Hello Members,

Could you please provide information on Antriksh heights in Sec 84, Gurgaon which has 300 flats for Ministry of External Affair plus others.

Its already almost half build.Location is much better than others in this area. Area of the flats are bigger than other builders.

developer have delivered many projects in Dwarka, Sec 56 Gurgaon already.

Its available at ~2500 psf as per just information. 2nd option is to have someone known in ministry who can make u group housing member and then the rate is 2250 psf.

Any opinion on this project ?
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  • Originally Posted by BlessU

    The matter now is,
    -whether Dwarkashish is also working like antriksh?
    - What arrangement dwarkadhish has with Antriksh??
    - Dwarkadhish was to apply for OC and offer possession, has he applied for OC or not?


    The Brochure they have given me mentions Dwarkadish . They also told me that many people from home ministry have flats in the society . I am not sure about they have 2 or 3 bhk because there is only one tower for 2BHK .
  • As I know,
    the towers with Reliable Realtech (Dwarkadhish) are AF 2095 sq ft, AG 1725 sq ft, AI 2025 sq ft, AJ 1725 sq ft, AL 2595 sq ft and AH (1125 & 1200 sq ft). Dwarkadhish owns and holds rights for 50% of the total project
    The other 50% has three partners namely Mr. Yadav (Antriksh), Mr. Rajvir and MEA officials (each of these 3 shareholders have equal parternership i.e 16.66 % each of the total project) Under their ownership and responsibility the towers are AA, AB, AC, AD, AE (50%) and AM (which has 2 bedroom units 1350 & 1450 sq ft)
    Tower AE is a common towers (50% each with Dwarkadhish and Antriksh) and either of them have to construct 50% each.

    The situation on road construction is the same as earlier. Access to Antriksh heights or other projects in 84 is still a problem. One has to pass through kachha terrain to reach there, which may be due to litigation-on certain patches.

    Heard that the resale price of Antriksh flats varies between Rs. 3900/- to 4200/- psf and is the lowest in that area. The progress on the road Dawarka Expressway is still on a snail pace?

    Had visited the site on 25 December and attached are the photographs...
    Basement slabs in the towers owned by Dwarkadhish are nearing completion except a few areas.
    Lifts in all towers owned by Dwarkadhish have been completed (not kept in operation as of now)
    The doors, flooring, glass window panes, lobbies, electrical wiring & staircases work in all towers of Dwarkadhish have been completed (Except the final painting, fixing of plumbing fixtures, and electrical fixtures is pending)
    Work on society boundary wall along with the road which passes in between the society has started.
    Trees planted on the south eastern boundary wall and wall painted.

    Heard that Dwarkadhish has applied for part OC and awaiting to hear from the Town Planner office, Haryana Govenment...
  • Originally Posted by Ajay P
    As I know,

    Heard that Dwarkadhish has applied for part OC and awaiting to hear from the Town Planner office, Haryana Govenment...

    But they told me that it will take 2 year to offer possession atleast that is why they are providing payment within 22 months.
  • Any update on Antriksh Heights ? Posession , current rate ?
  • Hi,

    I have received following update and would like to share the same with all of you :

    "We would wish to inform you about the latest development in the flats of Luxury Tower in particular & the whole Project in general. The latest development in the Luxury Tower is as under :

    · Fixing of Granite on the staircase completed.
    · External wall plaster completed.
    · Fixing of Floor tiles started.
    · Lift work started.
    · Fixing of Windows & Doors started.
    · Fixing of Main Entrance door to start soon.
    · Work on the Project’s internal road to start soon.
    · Work on the internal boundary wall inside the Project complex on the 24m wide road started.
    · Road connectivity to the Project ( near Tower D ) started on the Sector 83- 84 dividing road.

    Please Note: The Builder has already applied for the Completion Certificate which is expected to be received by end of March 2015. After receiving this Completion Certificate, the builder will start the process of handing over the flats for possession in the completed Towers to the respective members. "
  • Dear All, pics taken today by an investor in the project. Hope its helpful to members...

  • Guys,

    Good News! I made a visit to sector 84 yesterday and found out that Antriksh Heights is connected to DEW through a 60 meter wide road called dwarka link road. It is bang on dwarka link road and eventually, AH will/might get connected to dwarka link road through a service lane i guess. AH is exactly 700 meters from DEW. I see this as a major accomplishment for AH investors.
  • i am also owner of ah tower
  • Originally Posted by hellobaby
    i am also owner of ah tower


    BTW: by AH I meant Antriksh heights!
  • Has anyone visited the area/ site recently ??

    What the progress in the area?

    Have other builders started giving possession of their flats?

    Is there any improvement/development of roads and connectivity??

    Any other news which you may have heard....
  • I am also associated with this project from 2009. From last 3 years they are saying( telephonically/verbal communication) of giving possession within 6 months-9 months. Not replying anything in writing.

    No Idea when they will give possession. Projects started after this project have given possession/ started giving possession. I think that We are stuck.

    Can anybody advise what to do ????
  • Site Visit

    I went to the site yesterday but had to return quickly due to an urgent situation at work. I have a unit in AE. The status for my tower and the ones east of me are definitely as follows :-

    The lifts have been installed and are being tested in the towers. The rcc internal paths connecting all towers are being laid. Greening around the towers is well underway. External painting well underway. Firefighting equipment all installed. Solar water systems on roofs installed. Basement clearing of debris well underway. Final repair work inside towers being done. Flooring in lobbies in final stages. Wiring & Switches being installed. All this shows that OC is definitely in the offing. The question is when. Nothing in the immediate vicinity has been offered possession. In my honest opinion, the exact trunk sewage and drains and electrical supply lines situation is what is troubling my mind right now. Hope things work out faster for everybody's sake.
  • Can anybody who have visited the site recently share the updates on the progress of the project along with actual site photographs?

    Any update on the possession or OC status if applied by the builder?
  • I am getting a good deal for 2 bhk and looking to invest. Would really appreciate if anyone can tell me the pros and cons of this project.
  • Do not invest in Antriksh... Slowest builder i have ever seen there structure is ready for last 7 years and still no posession.

    You have gud options availble in 55 lakhs in Vatika, Mapsko, Orris in nearby sector... Please go for them