Wanted to get opinion on how is Mahindra Aura II compared to other Dwarka side projects like Ramaprastha, Indiabulls, Spire, Tashee and Raheja.
With expected launch price of 3000/sq ft, what are the long and short term prospects both as investment and end use?
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  • I visited Sector 110 A last Sunday. The drain covering work has started down the road and is moving towards new palam vihar area.....large number of labour and machines at work....looks like the entire drain including the stretch crossing close to Mahindra Aura will be done within next 3 months
  • Thats a great news with this - the only negative of this project will be taken care off..
  • Now it will become a green belt like in Sector 23 A
    Originally Posted by amit001
    Thats a great news with this - the only negative of this project will be taken care off..
  • Hi All ,

    Whats the current All inclusive resale rate in Mahindra Aura for 2 BHK which is Ready To Move
  • Work is halted in this project for many months now... dont buy here
  • I think you are talking about Manor One.
  • As per my information, it is in the range of Rs. 7000/- per sq feet all inclusive
  • Mahindra Aura

    Hi - Any idea on the resale rates of Mahindra AUra

    2 BHK
    2 BHK + Study
    3 BHK

    Keen to buy one.
  • Around 7K where possession is given, Around 6K for Phase 4 and 5
  • Originally Posted by realzest
    Around 7K where possession is given, Around 6K for Phase 4 and 5

    Are the above prices All inclusive ????
  • Originally Posted by Buyer2014
    Are the above prices All inclusive ????

    Yes, for upto 3 BHK 7000 is all inslusive...for bigger flats it is 6000 -6200 all inclusive, quite attractive
  • OC has been received for phase-3
  • Excellent news, any idea how much time it took after application
  • 4BHK at Mahindra Aura

    Visited Aura today upon a consultant's recommendation.

    Didn't know earlier that Mahindra is into real estate too.

    Spoken to residents there (I guess they call it Phase I or II) - seems happy.

    However no 4BHK delivered by company yet. Could see it (they call it Phase V) under construction. Claimed to be handed over by March, 2016.

    No real estate experience & hence could not figure out that is claim true (though looking at brand - I assume it should be).

    Need help - as can see lot of discussion on this forum. IS it worth it.

  • I live at this place so naturally biased and take my advice with that background.

    One of the best properties to buy around Dwarka expressway region....Expressway would be barely 200 meters from Aura once fully constructed.....Puri Diplomatic Greens is on the same road...

    ...Mahindra is among the Grade A RE developers. That is an assurance that you won't have seepage/ plaster coming off in next 20 years....as Mahindra name is associated with this township so they will take care as the building will age.

    Property is fully maintained by Cushman & Wakefield (did I spell it correctly !?), brings assurance that it would be really-really well maintained....

    Entire electricity supplied by DG sets which costs Mahindra Rs 18 per unit but they are charging residents at govt rates, i.e. Rs. 6 per unit. Speakes volumes about their ethics....

    Few things I didn't like- area is not yet 100% developed....this place will take 3 years to reach its fully glory. Maintenance charges are high and we can't do anything about it. They say it will come down with time......Residents don't seem to be united against some of the unreasonable demands, such as a new water charge which would be levied soon....