Hi friends,

Need some quick advice on upcoming Tashee Capital Gateway, Tashee Group, Sector 111, Dwarka E-way, Gurgaon

The project is located on Delhi border and very close to Dwarka phase 2 & International airport and on Dwarka expressway with very close Metro station
Also it shares the close vicinity of DDA 9 hole Golf course & Diplomatic enclave of Dwarka phase 2.

The Mehrauli - Najafgarh road is also fully operational and hits NH8 near Toll bridge.

All in all a great location.

Project is by Tashee group-- need suggestions on the same.

Kindly help out seniors. :D
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  • Hi guys is there any union or group of Tashee customers ?or is anyone interested to form one .
  • Originally Posted by Metro01
    Hi, u must b d original buyer or bot in resale, u must b knowing other buyer also,
    Why dont v ppl stand together and make Rwa to resolve issues if we have any wid d builder , its my pov
    Seniors ....other members your views?:)

    Hi ,

    As mentioned above have you managed to form any group I would like yo be part of that .i have
    Flat in Tashee but builder is being very uncooperative on many issues.

  • Worst days are over , its getting better as demands flow in... Hope Builder completes in time
  • a group is there om whatsapp
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  • I have another flat where we have google group which has helped owners in dealing with builder. Can we form a similar group where the entry criteria will be flat number and owner name.
  • Hi everyone
    Will anybody please suggest the future of Tashee. I am getting calls from the property delaers regarding the resale of my flat. Please advice what to do? Shuold I keep it or sell it. I am having 2BHK flat (1295 sq. ft.)
  • Dwarka Exp market rates have been stagnant (due to long wait for resolution of litigation issues ) or a bit dampened (due to those with weak holding power).
    Same for Tashee.
    At this point , The project is definitely out of woods now. The contractor is the same firm which has built DLF townships.
    The project is badly undervalued due to reasons of delay in start of work, and poor customer service of Tashee, which has improved a bit lately.

    Floor plan, best of location, very cheap.

    heavy undue interest , first project , poor repo
  • can someone include me in whatsapp group if we have one for tashee. my flat is c1201
  • resale rate

    Hi, Any idea what is rate in resale for 2 BHk and 3 BHK.

  • 4600/4400
  • Paid the 6th floor Demand now
  • Any update on construction status as the company website is still showing December pics.

    Also received 12 th floor demand minus some VAT refund for tower C..
  • Hi, Any idea what is the current rate in resale for 2 BHk and 3 BHK.

  • Hello All, I visited the site in February and construction was going on with good speed. I was able to get to the site on a car.