Conscient Heritage One Gurgaon Project

One is one of the popular Residential Developments in Sector – 62 of Gurgaon. It is among the well known Projects of Conscient Group. The landscape is beautiful with spacious Houses.

Heritage One is a new offering on the Golf Course Extension Road, located in Sector 62, just next to the Heritage School, that is why it's called Heritage One, Gurgaon. The Site is very well located as far as the location goes. Considering that Golf Course Extension Road is poised to be the next big destination in Gurgaon (read article about Golf Course Extn. Road). The site is located in the vicinity of the Ireo City & The Pioneer Park on the Golf Course Extn. Road
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  • 33K all inclusive. sadly the unit i was interested in was not available anymore. Do you have any other that u can suggesT?
  • 33k is a good deal if front facing. Back facing is lower. Rents for the front facing facing units starting from 35-37k all inclusive. Power situation is now stablised for last several months.
  • Originally Posted by mukul86
    33K all inclusive. sadly the unit i was interested in was not available anymore. Do you have any other that u can suggesT?

    34-35k All inclusive in tower B
  • Is there a 2bhk plus study option. If not here then anywhere else on gcx?
  • It's been over 1.5 years since people started living here in these flats.

    Is there any progress to have a RWA to take over the society from the builder for better management and quality?
  • Heritage One Conscient (good occupancy seen) and the Bang opposite PARAS Trinity now seem to be RTM.

    Both are looking at being first few projects to get off the ground. And have occupancy earlier than other nearby projects.

    #justsharing after a Visit today.

  • Yes, T.R. is also coming to live in another 2 months.
    Hoping to see lot of movement due to Heritage1, T.R and Paras . Plenty of movement due to Pepsi at daytime already. Infact, Skyon will also come into action in few months. Red fox and Lemon tree almost on the verge of getting operationalised...

    I didnt visit the sports acad. which is on left side just before the Paras and T.R. crossing. Any one visited that acad ? Which sports activities are there? It looks like a good one from outside. Please note, i am not talking about acad. next to T.R. . I am talking about the one which comes on main sector road(pioneer park road) on left side when you are approaching Paras crossing from PP


    • Magadh_Pride2 years ago
      What about the commercial development in the area? Is the Pepsi HQ the building on main GCX ... Front side of the Pioneer plots? Is it already operational
  • Yes, pepsi office is operational now which is just opposite to pp
  • Gents, I am getting an all in 1.47 deal (VAT+ stamp duty/registration extra) for a back view unit on 11th floor in tower C. Do you believe this is a reasonable price...or should I still negotiate?

    Pls advise as I have a make a decision soon.
    • Sakshi Arora 11222 years ago
      Hey..Is this floor still available..Please share..I am looking to purchase a flat in this society..Please suggest good options
  • Hi Guys,

    I am a buyer for an apartment for this builders other project, Heritage Max sector 102. Surprisingly this builder has finished the apartment in the time contractually allowed to him. He has got OC for the tower of my flat and sent me a call letter. Super area has changed by 3.4% which means a significant effect on the final call letter. Amenities are still not ready. And as you know its connectivity is still highly dependant on DwarkaEx.

    Can I request you to please tell me if there was any questionable items that he added to the call letters that should not have been there. For example he has many different times of maintenance charges; he has charged IMFS, advance maintenance charge,Community building maintenance, car park maintenance. Which I see just as extra lines for an extra penny. Also the BBA had no mention of this Fiber to Home charges, Labour Cess @ 20% (Which I dont understand at all). He has also charged for the club membership when the club is not even completed yet. Did anyone try to recalculate the Bulk Supply charges? I did and did not get the same figure.

    Since we are with the same builder and you have been through the possession with him. I would be appreciated if you could share any need to know issues that he might have repeated with us. As builders often take advantage of our lack of communication. Any information that you will share. I will paste directly to the Conscient Max thread as I would like to ensure that others are also assisted.

    Thank you in advance..
    • Magadh_Pride2 years ago
      IMFS: I think is payable, Most other societies also have it
      Advance maintenance charge: 1 year
      Community building maintenance and car park maintenance: Never heard before. Is it not part of normal maintenance?
      Fiber to Home charges: This is just to make you captive to their own vendor.. make you pay this and then also tie it to their group company which provides the ISP services
      Labour Cess * 20% : Subjudice. Questionable
      He has also charged for the club membership when the club is not even completed yet: Questionable.
  • Hi, Any idea of the existing price in Heriatge One for 3 bhk apartment. The above post suggest that prices are around 1,50 Crore but when i tried in the open market no one quoted me less than 1.60 Cr that also for non park facing unit.
    • iceqube2 years ago
      Moreover if we check the prices of other projects in that area, we can zero down the actual price of any project. Pioneer park, Time residency are available around 1.40 to 1.45 with very poor quality and amenities. Ireo Uptown is not availaible less than 1.65 Cr, Skyon is available around 1.70 to 1.80 Cr. Hence the price bracket of 1.60 to 1.65 for Heritage one is very much justified.

      The major USP of heritage one is the low density, open area, cross ventilation, flood lit football ground, skating ring, very good size swimming pool, squash court and the club. Generally in a society we have 600 to 700 apartments and for that similar kind amenities. Where as in Heritage One we have only 284 apartments. Personally i like the society for the low density part.
  • Hi,
    1. Any info forthcoming about reasonable price for a park facing 4 BHK unit??
    2. Any kind of club usage charges like Grand Arch??
    3. Any construction issues like Grand Arch where ppl have moved to seeking redressal for poor quality.
    4. Any idea about likely date for sarkari bijli to be made available??
    5. Any water scarcity in summers??
    6. FTH and gas line functional??
    Many Thanks
    • NamoDya2 years ago
      Builder has inventory. Go meet them. My friend got 1 4 bhk @ 1.5 cr flat directly from builder. (this is after months of bargaining and staying on rent in the same society)
  • Many thanks.. Albeit I concede this is unheard of..but I will try..the rates I found in resale market were 1.85 for a unit which I didn't want to a fanciful 2cr for the one's considered.
  • if u r ok with top floor than there is an execllent unit available with builder at top floor, amazing unit. giving swimming pool, amphitheater view and full sunlight in winters. total price is just 1.5 . its a 3 bhk. go directly to builder without any dealer
  • Originally Posted by diggysabrwal
    Many thanks.. Albeit I concede this is unheard of..but I will try..the rates I found in resale market were 1.85 for a unit which I didn't want to a fanciful 2cr for the one's considered.


    You seem to know about this. given paucity of time , which ones should be considered and why.
    Apart from this, I am getting a deal in Ireo Corridors, 1920sqft, 3+s, at a price it has been bought four years back. With some months away from possession, the seller was offering rent till possession adjustment (reduction ) in the deal itself.Will weigh both.
    • Magadh_Pride2 years ago
      Also consider the location advantage/ disadvantage between the two. I think it's huge difference..