Have been wanting to buy some property in Gurgaon. While all in city projects are turning out to be expensive ones (over 1 Cr), the affordable ones are coming all out of city at NH8 near Manesar (to the best of my search). Have been able to get some hand on BPTP Spacio in Sector 37D near Hero Honda Chowk where the rates are affordable (2700 per sq ft approx). What stops me from jumping into the property is that question.. How come the offer rates are so low? The far off projects like Emaar at Sec 82 and Godrej at 80 are coming ver Rs.4500 per sq ft.. how come this project is such affordable?

Can anyone of you let me know the catch here so that I can take an informed decision? And is it a worthy investment (from appreciation as well as living point of view). Do you have any other projects on offer in same range and in city locations?

Thanks for the help in advance.
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  • There are posts that suggest OC is received for 4 towers. Can someone suggest what is the source of information and what is the authenticity?
  • OC received for 4 towers.
    • hemantgandhi2 years ago
      Yes, I saw this image doing rounds on Whatapp. But has it come as an official mail communication from BPTP?
  • This image is taken from official site of BPTP i.e. www.bptp.com
  • Those who have received possession intimation, please verify-
    1. any increase in area.
    2. Maintenance charges.
    3. adjustment of delayed compensation
  • Originally Posted by rajatchak
    Recently I visited BPTP Park serene and adjoining Park generation in 37D sector. I could see a big difference in the areas of Sector-82 near Vatika shopping complexes that all two wheeler parkings were full, four wheeler parking was almost full, most of complex area are full with shops and ******** etc. and people with family visiting these areas in weekends.

    But in 37D sector, I could not see any change. OLA UBER services are pathetic there, no new shop, and road conditions are same I saw some 9 months back. Yes, I could see people have starting living in BPTP Park serene, I could see hanging cloths from balconies of many flats there.

    So shall I buy park serene unit (for end use) or look for some bestech park view ananada in sector 81 or EMAAR plam hills in sector 77 or Vatika Seven Lamps in sector 82? Or can someone recommend any other well constructed society (keeping in view that I will be end user). Yes, the Toll is a big problem.

    I am little confused to finalize seeing the sector 37D condition. No improvment in last 9 months. But for sectors 82/84 etc. toll gate is a problem.

    Please help.

    Buy in 37. This is way better location. It would be a struggle for a while, but you will figure it out. In few months the underpass would be operational and you would have seamless connectivity with mainland.
    • rajatchak2 years ago
      Matter seems to be amicably settled between the parties.
  • @rajatchak ....bro i totally understand where you are coming from.
    To be clear, i am not aware of MCG todos of the area.
    Of all the options you have chosen, unfortunately all of them are developing sectors (some more developed, but none of them are completely developed)

    I am of similar inclination regarding noise. A recent learning which might help you - a moved into a semi developed location, though society is completely safe - but there were less occupants when i moved in.
    Its been a year.
    Noise is something which i have to live with....in all these places, there would be fitouts, renovation works in all the apartments at some point of time. guys renting would move in first, ..... so it would take some time for the overall noise levels to settle.

    I am staying on higher floor, sanctioned development works do not hassle me much than unregulated noise created by neighbors and their tenants.

    I specifically said tenants because i have seen that projects like these which cost 1-1.5 cr+ but attract rent of 10-15k are rented by the worst kind - the one with no etiquettes or manners to live in apartments.

    Hope it helps.
  • Originally Posted by rajatchak
    @explorer, BEWARE- i have been badly cheated by one of the biggest broker in 37D sector. They have a small roadside office near rama garden in 37D, dealing with bptp flats, and another office in dlf phase 2. Initially they forced me to transfer 50 thousand rupees to reseller just by showing the allotment letter and as on date statement of account of bptp, where the builder does not show the pending amount. They showed me these two documents only and said they will provide me BBA and tripatriate agreements after i transfer them 6 lakhs more or otherwise my 50 thousand will be gone and i have to pay another 1 lac for brokerage from both parties. They treatened me saying this is the law of land, i.e., gurgaon. I am just a simple salaried person and got scared. Next i transfered the whole 6 lakhs to reseller. Then they showed me BBA and there i could see n no. Of extra charges pending , payable to bptp. This entire amount will be beyond by budget. Now hdfc, indiabulls, icici all are refusing loan amount requested by me, saying market value is much lower than total amount payable. And the situation is if i do not pay rest amount by mid march, they will not return any penny. I am badly cheated by these broker nexus. Probably i have to put an end to my life. Hence beware and avoidany property buying in gurgaon, ncr.

    What happened? There is wealth of info on iref for buying property in resale. I hope the situation gets resolved ....
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  • What is the situation now regarding park Generation? And what BPTP Spacio? How much were the approx extra charges that you were asked to pay?If you could help provide some info,would greatly appreciate. Thanks
    • ShivaniSahay1 years ago
      Also, would GST be applicable on the resale of under construction property of BPTP Spacio? None of the brokers have mentioned this while quoting final price. I mean it was not discussed. I need to check with them too as what they say regarding the GST cost as till now it was not discussed at all. Extra charges were mainly the extra size increase of the flat, which I feel in first case should not be in place and does not sound legal (not sure whats the actual scenario). But they say that, builders in Gurgaon usually do this at the time of possession.
  • I also planning to buy BPTP Spacio becouse of budget issue. Can anyone one guide if this is right project to buy for end use. how is maintainance work. does electricity is provide bu authority of generators?
  • 200 families live in Park Serene, but ‘it lacks basic facilities’ Rao Jaswant Singh | TNN | Updated: Dec 13, 2018, 08:41 IST

    GURUGRAM: Residents of BPTP Park Serene in Sector 37D have alleged that the developer has cheated them in the name of a good quality housing project as they are deprived of even the basic amenities in the township.

    Launched in 2008, the township is spread over an area of 43 acre. After a delay of four years, the homebuyers got the possession of their flats in 2016 and now over 200 families are residing there.

    According to the residents, even after paying high maintenance charges the developer has deprived them of basic amenities like power and water. While investing in the project, the developer had promised proper roads, a community club, swimming pool, playground among other facilities to the homebuyers, but even after two years these facilities have not been provided.

    Sameer Chaddha, one of the residents, alleged the project was delivered to the homebuyers without an occupation certificate (OC) and that too with pending infrastructural work. The project however got the OC in two phases in 2017. “The OC was given to four towers in July 2017, while three others got the same a month later,” Chaddha said.

    Air Commodore Rajiv Mittal, secretary of Park Serene Defence Enclave Society (RWA) said, “There is no proper fire services maintenance, no club and playground for residents, the parking space is incomplete and there is irregular electricity and water supply in the society.”

    “Above all, against the pending facilities the developer is demanding high maintenance charges. The amount collected from the residents is being spent in completing pending project work when the developer has already collected internal development charges (IDC) from the flat owners,” Mittal added.

    The RWA members alleged that despite several meetings with the builder, maintenance team (being managed by builder) on the pending work, nothing has been done on the ground level.

    “During an internal audit, the RWA members found discrepancies in the utilisation of funds for which the developer was unable to provide records. However, the builder regenerated the invoices based on the biased maintenance agreement that the owners were forced to sign at the time of handover,” an RWA member said.

    A spokesperson for BPTP said, “All facilities are in place and we continue to provide maintenance services through our subsidiary M/s BPMS. One of the biggest challenges we are facing is non-payment of maintenance charges by the owners.”


  • Gurugram: Nine years on, BPTP's Park Spacio is still far from completion
    However, only 60 percent of the project has been completed and the deadline is being repeatedly extended every six months. Rao Jaswant Singh | TNN | June 15, 2019, 10:00 IST File photo GURUGRAM: A 23-acre housing society— Park Spacio in Sector 37D by BPTP — launched in June 2010, is yet to be handed over to homebuyers.

    Hundreds of aggrieved families are still uncertain about getting their houses in the society.

    After launching the project nine years ago, the developer promised possession to buyers in December 2016. However, only 60 percent of the project has been completed and the deadline is being repeatedly extended every six months. The buyers have alleged that after taking 90 percent of the money, the builder keeps announcing fresh deadlines with no real work on the ground. On top of this, sudden stoppage of construction work due to problems with payment between developer and contractor is a grave concern for the already-stressed buyers.

    Amit Garg, one of the buyers, said that the developer has been playing games with homebuyers by taking the full amount and not giving anything till date. “The builder-buyers agreement has nothing for buyers. I have to pay both, the EMI and rent. I have been undergoing mental trauma ever since I bought the flat” he said.

    Another buyer asked, “May I know what the government has done by putting Rera into action without providing any rights to the buyer?” He added, “Going to the Rera office and talking to the people sitting there makes us feel helpless and nothing more”.

    “They launched the project in the year 2010 and it’s 2019. They haven’t provided possession of flats to a single person. Where are the rules and regulations? Are regulations only meant for buyers, who have to pay hefty penalties when they are unable to pay the amount even with small delays? These fraud builders take all the money and infinite time to deliver,” he said.

    Neeraj Singh, another buyer, said the work in the project is on hold. “We are getting lots of emails from the developer saying that the possession will be given by November this year, but the work itself has not resumed. Therefore, possession of flats looks difficult as of now,” he said.

    He further said that he visited the site and saw no progress in the project. When he inquired, he was told that the developer has not paid the contractors since December last year, therefore work hasn’t resumed.

    Sakshi Molasi, one of the initial buyers, said, “I live in a rented house in Gurgaonfor the past 6 years. I purchased a unit in L tower 2 years ago as I wished to have my own house. I have already paid 95 percent of my flat price to the builder, but all seems to have gone in vain”.

    Meanwhile, VP (marketing & customer service), BPTP, Rohit Mohan said, “The project is registered with Rera Panchkula. We are confident we will be able to deliver the same within 6 to 8 months. We have completed the structure and major electrical and plumbing works. The project is at the final stage.”


  • STP not working properly for two years, say Park Serene residents
    Ipsita Pati | TNN | Updated: Aug 26, 2019, 7:25 IST

    The residents also alleged that the builder is continuously flushing untreated water in a green belt, giving r...Read More

    GURUGRAM: The residents of BPTP Park Serene in Sector 37D filed a complaint with the pollution department last week stating that the sewage treatment plant (STP) in the society was not functioning properly for almost two years now. They also alleged that the builder is continuously flushing untreated water in a green belt that is giving rise to health concerns.

    The builder, however, denied allegations and said that the STP has been repaired and is fully functional.

    The residents said that according to the occupancy certificate, the builder was supposed to ensure proper disposal of sewage water after fully treating it in the STP and discharge stormwater through a proper drainage system and rainwater harvesting arrangement. They also alleged that although they have shared their concerns with the building management agency, no corrective action has been taken.

    “Untreated water that is left in the green belt has created a fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects, which is a serious health hazard to the residents of the colony and the public at large. There have been dengue and malaria cases in the society in the past two years and there is a likelyhood of the same happening this year. The builder has been informed about this several times but he is paying no heed. The entire green belt is getting damaged because of untreated water getting into it,” said Hemant Kumar, a resident of the society.

    Sameer Chada, another resident, said: “The builder does not have STP certificate from any authority. He had already paid a penalty to the pollution board two months ago but it is yet to repair the STP, which is not functioning properly. The builder does not have any methodology to check the quality of water that is being discharged from the STP.”
    The residents pointed out that they had filed two complaints with the pollution board regarding the STP and claimed that the foul smell of the untreated water from the STP is “unbearable”. “We repaired the plant two months ago and it is functioning perfectly. There is absolutely no issue with the STP at the society,” said Shantanu Rudra, builder, BPTP.