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Could you please provide information on Antriksh heights in Sec 84, Gurgaon which has 300 flats for Ministry of External Affair plus others.

Its already almost half build.Location is much better than others in this area. Area of the flats are bigger than other builders.

developer have delivered many projects in Dwarka, Sec 56 Gurgaon already.

Its available at ~2500 psf as per just information. 2nd option is to have someone known in ministry who can make u group housing member and then the rate is 2250 psf.

Any opinion on this project ?
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  • Yes the builder (Reliable Realtech/Dwarkadhish) has got fire NOC and has got a verbal confimation from Town planner office for receiveing part Occupation Certificate for six and half towers. Whereas the other half with Antriksh (Rakesh Yadav/Rajbir/etc..) still not complete and the said OC is not for that part...
  • These latest photographs would give the feel to people who are pessimistic about the occupation and handover..

    Builder intends to offer letters of possession in Mar-April 2016.. All the best who have invested with reliable realtech in Antriksh Heights..
  • Originally Posted by Ajay P
    Wanted to share the resale price list, which was received via a mail from a Property dealer / agency. This may give an idea of the prevaling prices in that area.

    Avil. in Antriksh heights Sect. 84 ----
    Antriksh height sec 84 Area 2595 booking 2300 3900/ Sqft.
    Antriksh Heights Sect. 84 Area 1725 4250/ sqft.
    Antriksh Heights Sect. 84 Area 2095@ 4100/ sqft. Park Facing
    Antriksh Heights Sect. 84 Area 1450 and 1350 4200 / sqft. middle floor Park facing
    Antriksh Heights Sect. 84 Area 1450 and 1350 4400/ sqft. / Lower floor

    Mapsko Casabella Sect. 82 ------
    3 BHK Area 1960 Sqft. 4700/ sqft.


    Please share the resale price list, if any, received from a Property dealer / agency which may give an idea of the prevailing prices in new Gurgaon area.
  • Hello Ajay P; Thanks for the update. Can you please tell what are six towers, where town planner has given confirmation for issuing part occupation certificate.
  • Ajay P; 's comments sound true because I also visited AH-84 couple of weeks ago and DHBVN vehicle was parked there. Project supervisor told me that the guys are here for electrical verification and I also saw 2 big generators or transformers being packed there. The Reliable builder towers were in good shape with internal 24 meter road being ready and street lights being installed. I have a unit in AH tower which belongs to Reliable realtech. All in all, it gave me a good feeling that eventually my patience is paying off.
  • If possession comes after March, I stand to lose about INR 60,000 in taxes as its been long time since I have been paying the home loan. I believe a lot of us will be in this situation. I have already lost it twice due to shifting dates of possessions.

    Can a reliable realtech representative here help me understand the likelihood of the possession letter being available before end of March 2016?
  • Dear Members,

    I visited the site yesterday (07-Feb-16)..Mr Ajay P's update is true..However I highly doubt that builder will offer possession in March'16 because lot of stuff wrt to External development is still pending. Dwarakadish has given individual contracts to each tower it owns there but I am not sure if it have given similar contract for common areas like parks, pools, service road.

    And for towers which are with Reliable realtec..they are in very bad shape and work progress is very slow. They are in same state as they were 2 months back.

    Is there a way we can push the builder to speed up construction ?
  • As asked by one member, the ongoing price in that area would be around 4000/- to 4500/- psf. This also depends on type of unit, sector, builder, stage of project and the negotiation between the seller and buyer.

    Good news for for the people who have bought via Reliable Realtech (Dwarkadhish or Mr. Garg) is that inspection for OC by the town planner officials is scheduled for 15 March, which may get through and part occupation for the part of the project completed may be granted..

    Hope for the best..
  • To answer Nirmals question, As I know,
    The towers with Reliable Realtech (Dwarkadhish) are
    AF 2095 sq ft,
    AG 1725 sq ft,
    AI 2025 sq ft,
    AJ 1725 sq ft,
    AL 2595 sq ft and
    AH (1125 & 1200 sq ft). Dwarkadhish owns and holds rights for 50% of the total project.

    The other 50% has three partners namely Mr. Yadav (Antriksh), Mr. Rajvir Goyat and MEA officials (each of these 3 shareholders have equal parternership i.e 16.66 % each of the total project) Under their ownership and responsibility the towers are AA, AB, AC, AD, AE (50%) and AM (which has 2 bedroom units 1350 & 1450 sq ft)

    Tower AE is a common towers (50% each with Dwarkadhish and Antriksh) and either of them have to construct 50% each.

  • That's a great news for the AH(Dwarkadhis) flats buyers. Hope the inspection gets through.
  • Any latest updates on the project? Has any one received any communication so far from builder?
  • Hi All - I just received possession letter on email. I have a unit in AH tower. Did any one else received the possession letter ??
  • Dear Members ,
    Reliable reattach starts offering possession to the users
  • This is a very strange possession letter which implies that we have done our bit in constructing the structure and now you if you feel like you can stay there at your own risk. It talks about the institutional NOCs but remains silent on the final NOC which makes it legal to stay in the building. How the building becomes habitable if basic facilities like sewerage, electricity and road are not available? Also it doesn't mention anything about Registration of the property, therefore, title of the property remains suspect. It looks like Antriksh Heights project is built in some unauthorized colony. In my view, one should check all these points before taking possession.
  • This is very positive news for reliable realtech buyers. With Deway being categorised as National Highway and builders giving possessions; i think things are getting great for buyers/end users.