I booked a flat in my name in original booking and has been paying all the installments for this from my a/c (No Home Loan). I will be getting possession for this soon. My question is - Is it possible that I can get it registered in my wife's name rather than my own name? Will Builder allow this considering that Buyer agreement is in my name?

Reason for getting it registered in wife's name is to save 2% of Stamp Duty . Will appreciate your suggestions on this. Thank You!
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  • It's possible ...

    Ask the builder to edit the builder-buyer agreement and add your wife as co-applicant (assuming it's not already that way) ... Pay whatever charges the builder asks (usually not a big amount) and then you will be able to get the registry in your wife's name ...

    Hope that helps ...
  • Gera Saab, yeh "bite me", bahut enticing hain:D:bab (45): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thank You Pulkit.. Will speak to Builder and see how it goes.