Krish Provence Estate is about to launch high end , luxury , end apartments and penthouse , approx 800 metres ahead from Ansal Valley View , 3 kms from DLF - II , 2 Kms from DLF - Belaire , 4 kms from MG Road.

Pre launch Price : 6250/sq ft
Inaugral Discount for 1st limited Units : 250
Minimum Size of the Apartment : 5800 sq ft
Booking Amount : 10 Lacs
Amount to be paid in 15 Days from the date of giving the booking Amount : 10% of BSP
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  • any plots on offer. what r the views of senior members on the pricing for apartments
  • This pre launch had been 15-20 days back , had been offered units at 5800 per sq ft !

    The pricing of 5800 or 6000 are very lucrative for the area as ansal valley view is also reselling at 6000 and rubbish quality of construction !!!

    The only problem is the size , the size is a bit too much for a co. which is just starting off !!! Although the layouts are fantastic , with i guess 4-6 lifts on each floor , and each apartment having a lift opening inside the house and a splash pool as well .

    And in future as well you would see bigger sizes only in gwal pahadi region because due to Aravalis the density allowed is very low , so it would only be viable for builders to make bigger sized apartments only. the surroundings in future are also going to be great in the region with DLF having approx 350 acres land there and planning to come up with extension of their current golf links till there because as mentioned density is low in the region , we ll see magnolias 2 and likes in the region shortly .

    Ninaniya groups Prism suites sounded/sounds a very sweet deal(keeping in mind BAANI's executive suites prices in sector 63) , a friend has invested there , the price and size was very lucrative when he bought .

    The region has been discussed in detail in other thread , here is the link -

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