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Gurgaon Shining or Dying


Gurgaon Shining or Dying

Last updated: February 23 2013
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    Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying


    I seriously think the PM should just announce, and not necessarily visit, that he will be visiting gurgaon by road to actually see what the millennium city is all about. I bet all the roads will be done up in no time. The work would still be superficial I know, but atleast better than what it is right now.

    This is a kind of threat the PM should exercise in all rising cities in my opinion. I have written to the PMO office few times but I guess that never reached the right man! I just hope our PM reads the TOI but then does he get the gurgaon edition???!!!!! no...hahahaha


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      Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying

      FYI, the PM is an impotent guy. He is just an old man with good OLD economic sense. He never had any leadership skills. Soniya Gandhi used him as a PAWN to get "Goodwill" of the Sikhs and also to keep away directly from all the mess that Congress has created in the last few years of governance.


      BTW, Congress gets 60% of its funding from HARYANA which is a 100% CONGRESS DOMAIN. So basically, what you see is Congress Raj. I am not saying that some other party is better. The point is that these politicians very well know the state of affairs. Be it roads, law and order etc etc.

      There is just too much corruption everywhere. HUDA is directly responsible for collecting all the black money and funds that come from builders, contractors etc. The Haryana Govt. sets a target for fund collection from various corrupt sources as they have to fill the pockets of Center and State government officials.

      SO MY DEAR CITIZENS OF INDIA, ONLY A REVOLUTION CAN CHANGE THIS. RWA'S are already having a super tough time with HUDA and matters will remain pending in courts for ever as the courtS ARE also largely influenced by the state government.



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        Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying

        Pothole-free roads for Gurgaon by month-end

        The Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has set a target of September 30 for repairing all major and interior roads in Gurgaon. The HUDA administrator is monitoring the project personally and has asked engineers to email photographs of all roads where potholes have been filled every evening.

        After the recent heavy downpour left most roads non-motorable, a budget of R35 lakh has been allocated for road repairs, HUDA officials said. Recarpetting of some major roads, however, will start in the first week of October and is likely to cost the department R4.5 crore.

        HUDA administrator Nitin K. Yadav said patch work which involves filling of potholes is already underway along the DLF Golf Course Road, AarDee City Road, Sector-52/52A, 43/53 and others. The severely damaged Sohna Road, except for Subhash Chowk near the Uniworld Garden, has not been touched yet as it is still being widened by the contractor.

        “I have made it mandatory for all engineers to e-mail me photographs of each and every patch work and filling of potholes on a daily basis,” Yadav said.
        “After September 30, anyone who spots potholes on the roads can contact and inform me with photographs,” he added.
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          Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying

          Hope , this sets the roads right or at least they r in a better state than at present.
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            Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying

            SPR project hits legal hurdles

            TNN, Sep 21, 2010, 02.34am IST

            GURGAON: With Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) facing over a dozen land acquisition cases, progress of its ambitious Southern Periphery Road (SPR) has been reduced to snails pace. As part of the SPR project, the development authority plans to construct a 17-km-long road connecting Faridabad-Gurgaon stretch to National Highway-8.

            Acknowledging that 14 court stay orders in different cases has slowed progress on the project, a senior HUDA official said: These cases have come in way of speeding construction activity of the SPR on the Gurgaon side of the project.

            The list of litigants has names like M/s CRS Tower and several individual land owners. The 1.3-km-long problem stretch passes through areas like Sohna and connects to NH-8. The problem area in the SPR project falls on the most crucial section, which constitutes the last portion of the road. Unless the problems get resolved, the entire project will be affected, said the official.

            HUDA superintending engineer R K Kakkar has written a letter to the development authoritys administrator asking him to take up the matter with higher authorities and clear the related hurdles.

            HUDA had given the Rs 5.09-crore contract to Unitech limited to construct road on this stretch.

            The tardy pace of construction on this section has also reportedly escalated the overall cost of the project.

            The completion of the SPR project is crucial for decongesting traffic gridlock on IFFCO Chowk. At present, all traffic from Faridabad comes to MG road before heading towards the IFFCO crossing. Once, the SPR is complete, it would connect Faridabad to NH-8 through the Sohna-Gurgaon road, said the HUDA official.


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              Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying

              NHAI floats a new jam buster

              GURGAON/NEW DELHI: Commuting between Delhi, Gurgaon and beyond will be smooth in the next few years. The NHAI will extend the National Highway (from MG Road to Delhi border) to Kherki Dhaula, making it an 18-20 km 4-lane highway via Sohna Road.

              This will help commuters beat the big jams on the Expressway between IFFCO Chowk and Hero Honda crossing.

              After the Mehrauli-Gurgaon road recently got NH status, the road transport highways ministry had asked HUDA and state PWD to study the feasibility of the newly proposed alignment of NH-236 from Delhi-Gurgaon border on MG Road to Kherki Dhaula. Sources said that the site has been inspected by top ministry and Haryana government officials.

              HUDA sources said that the present NH will be extended from Delhi border via Gawalpahari and Ghata village before it joins Sohna Road. Then it will be extended to Kherki Daula toll plaza on NH-8.

              HUDA is constructing a 7.38-kilometre road on this stretch as a green field project. Another 2.1 kilometre road is also being laid between Gawalpahari and Ghata village that is likely to be completed next month.

              Similarly another 5.28 kilometre stretch is under construction between Sohna Road up to Kherki Dhaula toll plaza, said a senior HUDA official.

              The new alignment has been proposed since the earlier plan to connect NH-236 from Delhi border to the NH-8 via the Mall Mile was found unviable.

              It's already a crowded stretch and there is hardly any space available for further widening of the road. So the new alignment is more convincing. We are waiting for response from the state government. Once they inform us about their decision we will start work. NHAI will develop this stretch on cash contract,'' said a senior ministry official.

              This means while commuters taking the expressway will have to pay toll, those using the proposed NH won't have to pay any charge. The NH-236 will decongest the traffic entering Gurgaon from the Delhi-Gurgaon border at MG Road till Kherki Dhaula.

              Presently, NH-236 is only a 6-km stretch between Andheria Mor and the Delhi-Gurgaon border.

              Though the NHAI had awarded the work of widening on this stretch to a 6-lane road before Commonwealth Games, it has already missed the deadline.


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                Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying

                This is good news. Haryana is finally waking up on road building
                Venky (Please read watch a or before posting)


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                  Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying

                  all good road in gurgoan is created by NHAI not Haryana
                  gurgoan is very much depend on NHAI for good road
                  and noida have very good road but not single by created by NHAI

                  Originally posted by Venkytalks View Post
                  This is good news. Haryana is finally waking up on road building


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                    Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying

                    Gurgaon the new trade fair venue?

                    You have heard it right. The India International Trade Fair could move to Gurgaon if the commerce ministry and the Haryana government are to be believed. The Exhibition-cum Convention Centre (ECC) at Panchgaon Chowk, NH-8, could be the venue for the biggest trade show of Asia in 2014 (below: an artists impression of the centre).

                    To come up at the cost of Rs 2,500 crore, the consortium of Jurong-KPMG- DTZ - ESRI, the consultants hired for a pre-feasibility study, in their report submitted two weeks ago, asserted that shifting of the entire business of Pragati Maidan to this new facility will contribute a lot to its success.

                    The consultants had also suggested creation of a facility for over an area of 250 acres, one of the three early bird projects of Delhi. The consultants have been further advised to submit a report on the Institutional Framework/Ownership Model for the project involving the government of India and government of Haryana.

                    The International Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) had also identified the area for creation of such a facility for the purpose of holding IITF. The DMIC consultants had suggested eight different locations for the project and zeroed in on the Panchgaon Chowk site in Gurgaon, at the junction of National Highway-8 and KMP Expressway, as the most suitable for the ECC project, Rajiv Arora, the managing director of HSIIDC, said while confirming the development.

                    The plan will be implemented in two phases Phase-I, over 150 acres, and Phase-II, over the remaining 100 acres. The facilities to be created at the Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre include an exhibition space, convention centre for 6,000 people, retail arcade and hotels.

                    The government is also establishing a dedicated freight corridor between Delhi and Mumbai, with terminals at Dadri in the National Capital Region of Delhi and Jawaharlal Nehru Port near Mumbai. The corridor, covering a length of around 1483 kilometres, will pass through Uttar Pradesh, National Capital Territory of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

                    In order to tap the immense opportunities likely to be thrown open by the corridor, a band of 150 to 200 kilometres around its sides is being developed as the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). The vision for the development of DMIC is to create base in this band with globally competitive environment and state-of-the-art infrastructure to activate regional commerce and enhance foreign investments.

                    The state government has designated HSIIDC as the nodal agency for the DMIC projects in the state.


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                      Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying


                      Anybody has any idea on exact location near panchgaon chowk for this project. I can see by the reports that the location has been finalized now and tender has been floated for architectural design.

                      I think progress on such projects will provide really good support on gurgaon pricing. Your views are welcome
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