Is investment in coralwood, sec-84 is good, senior member pls advice. wt is reputation of SS group..
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  • I got to know they already got the fire oc and applied for the oc. Can any one please guide , should we go to this project as they are now in delivering phase?
    • manujmohla2 months ago
      I visited the society last week. Construction quality is pathetic and green area is also minimal. Only thing good is layout and club..
  • SS group has just sent a demand letter for final possession. any flatowner here? mine is in I tower. some of the items listed on demand letter sound pretty high (electricity connection: 125,000 INR. Did other owners receive similar letters? I was told that OC has been applied and will come towards the end of this month.
    • anusau1231 months ago
      Totally bizzare .... Are they providing electrictiy from Niagara falls
  • Dear Sir:

    I noted that your flat is in tower I. did you get the final demand letter. I got this today.
    • rupin_agarwall2 months ago
      I am planning to buy 1890 unit in coral wood.
      I personally went to site last week and everything seems to be operational- lift, light, water, pool.
      Vlubbis taking shape.

      Need suggestion if this project is good for end use?