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Investing in a project at the right time/price & exiting the same at the most opportune moment r the most important factors, for a investor, especially so for a short term investor.

I am wondering as to how,members perceive , as the best time to sell/exit for an short term investment.

Comments please.
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  • Hey Everyone,

    Writing my post after a looong time. I was about to start a new thread but good that I found it.

    Most of old members would be aware that I am owner of 2bhk in Lotus zing. I don't have any issue to hold it till possession but still I need some opinion on :
    1. What If I sell my investment now(will get around 26L) and buy another 2bhk flat in upcoming socities(CLP only) like zest etc. where I need to pay lesser and save remaining amount in a FD?

    2. What If I buy couple of 2bhk OR (2bhk and 1 bhk) with the money I'll get and then sell 1bhk later on once appreciate and keep 2bhk for longer run ?

    3. OR keep zing for the longer run. It will return the best ROI ?

    Actually with number of broker calls I am getting for zing, I am thinking how to earn more..Suggestion pls..