Wanted to get opinion on how is Mahindra Aura II compared to other Dwarka side projects like Ramaprastha, Indiabulls, Spire, Tashee and Raheja.
With expected launch price of 3000/sq ft, what are the long and short term prospects both as investment and end use?
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  • Is there a yahoo or Google group of aura owners?
  • What I heard is they have increase 4.2% area for all the phases. Can somebody from phase 1/2 can confirm. HVAT they are taking as fix deposit only. So only concern is inflated Area. All the builders are doing it but again was not expected from Mahendra.
  • Could not found any group, I had created one, Pls join the same "mahendra-aura-flat-buyers"
  • This is a google group
  • can you share the link for the group. Right now its not accessable.
  • Hi, Was there at Mahindra around 12.30pm on 5th. Just saw your post which was at that time. Approach road remains challenging, else the flats/complex seems to have come out well. Block A,B,C,D seemed fairly occupied. They will be selling 10 shops in next one month, so that residents don't have to go out for daily needs.

    Not much on the increases. Since the person present their mentioned that you will get increased area in your registry and HVAT is an FD with a lien which all are doing.

    Not sure, if that helps.
  • Also, do share the link to the phase 3 google group as mentioned in your post
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  • Hi,

    I am interested in buying a flat directly from an owner of a 1960 sqft flat. Any leads would be appreciated. I am looking forward to connect with owners and not any dealers.

    Would like to know the following:

    1. What is the current sqft rate?
    2. Details of maintenance charges

    I went to visit the site yesterday and liked the overall ambiance. Construction is going on in full swing for the 1960 sqft.

  • Originally Posted by singhvishal
    Hi, I visited Mahindra Lifespaces site for enquiring about 1960 sqft flat and was informed that there were no flats left for sale. Right now they are selling 4Bhk + SQ apartment which is of 2397 sqft & 2428 sqft. If you are planning to buy directly from owner then why not buy directly from the builder. You will also have an advantage of buying from builder, the entire amount payable will be considered for loan calculation unlike in resale where seller might expect premium in kind. One other advantage that you will get when you purchase flat from Mahindra is their payment scheme, 15-85 scheme.

    Sir, try toh kaafi subtle tha, but people are mature to make out the difference between a sales pitch and genuine customer quote...

    There is a HUGE difference between resale and fresh prices...
  • Lien on Bank FD for HVAT

    Does anyone have the format / draft which Mahindra is getting signed for the Bank FD Lien for the HVAT Liability?

    Is this with any specific Bank or with any Bank of the allottee's choice?
  • Any bank would do
  • Is there a standard format in place for marking lien favouring Mahindra, on the Bank FD?
  • To owners and senior members

    Dear All,

    I visited Mahindra Aura last Sunday. I am willing to buy 2BHK/2+1 BHK in this project. Is there some units available for sale? Could you let me know how much both units will cost all inclusive excluding registration.
    Thanks in advance.

    I came to know that there is Rs3.5/sq feet maintenance charges and some water charges which will be added in some time. Is this true.
  • amit.bhalla;

    How one can check what is the real "super area" of a flat?