Recent launch of Vipul at 3250. Godrej is slated at about 3600 . Bestech at about 3400 . Anant Raj , Manesar is all set to revise the rates to 3100 .

R these rates justified. Rates have increased by 800 to 1000 psf in these areas in about 6 to 8 months .

Will the new rates suffice or do we see a big slide coming shortly.

Members , please comment.
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  • The rates seem unrealistic for the area - not a single road has been developed and the rates are getting too close for comfort with prime GRG under construction properties (sohna road side). The distance from Sohna road to new GRG is at 18 km plus.

    Vipul is a classic case of a very mediocre project layout and floor plan being touted at 3250. The same has been given at 2700 psqft in soft launch just a month back. Thats a huge difference (400*1730). I for one have dropped the idea of purchasing in Vipul and find the price too aggressive for the current development.

    Well I sure hope the price slide downwards - dont know whether that will happen: however at these prices even speculators need to be careful.

  • Comments please.

    Nobody seems to care or people r ready to pay whatever is demanded by the builders !!!!!

    Nobody bothered about the increase in the rates !!!!!!
  • Originally Posted by MANOJa
    Comments please.

    Nobody seems to care or people r ready to pay whatever is demanded by the builders !!!!!

    Nobody bothered about the increase in the rates !!!!!!

    At these rates , it is highly risky investment . Better 2 keep off at these rates..
  • If New Gurgaon projects r being launched at 3250 - 3500 range, I really wonder what would be the price of new launch at Golf Course ext. rd. - 4750 plus !!!!!!! & for Sohna rd. 4000 plus !!!!!
  • These prices are justified!

    Gurgaon's recent price increase is justified in my opinion.

    The prices have not much increased in the past 3 years because of recession.

    So the sudden increase in prices was because Gurgaon was making for the lost ground in the past 3 years.

    In my opinion, budget buyers would not think of buying in Gurgaon, since noida and faridabad are already there. Gurgaon has somehow developed a town for premium class only (inspite of issues wrt infrastructure)

    The prices would rise slowly, and would not fall down. The prices would always be lower than Delhi, and higher than Noida.
  • The spike has been pretty sharp, as much as 40%. This may be justified in developed areas like Sohna Road & Golf Course/GC Extension Road.

    But new Gurgaon at 3200-3300 looks absurd. Don't expect the area to develop within 3-4 years. Incase there is any other crisis, situation may turn out to be sour for investors & ends users alike.

    With RBI trying to tame inflation, home loans reaching 9-10% for new buyers & 11-12% for old buyers is a big possibility. This may drive down white money that service class may be looking to invest in New Gurgaon as people would be wary of taking big loans. That's when resale market takes a big hit. As it is a 2BHK is the area is not below 37-38lacs

    Investors need to be all the more cautious. Buying good builders at 3200-3300 & expecting prices to rise even 20% every year would be highly risky.

    Brokers again are trying to create hype as in 2006-2007. So exercise caution.
  • Corrections in Gurgaon RE prices would happen , but it would be limited to selective areas. New Gurgaon would be an area , which should see correction after the festive season.

    Prices for some areas could stagnate for some time & may not actually fall.