The millennium city just got a lot bigger. It will now stretch all the way to, and include, Manesar.

What started off as a suburb across Delhi's southern borders has become a city in itself, with the 1971 population of 57,000 now touching 22 lakh and set to increase to 37 lakh by 2021.

Gurgaon's new Master Plan, notified on February 5 (a gazetted copy of which is with TOI), makes it clear that the city's construction boom is only likely to become more frenetic.

With the private-government partnership development model for the residential sector of 'New Gurgaon', private players will have a large role to play as Gurgaon grows even more rapidly than at present.

Besides a lion's share in the residential sector, private players will be permitted to develop 50% of area marked for commercial sectors.

The development plan is for a total of 37,069 hectares against the 9,881-hectares target of the 2001 plan. This includes special economic zones of 4,570 hectares and existing towns and villages in the region.

While the plan looks to focus on residential development - read more and more highrises - it also earmarks 5,441 hectares for industrial and commercial development. The inclusion of Manesar and its industrial environs is an indication of this.

There is news for Gurgaon residents who have begun to despair of connectivity with Delhi. Two 90-metre-wide link roads have been planned.

One is from Vasant Kunj to Mehrauli Road and Gurgaon, the other between Andheria Mor and Faridabad road through Mandi and Gwal Pahari.

Another 150-metre-wide link road has been proposed from Dwarka to Palam Vihar. An additional corridor along the 150-metre northern link to Delhi extending from Dwarka has been proposed in the final development plan 2021 while a similar MRTS will come up along Mehrauli road up to the proposed inter state bus terminal at Kherki Dhaula.

This will be extended to Manesar. A 150-metre road would be constructed along the NH 8, or Delhi-Jaipur highway, which will ensure that traffic entering Gurgaon flows smoothly.

This is essential if traffic which gets off the highway and moves in and out of Udyog Vihar and Cybergreens is not to be choked.

To cater to a projected population of 37 lakh, 14,930 hectares have been marked for residential purposes. Some 8,000 hectares have already been developed by Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) and private developers and this is expected to accommodate some 20 lakh people. The additional 6,930 hectares would accommodate 15 lakh people by 2021.

The city's future would seem to be set in glass and concrete as is already visible in the case of New Gurgaon. There will be an explosion of malls and corporate parks.

"The new commercial areas will be in the form of big malls and corporate commercial complexes. In addition, commercial belts with the width of 200 metres have also been provided along the selected roads to cater to the needs of the surrounding areas,"states the gazette notification.
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  • Gurgaon Shining or Dying - Living in Gurgaon

    Have a look at this article "Gurgaon shining or dying? :bab (36):

    It was published in 2005. (5 years back).

    When the Haryana government first started to pitch Gurgaon, it was as a perfectly planned city. One with international standards of roads, housing and entertainment -- the whole nine yards. Now, when we should be enjoying the fruits of all this planning, we find that the roads are potholed and bumpy, some pockets experience 12-hour power cuts, there is no public transport to speak of, and every day there is a story in the papers about burglars making off with lakhs.



    Living in Gurgaon – Advantages & Disadvantages :bab (61):

    Let’s try and list out as many advantages and disadvantages of living in Gurgaon.


    •Closer to the International and Domestic Airport.
    •Good for People living in a gated community with power backup, water and security.
    •One can buy almost everything in the malls. Malls are in close proximity to each other and offer products as good as in South Delhi.
    •Pubs etc. are open till late night, unlike Delhi.
    •Residential accommodation is cheaper than Delhi.
    •Many educated professionals.
    •Many entertainment areas


    •Pathetic entrance from Delhi on NH8 and MG road.
    •Lack of security for independent houses.
    •Lack of Power and Water Supply.
    •No Parks for Kids and elders. No outdoor activities/life at all.
    •More like a commercial jungle.
    •Lawless as compared to Delhi.
    •No law and order on Roads. Pathetic traffic conditions. Poor Road Designs.
    •Extremely poor policing. Poorly trained corrupt local police.
    •Serious infrastructure issues. Open Drains. No Street Lights.
    •Local Haryanvi goons/newly rich love to break laws as there is no accountability.
    •Harsh local crowd in some of the late night pubs and cinemas.
    •Gurgaon lacks character.
    •Bottle Shops/Thekas almost everywhere. These are run by local politicians and their aids. Most of them are open till early morning.
    •Very unsafe for women at night as most of the people are drinking on road sides outside these thekas.
    •Poor Public Transport.


    :bab (34):
  • I went to Amby mall yesterday from Delhi. The toll gate was in complete chaos - there were two lines of cars converging on each gate.


    It took me 10 minutes drive in eway and 25 minutes on toll gate

    Things can only get worse.

    By the way, if you visit the pubs open late at night, you must be either a gangster - plenty around - or have a suicidal tendency
  • If we are getting so many issues in Gurgaon then why Realty sector to high in comparison to Noida.

  • Thats a mystery to me also. Why is Gurgaon so costly, considering that its infrastructure is hardly better than that of a village and the mentality of some of the localites here is still stone age.
    I guess its got to do with the influx of big corporates who instead of paying the higher taxes in delhi, have set up offices in gurgaon.

    Compared to Gurgaon, Noida seems like a foreign location. Wide roads, reasonably better behaved traffic, green cover, not much water logging during heavy rains and over the last four years noida has seen some big changes. And thankfully not too many mindless and aggressive people.
  • Gurgaon crossed south delhi & after few yrs may be it will cross mumbai in respect to High stories , ya really few yrs before there were no fun in ggn but now u can enjoy here ....................
    Now Noida is in same position when Gurgaon was in 2002
  • I have been a Canadian Resident for the last 5 years. I don’t know why but I migrated from Vancouver to Gurgaon in 2005 and started a business. Due to business commitments, I was unable to live in Canada for 2 mandatory years to satisfy my residency requirements. In 2011, I will finally lose out on my PR and have no options to move out of India.

    Last year, I downsized my business operations and now thinking of shutting it down and moving overseas. (Lack of professionalism and very expensive real estate due to which profits are just diminishing.)

    To my bad luck, I might not qualify to enter Canada again as a resident. That means I might have to end up living the rest of my life in Gurgaon and witness it dying.

    The frustration is even more when I think of the fact that I can buy a 4 bedroom house and have a good standard of quality living with 2-3 crores in Canada and my kids can also get some sort of security and support from the system. They will atleast be closer to nature and become normal and ethical human beings.

    I am no ABCD (American Born Confused Desi). I am a 100% Indian who has spent over 35 years in this country and felt proud to be an Indian at one point in time. Today, I regret my decision of leaving Canada and choosing a depressing life in Gurgaon, India.

    Gurgaon or most of India has become very chaotic. Everyone talks about money, money and money. People have such a bad attitude. No smiling faces. Everyone seems depressed. Visit the pubs, people are less into enjoyment and more into creating nuisance. I visited two up market pubs last week and people were shamelessly smoking.

    I crave for outdoor activities and there are none. No parks or anything left. You will just find sad, irritated or angry people around you. With the new money, everyone has forgotten basic manners and courtesy.


    I want to ask fellow members as to what they think is going to happen to this poorly managed country. :bab (44):
  • But tell me how is Real estate doing so well here with such poor infrastructure?We are staying in one of the independent houses in DLF(500),everything is at its pits!U name it.....cleanliness,security..........
  • scorpio, independent means you have to do everything yourself - nobody else will do anything - except create obstacles for you
  • Yes,but DLF could maintain it a bit.Am not asking to come 'n clean my house.
    Security is really worsening inspite of every other house having their personal guard other than what DLF is supposed to give.DLF are not developers basically.
  • Travelling From Cyber City To Maneser Will Be Jam Free...

    Travelling From Cyber City To Maneser Will Be Jam Free...

    Navbharat Times By मनीष अग्रवाल
    साइबर सिटी गुड़गांव से लेकर इंडस्ट्रियल हब मानेसर तक जल्द ही ट्रैफिक जाम से पूरी तरह मुक्ति मिल जाएगी। इसके लिए हरियाणा सरकार ने दिल्ली की एक कंपनी से डिटेल स्टडी कराई है। कंपनी ने सर्वे करके अपनी रिपोर्ट सरकार को सौंप दी है। इसमें 22 फ्लाईओवर, 8 अंडरपास, ट्रॉलों को खड़े होने की जगह, साइकल वालों के लिए अलग लेन बनाने की सिफारिश की गई है। जल्द ही इस पर काम शुरू कर दिया जाएगा। यह जानकारी एनबीटी की तरफ से पूछे गए एक सवाल के जवाब में हरियाणा के मुख्यमंत्री भूपेंद्र सिंह हुड्डा ने दी।
    हुड्डा ने बताया कि ट्रैफिक मैनेजमेंट सिस्टम को हेल्दी बनाने के लिए जोरों से काम किया जा रहा है। इतना ही नहीं राष्ट्रमंडल खेलों को देखते हुए भी पुलिसकर्मियों को टूरिस्टों से बात करने की जानकारी देने समेत उन्हें व्यवहार कुशल बनाने के लिए काम किया जा रहा है। इसके लिए वर्कशॉप भी आयोजित की जा रही हैं।
    मुख्यमंत्री के आदेश पर गुड़गांव के ट्रैफिक प्लान के बारे में डिटेल जानकारी देते हुए गुड़गांव निगम के आयुक्त आर. के. खुल्लर ने बताया कि गुड़गांव से मानेसर को 'गुड़गांव टू मानेसर कॉम्प्लेक्स' माना गया है। इसके लिए दिल्ली की कंपनी अर्बन मास ट्रांजिट को यहां ट्रैफिक व्यवस्था को बेहतर करने का अध्ययन करने की जिम्मेदारी सौंपी गई थी। कंपनी ने स्टडी करके रिपोर्ट सरकार को सौंप दी है। स्टडी में गुड़गांव से मानेसर तक ऐसे 22 चौराहों को चिह्नित किया गया है जहां तत्काल फ्लाईओवर बनाने की जरूरत है। इसके बाद इस रोड पर आने-जाने वाला ट्रैफिक बिना ट्रैफिक जाम से रूबरू हुए आवागमन कर सकेगा।
    इसके अलावा इस रोड पर 8 स्थानों पर अंडरपास भी बनने चाहिए। यह वह स्थान हैं जहां फ्लाईओवर बनाने में परेशानी सामने आ रही है। इसलिए इन स्थानों पर अंडरपास बनाकर ट्रैफिक को स्मूद रास्ता दिखाया जाएगा। यही नहीं साइकल ट्रैक को अलग बनाने की जरूरत भी सर्वे रिपोर्ट में बताई गई है। इससे साइकल सवार वाहनों की चपेट में आने से बच सकेंगे और उन्हें भी अपनी अलग लेन मिल जाएगी।
    खुल्लर ने बताया कि खासतौर से मानेसर में बड़े ट्रॉलों का लोड अधिक होता है। इसलिए गुड़गांव और मानेसर में 3 जगहों को फ्रेट स्टेशन के लिए चुना गया है जहां ऐसे जंबो ट्रॉले खड़े हो सकेंगे जोकि जगह-जगह खड़े होकर ट्रैफिक जाम का कारण बनते हैं। कई बार उनसे हादसे भी हो जाते हैं। अगर संभव होगा तो इन्हीं स्टेशनों से ट्रॉलों में सामान भर दिया जाएगा और इनमें भरे सामान को यहीं से छोटे वाहनों में भरकर उन्हें गंतव्य स्थान तक पहुंचा दिया जाएगा। इससे ट्रॉले ऐसे स्थानों में प्रवेश करने से बच जाएंगे जहां इनके जाने पर अनावश्यक रूप से जाम लग जाता है। गुड़गांव में रिंग रोड बनने से भी काफी राहत मिलेगी। यह सारी प्रक्रिया फ्यूचर विजन डॉक्युमेंट के रूप में की जा रही है।
  • Gurgaon could be turned into Vatican :)

    Mess of infrastructure == GURGAON

    Its really hard to belive, how the real estate is rising so fast in ggn, despite such poor facilities available.

    There is nothing like conveyance, unless you got your own vehicle travelling a a pain (unless ur destination lies on 3wheeler route)

    with rains pouring in, I wish I had a boat... with my office rite in udyog vihar phase 4, the moment you get out of office main gate, there is hell lot of water and once a car was also washed away in rains, I hope you guys can imagine... what situation it is..

    with the so called all multinationals here.. still the situation is so bad.. that it reminds me of my village roads ... even they r better ..

    I hope the situation someday gets better ...
  • No city is perfect, All cities have their typical problems , more so Indian cities.

    Gurgaon like many other cities has its pros & cons.

    A bit of political will & some kind of mass movement by citizens of Gurgaon , will help Gurgaon become the city, every one wants it to be.
  • Agree Manoja

    I truly agree with you Manoj... the only thing is it does not live upto its name of Millennium city ...

    I really wish its earns that name... ASAP ..
  • Originally Posted by ArvindMishra
    If we are getting so many issues in Gurgaon then why Realty sector to high in comparison to Noida.


    Because of Commercialization.

    Many MNCs have set up their corporate offices there..meaning the renatls will go up as well as sale price.
    During the 90s when India opened up..Delhi had no land to offer the MNCs..Noida was a sleepy industrial township..thats when the Private developers of Gurgaon took the initiative and set up good office spaces in Gurgaon.
    No attention was paid to planning and infrastructure..which is causing immense problem now. and unfortunately with main gurgaon almost occupied ..chances to make any Great changes ..are not there...
    Things will just move bombay or south delhi..

    Expect much better planning and infrastructure in Manesar though
  • Zohaib,

    Your comments makes sense . Manesar should have a much better infrastructure & should turn out to be an planned/organized city.