I have been an ardent follower of this forum over last many years.

I have realised that most of the threads are in relation to developer projects since a large number of people are invested in each project as well as the dealers get good margins in new launch hence they create hype around it leading to investor interest.

Since the fizz has gone away from the market due to investor and end user harassment there is a need to explore other options in real estate.
I find the builder floors in HUDA sectors or private developer townships to be much more safer and sane investment and with a very wide variety and infinite options of customisations. In spite of that it has always played a second fiddle to flats in this city. One major reason for this is the working couple scenario in the city where they find the convenience of living in a society much more desirable where in they don't have to bother about maintenance etc albeit at a cost. However there is a large majority for whom the advantages of a builder floor far outweigh a flat.

In this thread let's share our opinions on the subject and let us make this thread as a one point stop for all options in the builder floor market of gurgaon spread across various sectors and developer townships.
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  • No responses in this thread :( Real estate is not just apartments and flats guys
  • There are good options in Sec-46, 56, 57. You get more bang for your buck with floors and don't lose money to loading but there are compromises to be made on swimming pools and clubs etc. which you would normally get in apartments. There could be times when you may get stuck with the wrong kind of neighbors but that can happen in apartments too. Ansal Essencia is still developing, vipul world did not do very well and nirvana country though good is expensive but that is the kind of place you might want to target.