Hi all, Do anybody have any information about Spire central project. It seems they have not yet started the allottment. When they are going to start the construction??
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  • Originally Posted by rajesh0098
    what can we do in this case as in there way out and who was the person whom u spoke coz there is no point speculating

    Gaurav in CRM
  • spoke to gaurav he says nothing of this sort was said
  • It is really sad that SPIRE CRM not able to confirm any timeline for any of the following points.

    1 No clarity on Project Start
    2 Construction start dates being quoted six months from last 2 years
    3 always say building plans not finalized
    4 no communication with clients about current status / further course of action

    Then how can you imagine they will confirm to any one about scrapping of project
  • Hi , I am also invested in this project, I am getting the reply from CRM that project is delayed for 4-5 month, Now they had stopped the resale in this project as well. When i asked to CRM why you have stopped the resale, As project is delayed thats why , when i question that builder is looking to scrap this project or not? he replied that might be.

    Guys, I request all of you that pls don't take refund in any case,if builder wants to eat the appriciation on our money.

    I request to get together at builder office & take appointment from management to discuss the status of project. As i am feeling something bad from builder side. Further to request all the investors/end users pls be active on the forum as we collectively can do anything.
    Planning to open the new group at gmail where only spire central members would be allowed to access.
  • Hi Hanshu..

    Hi Hanshu..could u pls provide more info on the exclusive group u r creating for gmail users. Am also an investor/emd user of Spire Centrral 106.
  • I am also end use. Please let me know the gmail Id. Thanks.
  • I also have 1359 size taken in May 2010.
    For sure we will not allow them to scrap it or 9% case.
    So it is verified that some thing bad is cooking in builder's mind which is against all end users.
  • Hi Mr. Harjinder,

    Please pm the google group information too. I got to know of this forum through google search. I am invested in a 3BHK apartment with Spire Central 106. The last I spoke with CRM was about 2-3 months ago, when they gave me their usual gyaan that the project approvals will take about 3 more months from now but they also added that you can either wait for 3-4 more months as this project will start by then or take your money back with 9% interest rate right away.

    Let's get together and reach out to the Spire Mgmt. The 9% interest is very bad option given the current rates that are going on.

  • Already a group is there on google , but i dont know the moderator of this group- link of same is spire central sector 106 gurgaon | Google Groups group mail ID: spire_central_106@
  • so now what are we goin to do?
  • cheats spire ppl
  • First request all the investor of Spire Central to join the group & we need to fix the time to visit the Jasola office to discuss the matter.
  • I think Spire central is taken care at gurgaon office and not jasola office. However, its better to go to Jasola as Millenium spire office is also there.
  • Dear All,

    I have started Google group has been started.

    Please search as "Spire Central 106 Gurgaon" & join asap to know each other & be connected.
  • boss joined a group now dont knw whether its the correct one or not
    not what to do