretch, has been ineffective. Over 2 lakh vehicles cross the Manesar highway every day and the toll gates have now become bottleneck on the stretch.
    Traffic flow management has not worked on the stretch and only feasible solution seems to be diversion of traffic to bring down the number of vehicles on the road.
    Haryana State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC) plans to construct three new access points to IMT which are expected to significantly reduce the number of light vehicles on the NH-8. As of now, highway is the only entry and exit point to the IMT.
    HSIIDC is devising a plan to divert, first the traffic from Gurgaon and Delhi, and then, the traffic to Rewari and Rohtak. Third and last plan is to divert the traffic within Manesar that touches the highway.
    "This will not only reduce the traffic on the NH-8, but will also reduce travel time. It will help people in planning their journey effectively by using the different alternatives," said a senior HSIIDC official.
    Once Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway (KMP) is ready, changeovers from Pataudi road would be made functional so that the vehicles getting out of Manesar don't have use NH-8. "We are building changeovers at the KMP, and the work will be done in the next four months," said the official.
    The second phase would be for those coming from Dwarka using the Northern Peripheral Road (NPR), who will be able to reach Pataudi Road and then the IMT straightaway.
    HUDA has been building a utility corridor, which is a 135mt wide road, in one of their residential sectors, and that is being connected to the NPR. "We will be extending that corridor by another kilometer and it will terminate near the IMT," said the official. Finally, to curtail the heavy traffic, HSIIDC is drawing a plan to connect KMP with the IMT: "We are trying to acquire around 3000 acres of land on either side of the KMP to construct a flyover connecting to the IMT especially for the heavy vehicles," said the official. Though the flyover is still at a conceptual state, the work for the rest of the plans has already kicked-off and is expected to finish by the end of 2011.
    Read more: HSIIDC plans diversions to kill jams - The Times of India HSIIDC plans diversions to kill jams - The Times of India
  • Realistic Price for TASHEE

    Hi All,

    I want to buy a 2 BHK in this project and did some research. There is lot of variation in rates i am getting, its varying between 2970 to 3350 psf.

    As per them, those who bought at 2900, are selling at premium. Any idea about its realistic price?

    Ravinder Singh
  • Out of these two, i would go with Ansal, but i would suggest to wait for some better/decent builder .
  • Ravinder Tashee selling at premium is impossible at this point of time, since it has not even been launched.

    Yes someone may have floated the premium news to create artificial hype, but just consider this: how would you sell when the original applicants have not even filled up applications.

    I doubt if Tashee would command a premium in very short term,because the Eway case may take some more time to be completed (going by litigants attitude).

    Premium on Tashee would come only when the project gets sold on launch, which I am not very sure. No doubt, Tashee is presently a very risky investment. I would urge you to wait for launch and sale trends before jumping in.