Wanted to get opinion on how is Mahindra Aura II compared to other Dwarka side projects like Ramaprastha, Indiabulls, Spire, Tashee and Raheja.
With expected launch price of 3000/sq ft, what are the long and short term prospects both as investment and end use?
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  • Originally Posted by Xlater
    The Builder makes the administration "happy" by rectifying the shortcomings and deficiencies found in the building. Or do you mean the Builder makes the government "happy" through bribes of one form or another? In any case, this is a non-answer and does not address my question. It's already been several months with no OC, and the Builder offers no explanation other than "we expect the OC next month." This is a bad situation.

    The second one is correct- the builders grease the palms of admin and it is a well known fact.

    Regarding the point "In any case, this is a non-answer and does not address my question." there was no intention on my part to 'answer' to anyone.

    Those who are concerned can always file an RTI and get answers from administration on why OC has not been granted.
    Anyway, I have no stakes there as I don't live in this society complex.
  • OC received for Phase V. Buyer will soon get the demand letter and other documents for registration.
    • AR Aura3 years ago
      All the process has to be completed in 60 days of receiving the demand letter .
  • All formalities must be completed within 60 days from date of issue of offer of letter of possession.
  • Originally Posted by shimps
    I have received the final demand letter for Phase 4 along with possession letter. In addition to the last remaining amount and stamp duty etc,they are also asking for a ~5lakh fixed deposit for VAT..for future use. Could others please confirm if they have received the same and had to provide the fixed deposit?

    thanks in advance

    Hi , Could you Pls let me know - in your offer for posession demand letter - is mahindra demanding the maintenance charges from the date of receiving the OC or from the date you were handled physical possession of your apartment. I am an alottee in phase 5 and just wanted to check if mahindra is follwoing the same charges for each phase or applying them differentially.
  • Originally Posted by shimps

    The letter says "5.25% of the total consideration price". The total consideration used here consists of the following:

    Car Parking
    Power backup
    Club charges

    HI - Pls also let me know what ECC ( Electricity connection charges they charged you for phase 4. Also did they charged yoa car parking maintenance of Rs 200/ per month in addition to the Rs. 3.21 per sq ft of maintenance charge. Also did they mention club maintenace fees will be charged in addition to usual maintenace charges.
  • Originally Posted by mks123
    Is electricity and water being provided by Huda or builder has arrangementwht builder is charging for this services.

    Electricity by DHBVN, Water - by private tankers. no MCG supply till now
  • Esteemed veteran members - advice required.

    Mahindra is demanding maintenance fee right from the date of issue of final demand letter. This is really unfair. Please suggest if this is the market practice followed by other reputed builders also. What legal action can I take against this unfair demand.

    Pls suggest ASAP
    • DHalder3 years ago
      Can't do much! In any case possession must happen within 60 days, otherwise you land up paying additional holding charges. And for maintenance charges you must have signed the contract to pay the same ..... refer to paragraph 17 page 16.
  • Ideally no, only after handover. Also did they demand extra charges in the name of super area,escalatiion, electric connection
    • AR Aura3 years ago
      Yes. increased the super area by 5% , ECC of Rs 154,000.
  • Hi can anone suggest a good interior designer and service provider for my apartment in mahindra aura. what is estimated cost? Need to cover bedrooms, living and dining area and kitchen.

  • What is the maintenance amount and common area electricity charge that builder is charging?
  • Why Gurugram's Mahindra Aura is an ‘island’ for 500 families that live there To make things worse, there are no autorickshaws or shared autos available in the area making it impossible for the residents to commute.Shubhra Pant | TNN | February 23, 2017, 11:00 IST

    GURUGRAM: There is lack of an efficient public transport system in Gurgaon, but residents of Mahindra Aura in Sector 110 are the worst hit with no proper roads connecting them to the city. Water scarcity and lack of streetlights are also persistent in the housing society.

    According to the residents, the only road present near the society has also been dug up for a flyover construction, leaving them with no other option but to travel through New Palam Vihar and the railway crossing, a narrow lane that gets congested during peak hours, to reach their homes.

    “Either we take the railway crossing and come to Najafgarh Road, which is also undergoing some construction work, and reach Sector 110 or go to Bijwasan, Chawla or take the Dwarka expressway to reach Gurgaon,” said Navdeep Singh, who works with British Telecom and is also a road safety officer.

    To make things worse, there are no autorickshaws or shared autos available in the area making it impossible for the residents to commute. Only cabs ply in this area, but since the flyover construction began even they avoid taking this road. Around 500 families living in the society have to rely on their own vehicles.

    Yasheesh Yadav, a businessman living in the society has his office in New Palam Vihar, which is 2.5 km away from his residence. However, it takes him almost an hour to reach there. “If I walk to my office, I would reach in less time than when I drive. While driving, I have to cross Dwarka and Palam Vihar and then reach my office, which easily takes me more than an hour,” Yadav said.

    Besides, the residents also suffer from improper supply of water in their flats. Some claim they regularly need to pay from their pocket to get water tankers to store water in their tanks.

    When contacted, a spokesperson for Mahindra Lifespaces refused to comment on the condition of the road, but said, “Mahindra Lifespaces is one of the leading real estate development companies in India, with a focus on customer centric practices. Our team at Aura is engaging with residents of the project and providing them with assistance in water supply. The issue on limited supply of water is not specific to Aura; it pertains to several parts of Gurgaon and Dwarka expressway. We have arranged for water tankers to supply potable water, in compliance with occupation certificate conditions.”

    The residents also say there is no hospital in the vicinity. In case of an emergency, they face a lot of difficulty to reach the nearest hospital that is located in New Palam Vihar.

    Security is also a nagging issue here. “There is only one PCR van for the entire area. We want that there should be more patrolling in the evening as the stretch has no streetlights. Women feel scared to venture out after sunset,” said Suman Dahiya, a homemaker and an RWA member.


  • How is the maintenance in Mahindra Aura? Is builder providing the maintenance or have they handed it over to RWA.
  • Is there an owner's WhatsApp group for aura? We have recently bought a flat there and would like to get in touch with other owners
  • Hi All,

    I am planning to buy a flat in Mahindra Aura. I want to know what is the situation of water supply in this society. I heard there is no MCG supply only water supply from tanker.
  • How is this project from RTM perspective.