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Vatika Lifestyle Homes Vatika Group Sector 83 Gurgaon


Vatika Lifestyle Homes Vatika Group Sector 83 Gurgaon

Last updated: November 14 2018
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  • Vatika Lifestyle Homes Vatika Group Sector 83 Gurgaon

    Vatika Lifestyle Homes
    Location : Sector 83
    Plans :1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments
    Sizes : 650 - 1277 Sq. Ft.
    Land Area : 20 Acres
    Completion Date : NA INR: 17.57 Lac - 42.08 Lac
    INR: 17.57 Lac - 42.08 Lac

    Would this be a good investment?
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    Re : Vatika Lifestyle Homes Vatika Group Sector 83 Gurgaon

    Very bad layouts. I thought these were scapped
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      Re : Vatika Lifestyle Homes Vatika Group Sector 83 Gurgaon

      Vatika India Next and its issues (Disputes with HDFC)


      I have a floor in (Emilia) vatika next, recently I noticed in certain web sites (consumer compliants sites) there are a lot of complaints regarding their vatika lifestyle home project. Initially (later 2008) they had advartized their project (their 1st group housing 20 acres gated community project), 1 bhk 650 sq feet 16.6 lac (rate of Dec 2008), if somebody remember, a lot of bookings has done on this (in recession period also)... but recently consumer complaints sites showing that they cancelled a lot of bookings (after kept buyer's money in their hand approx 2 + years), and they have given option 'if you are interested in re-book 3 bhk'. Eventhough they have a lot of 1bhk still available with them in different sq feets as per their site (in vatikagroup site) it is mentined "call for price". I recently called their own broker and equired about why 1bhk 650 sq feet cancelled (without alternative option given to byer) after taken 10% of the amount and kept 2 plus years in their account then sending cancellation latter. And he told me that they were aware about this 1 year back itself that's why we asked their people (who booked from them) to change 1 bhk to emilia floors. A lot of people are cheated (I belive) see the compliant forum

      If anybody has got any idea about why this reputed builder done like this, they have taken land for township from the governemt and end user booked 1bhk for living purpose and without any alternative they cancelled. Kindly input your thoughts. See the link(XXX://

      (1) how far they are believle
      (2) what is the procedure if they cancelled application after keeping consumer money long with them.

      I know people from this foum are somewhat expert about gurgaon property related things. Please share your thoughts, so we can reach a point about this....

      Regards TOM2011
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        Re : Vatika Lifestyle Homes Vatika Group Sector 83 Gurgaon

        Vatika should be taken to court for this and made to suffer.

        Bloody cheats.

        Unfortunate that we have such a poor quality court system. In USA Vatika would be finished
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          Re : Vatika Lifestyle Homes Vatika Group Sector 83 Gurgaon

          There r many people, who have already taken Vatika to courts, but they still continue to thrive & defraud .
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            Re : Vatika Lifestyle Homes Vatika Group Sector 83 Gurgaon

            Vatika Emilia Floors appreciation & Location


            I have a floor in vatika emilia (first floor), which I booked with 19.93 lac, now its appreciation reached 31 plus lac (as per broker & Magic bricks). This is not because of Vatika Builder, because of location, Sector 81, 82, 83, 84 are going to be one of the best location in Gurgaon (greater gurgaon is coming to shape within 10 years like greater noida) And Entrance of sector 81a (vatika retail and comerce buildings nearby) will have a fly over separately for this township, all these infrastructure will make location one of the best. above all

            (1) 5 metro stations are coming within 5 kms.
            (2) plus ISBT coming (1.2 kms)
            (3) plus 1.2 kms Metro station which is going to connect Manesar-Huda city city center & dwaraka
            (4) Special Economic Zone is 1.5 kms away (rental vaule will increase)
            (5) Dwarka Express way 1.5 kms (after one sector)
            (6) National Highway No. 8 one km away
            (7) DLF is having housing projects in sector 82 block F, noted builders present there (sec 82) like Mapsco, Mahindra, Ireo, Rehaja,
            (8) 6 Five star & 7 star hotels are coming in Sec 82A, 83 & 81

            Now tell me why I got 11 lack appreciation within 1 year of booking (after 20% of total amount paid till now)

            Is it because of Builder?


            Is it because of Location?

            Kindly provide your inputs.....


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              Re : Vatika Lifestyle Homes Vatika Group Sector 83 Gurgaon

              Tom i am thinking of buying a 3 BHK in Vatika Lifestyle homes 3250....

              what will be your recommendation..if we just for a moment forget some of the changes they made in the plans

              how is this project from location point of view

              what kind of appreciation can be expected in 3-5 years


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                Re : Vatika Lifestyle Homes Vatika Group Sector 83 Gurgaon

                Vatika life style home

                Hi Amit,

                Regarding vatika life style home 3 bhk, current rate is 67+ lack (-discount) as per their own broker (not resale). Kindly note, in appartment like lifestyle home we have to pay monthly maintenance charges as per sq. feet. It will be something 3000 to 5000. I don't know if you are interested in investment or not, if investment then 2bk will give you more appreciation because 2bhk affordability for common middle class is possible (within reach). I can tell you one story about their own project PRIMROSE (ground & 1st floor 3 bhk and 2nd floor is 2bhk (881 plus (BUA) sq feet), it mid 2009 price was (2 Bhk, second floor) 23.3 lack, later it came to 25.5 with in 3 months later 30 plus now its price is approx 37 plus (37-45 lac) this is the story of 2 bhk within the time span of 15 months, suppringly construction just started and 2012 mid after only get position that time its appreciation will be 55-60 plus lac (my calculation, if it is sector 82 nearby dwarka express way; not 84 ).

                Kindly note below mentioned price regarding life style home, and compare current price

                Price in 2009: for vatika life style home

                BR-3T-1SR 1495.8 sq ft 49,36,141

                3BR-3T 1714.17 sq ft 56,56,762

                3BR-3T-1SR 1827.5 sq ft 60,30,750


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                  Re : Vatika Lifestyle Homes Vatika Group Sector 83 Gurgaon

                  tom2011a, can u tell us why the price of Vatika Emilia, Primerose has increased & that of Life style homes is almost the the same as 2009 levels, being almost at same locations & the same builder ( except for the issues already listed by u ) ?

                  Am i missing something here ? I could be wrong on the above, since i have not studied Vatika much . What i understand is that Vatika Life style home 3 BHK is available currently on 3350 .
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                    Re : Vatika Lifestyle Homes Vatika Group Sector 83 Gurgaon

                    Vatika emilia and primrose vs. lify style home

                    Hi Friends,

                    I have got your doubts, before let me tell you about another story of mine (I am an end user).

                    I have been in Gurgaon for 7 plus years. Got married 5 years back till then 5 having been living in New Gurgaon area for rent (now approx rent 8 thousand).

                    Regarding apartment and floors, My caclulation is floors are better for normal life. Floors also have controlled exit and entry points.

                    Me type people mostly living in gurgaon (end user); they generaly prefer for future payments (without too much maintaince fee), end user has to take loan from the bank, So, 2bhk affordability is depend on how much amount bank can loan. Here price deviation coming in two reasons

                    (1) generally old people don't like to live more than 6 floor height
                    (2) maintenance fee every month
                    (3) car parking amount (3 lacs are much more)
                    (4) if we go for apartment 1-5 floors people will get appreciation more and at the time of sale, if your flat is more height, then it may take time for resale.
                    (5) In gurgaon emilia floors are 180 sq yard and primerose of 240 sq.:
                    180 sq (bua is 781) you might be knowing that there will be sufficient
                    space available in each building rows (back building and front building)
                    Above all front parking and back side of these floors are (after bundary
                    wall) are villas so it will give more beauty.

                    Regarding me location preference is much more better is life style home, it is near by dwarka express way (1 less kms); And in Gurgaon end user prefer cheaper life style (regulate their expense) not high style so floors are better than apartment for them like me that is why appreciation is increased in floors. And can able to sell anytime without delay. And also in grugaon limited edition floors are available. Not all builders are making floors.
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                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?