Gurgaon One Sector 84 - Alpha G Corp

Alpha G Corp seems to be launching a new project in sector 84, by the end of January, 2011. The project might be called Gurgaon One Sector 84 Gurgaon.

Can I please have some information on builder, their background and the project? Yes, this is the same company that delivered the Gurgaon One project on old NH-8 in Gurgaon.
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  • Gurgaon One Sector 84

    That is correct. Their project is known as Gurgaon One and is a brilliant place to live. It is the only residential high-rise complex on the old Delhi - Gurgaon Road. The rentals are running in excess of INR 30,000 for a 3 BHK. Do you have any more details on the new project.
  • alpha g corp

    dont have detail currently but its expected to come may be next month plss will share the detail as soon as u we received.
  • Anybody aware about the builder ? builder's reputation ?
  • the project is in sec 84 as per my knowledge.
    they have done besides ggn 1 commecial tower on gc rd and have some projects in amritsar/other punjab towns.

    the project is awaiting the clearences. something should come about diwali
    Originally Posted by MANOJa
    Anybody aware about the builder ? builder's reputation ?
  • alpha gcorp

    they have done good commercial projects in Amritsar and Ahmedabad as well. builder is reliable but i dont think they are the investor for this project.
    just the got the the information they will it would come early jan of 2011
  • Got a call from a broker that this project is being launched on Jan15th.

    Sec - 84 - 1Km from NH8 and bang on D-Eway - Location seems to be good
    Tentative Price is ~ 3500, sizes - 1200 sqft and 1600 sqft - normal specification

    I have seen their Gurgaon one apartments and they have done a neat job there

    Currently the project is in a soft launch stage - as usual brokers are collecting cheques and as always the buzz is that the project will be sold out before the launch.

    Does this fall under the VFM segment ? Worth investment ? Small builder repute ?
  • Found out more about Alpha G. Its a professionally managed firm - morgan stanley invested Rs 300Cr in 2006 in the firm.

    Their management team is solid and has a good track record of delivering projects. At the same time, it is a young firm founded in 2003 and have only limited experience.
  • Thanks for advance information. Gurgaon has become the hub in real estate market. High level property dealers participate here. I hope to present almost gurgaon dealers list in next post.
  • Thanks Mahesh

    Guys - Any comments on the project, looks like not much interest levels for this one ?
  • any info on this project...the builder has delivered a nice project in gurgaon(i think gurgaon one) ...based on the previous project reputation, this builder can be trusted and could be a good investment.

    Experienced guys please comment on this.
  • Look at their website -

    I am not much aware on them .

    Any body, who can comment on the builder, reputation, quality, financials etc.
  • I think this group has delivered one project in gurgaon - gurgaon one , which seems to be a nice one.
    Experienced guys can comment and suggest more on this.
  • This is very decent builder and their project gurgaon one is exceptionally good...
    I am interested to know more about their upcoming project...guys pls share info in this project..


    Originally Posted by AnkurKalra
    I think this group has delivered one project in gurgaon - gurgaonone , which seems to be a nice one.
    Experienced guys can comment and suggest more on this.
  • tinesha, any idea of this builder ?
  • Originally Posted by MANOJa
    tinesha, any idea of this builder ?

    It is worth investing if price is reasonable . We have to decide between Atlantis-II vs Alpha-Corp . Both are good but we have see which one offer better price...