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Gurgaon Shining or Dying


Gurgaon Shining or Dying

Last updated: February 23 2013
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    Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying

    Gurgaon gets RS 605 cr for Haryana Urban Development Authority area works - The Times of India


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      Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying


      Is this Realy True.


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        Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying

        Originally posted by canman View Post
        I have been a Canadian Resident for the last 5 years. I don’t know why but I migrated from Vancouver to Gurgaon in 2005 and started a business. Due to business commitments, I was unable to live in Canada for 2 mandatory years to satisfy my residency requirements. In 2011, I will finally lose out on my PR and have no options to move out of India.

        Last year, I downsized my business operations and now thinking of shutting it down and moving overseas. (Lack of professionalism and very expensive real estate due to which profits are just diminishing.)

        To my bad luck, I might not qualify to enter Canada again as a resident. That means I might have to end up living the rest of my life in Gurgaon and witness it dying.

        The frustration is even more when I think of the fact that I can buy a 4 bedroom house and have a good standard of quality living with 2-3 crores in Canada and my kids can also get some sort of security and support from the system. They will atleast be closer to nature and become normal and ethical human beings.

        I am no ABCD (American Born Confused Desi). I am a 100% Indian who has spent over 35 years in this country and felt proud to be an Indian at one point in time. Today, I regret my decision of leaving Canada and choosing a depressing life in Gurgaon, India.

        Gurgaon or most of India has become very chaotic. Everyone talks about money, money and money. People have such a bad attitude. No smiling faces. Everyone seems depressed. Visit the pubs, people are less into enjoyment and more into creating nuisance. I visited two up market pubs last week and people were shamelessly smoking.

        I crave for outdoor activities and there are none. No parks or anything left. You will just find sad, irritated or angry people around you. With the new money, everyone has forgotten basic manners and courtesy.


        I want to ask fellow members as to what they think is going to happen to this poorly managed country.
        Hello.. U R right !! what do you did after that...?


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          Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying

          huda readies to utilize funds


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            Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying

            HC strict on hero honda chowk resolution


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              Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying

              Adventure sports get a new venue in Millennium City

              The residents of the Millennium City got a new venue for adventure sports.

              The Raw Adventurez which was launched on Sunday will offer a wide range of activities, including off-raod tracking and grape crushing. Located at village Bhandwari in Gurgaon, the facility comprises

              off-road tracks for all-terrain vehicles (ATV), sport utility vehicles (SUVs) storming, Harley cruising, rock climbing, grape crushing and wine tasting.
              “The idea was to get adventure closer to people. We want people to get out of their luxurious homes, lose the pampered lifestyle for a day and experience the wild, the mud, the slush, the heat,” said Amanveer Singh, director of Ten Events and Entertainment and one of the founders of Raw Adventurez.

              The ambiance for all the adventure sports was artificially made by digging at few spots, making large mud dunes and gushing liters of water.

              “It took us 14 days to make it look like this. We used cranes, JCBs, etc. The tracks were designed by the beat of professionals from the teams of Royal Rajasthan Rally, Raid De Himalaya, and Desert Storm,” said Gulati.

              On Sunday, more than 150 Harley Davidson bikes, SUVs and ATVs participated in the event. “It’s all about passion. The facility is open to only those invited. People here want to experiment with new concepts,” added Singh.

              Adventure sports get a new venue in Millennium City - Hindustan Times


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                Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying

                There was this eco-village/ camping site launched with great fanfare during the CWG. The location was just before the toll on the left side of road when coming from Delhi on NH8.

                Not sure how many people stayed there during the CGW, but all I see now is weeds and trash !... Anyone know what the plans for that are...

                For all we know, it may be getting ready to be sold off as a commercial site after changing the CLU to the son-in-law..


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                  Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying

                  power lines to go underground in phases

                  power lines to go underground in phases, excellent development hope to see fast execution and more and more areas



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                    Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying

                    MCG chief goes on cleanliness drive

                    After assuming office, the new municipal commissioner Ashok Sangwan held his first meeting with the sanitation department officials on Tuesday. Apart from senior officials, many contractors who are undertaking the sanitation work in the city also attended the meeting.

                    In the meeting the commissioner insisted that all the concerned officials and contractors should work towards improving the sanitation level in the MCG area. There have been several issues plaguing the issue of sanitation in the city, including allegations of corruption levied against several officials in the department. In fact, while the sanitation contract for zone - 4 is yet to be awarded, even though the process was initiated over a year ago. Moreover the authorities refuse to commit by which date this process will finally get over.

                    "Corruption is deep-rooted in the sanitation department, with various sanitation contractors trying to bribe officials in order to get the contract. In fact some of these agencies that were disqualified in the technical bid are still trying to hamper the contract process due to which the contract of zone-4 is yet to be awarded," said a senior official.

                    Commenting on Tuesday's meeting with the commissioner, the sanitation committee's vice-chairman and ward - 2 councillor Ravinder Yadav said that the installation of bio-metric devices to mark the attendance of sanitation workers was discussed. He,however, claimed that he "forgot" to discuss the delay awarding the zone-4 contract.

                    "It completely missed my mind to apprise him about this issue. This is a very serious issue and I will talk to the commissioner about it the next time I meet it. The reason for the delay is because the senior officials are not doing their work properly and due to some corruption charges. We will expedite the process of installing bio-metric devices in all the wards," he said.

                    MCG chief goes on cleanliness drive - The Times of India


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                      Re : Gurgaon Shining or Dying

                      Gurgaon police to handover receipts for FIR to bring more transparency

                      Out to render accountability in its functioning, Gurgaon police will now be handing over receipts of complaints /FIR to residents. The ambitious promise made by CP Alok Mittal took no time in being realized as the receipts have been already printed and sent to police stations.

                      "Registration of crime is the first step of dealing with it. To make ourselves answerable for registering complaints we will be giving out receipts. This will aid people in checking status of there cases and report delay if any," said police commissioner Mittal.

                      The new CP had earlier admitted that registration of complaints was still a herculean task in city where maximum people complained that police evaded registration of cases. The CP had proposed giving out receipts to ensure that all crime in city is acknowledged and people can question authorities in case of delay.

                      "With receipts it will be easy for people to track complaints and a written document will make our registration system more important. It's our first major step to make residents empowered of questioning us. We have got the recipes," said an SHO.

                      Gurgaon police to hand over receipts of FIR to residents - The Times of India


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?