Wanted to get opinion on how is Mahindra Aura II compared to other Dwarka side projects like Ramaprastha, Indiabulls, Spire, Tashee and Raheja.
With expected launch price of 3000/sq ft, what are the long and short term prospects both as investment and end use?
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  • I guess the area is livable. There is a decent departmental store and medical shop at a walking distance. One would definately need own vehicle. Railway track will be a nuisance till alternative route is built

    Did mahindra conveyed about the maintenance fee. I am curious to know the authenticity
  • U may call exective and conf it is too high in comparison of dlf and other builders ie they r charging rs 1.90
  • I completely agree it is too high. I somehow have lost faith on verbal confirmation from crm. Hence i was asking
  • Originally Posted by BlessU

    Thanks for input

    Does that include all charges namely
    Common Area Maintenance, PSFt (excl Tax)
    Parking Maintenance (pm)
    Common Area Elec Charge (psf)
    Club (pm)
    Any other charges?


    These are very high charges unless some exceptional services are provided. It would be better for buyers to form RWA and appoint a service provider instead.

    What are the DG Charges/unit?


    I have sent a access request to the mentioned document. could you please?

    I am also hearing lot of concerns from those who have received the letter of possession for Phase 1. Concerns around

    - Superbuilt area has been increased amounting to exactly equal to the late delivery penalty they are offering
    - 1 year advance payment against Maintenance charge of Rs. 3.21/sq ft apart from IBMS! There is no club/park/swimming pool/shops
    - Substantially low calculation on late delivery compensation which is no way related to agreement..

    Do all consumers have to deal with this even with such a brand?
  • Yes in builder has full right to bulling the customer, because in india customer is king but exploit every time and by every company for them CUSTOMER means Kust se mar ( die with pain)

    In this case they hv to offer intrest on maintance it can be converted on quterly basis
  • Phase 1 Demand Letter

    Originally Posted by kttm108
    mahindra is charging Rs 3.25 + service tax per sq. feet for maintenance for flats, too costly, it means 1350 sq feet flat 3.25 = Rs 4400 + 500(tax) = Rs 4900/-.......... too costly

    I am equally concerned on
    1.Maintenance Charges (additional charges of 200 Rs for car parking is absurd)
    2. Penalty Clause Adjustment. (How do we know OC is delayed because of deficiencies by the builder ?)

    Can we meet all on Saturday Morning at the site at 11:00 AM ? We can exchange our contact numbers to fight this out together ? For those who can not make it try to send your contact numbers through someone you know will visit the site.

    We can all meet at the main gate.
  • Phase 1 Demand letter is fradulent. The increase in super area has been a consistent practice followed by builders. The fact that it is always increased by all builders in the final calculations puts this unethical practice under suspicion.
    A reasonable question is why is it never less than the original one??
    In this case the builder increased the number of flats ...any logical calculation will decrease the super area not increase it.
    Please raise this and all your concerns to Aura in a "Written" letter. Any subsequent legal appeals will have more say in court if these concerns were raised in "written" at the time of builders demand. Who knows Aura has to pay back the money legitimate buyers have to pay as ransom to get keys of their own flats.
  • I can come to site on Saturday. I guess the site will be closed but anyways we can meet
  • sure I will see you at 11:00 AM at the gate. I will be in a silver color Toyota Etios Liva.
  • i will be also there, request to all member's of Mahindra aura, Ph 1, 2, 3, 4,
    pls come on Saturday 11.00 am on 8 nov 2014, at site gate
    BE THEIR or
    ready to pay more on your flats

    we all hv to face this problem
  • Hi,
    Saturday Mahindra is closed for visitors due to internal audit, You may like keep it for Sunday
  • Dear All
    1. I request you all to please do not accept final demand from the builder without any justification for increased area of 48 Sq.ft. (in Tower D) per apartment.
    There are approx. 228 flats in Phase-1 (76flatsx3Towers). Then total increased area comes out as 48Sq.ft.X228 flats= 10,944 Sq.ft. (which include the increased super area as well as the increased individual apartment area)
    The builder has to justify the increased area by showing the new plans marking the increased area viz-a-viz old plans marking the area.
    As the CRM team is saying that we have to pay the demand first after that they will justify us the increased area.
    2. Also maintenances charges @3.21/- per Sq.Ft. are too high. Apart from this 200/- per car parking per month is additional. Also they are not providing any facility of club, park etc. with the phase-1. Then why builder levying charges @3.21/- per Sq.Ft. Builder has to justify the charges, also which agency is taking maintenance of the site.
    3. Builder paying late penalty for 18 months only instead of 24 months (from april 2010 i.e. start of construction of phase-1) .
    Why do we pay for the months the construction restricted for under Ground water usage by the builder.
    As the builder is illegally using the under Ground water for construction.

    contact me to form group.

    It would be better if we schedule meeting on sunday when site is open & we can raise our concern.
  • pls contact .
  • We have to be in numbers i.e have good strenght to raise our concern strongly & implemented in time from builder
    as there is already so much delay.
    why should we suffer further.
  • Also we have to raise the issue of increase of no. of flats in phase -v
    also its effects on common service area charges , club charges , etc