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Unitech Launch Floors in Nirvana Country -3 Sec -70 Gurgaon, in 1st week of June.

Tentative Area – 180, 240,360,400 and 500 sqyd.

Cheque Amount – 6lac and 10 lac.

In favour of “Unitech Ltd”.
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  • It is important to verify if they actually have received the EC since even if they do not start construction now atleast a nod on EC ensures reduces risk of construction sooner or later.

    The concerned chap on Anthea floors is Manish Sigla & Kush Ahuja both of whom am unable to reach on phone and being a non resident cannot visit the office as well.

    If anyone of E Block buyers in Gurgaon can visit them to physically see the EC approval or get their approval Number from HUDA, it would answer many queries.
  • No....As construction has started in E block only ( as per Unitech mgt ).... I have one in F block ..but i havent received the same.
  • To the Owners of Anthea floors :

    Guys are we paying off this 10% inslaltment to Unitech or are we holding it till we get a confirmation on EC clearance.
  • Hi All

    Please see the below link for environmental clearance certificate. I believe it will apply on anthea floors as well.

    Unitech Group | Property in Chennai | Apartments in Bhopal | Residential Real Estate Developer Gurgaon

  • I think you are right Rajat.

    This is the EC
  • hi

    The PDF doc linked above doesn't specify Anthea floors or wildflower country project???

    it is for Nirvana country 3...... any clarification on dat ???????????

    and any news regarding actual start of construction at site ?????

  • This pdf does not ascertain EC clearance for Anthea unless it comes under Nirvana Country 3? Also, its dated 3 months back, so am not sure why it has taken so long to communicate EC clearance if applicable to Anthea.

    I would recommend its best to hold of this 10% amount till a clear answer comes across. Its one of the ways to push Unitech to share details about EC (provided they are unwilling) until anyone can confirm from among us from not what they hear but if they have seen the EC on Anthea.
  • I have a FF unit in F block and have also received the demand notice for the next installment. I do not live in India and difficult to verify whether the construction had actually commenced?

    Thanks for advice.
  • Dear All,

    It seems that the we have EC clearance for Anthea floors.

    I am getting lot of calls from various branches of Delhi -HDFC bank on offers to start Bank loan.

    They are disbursing entire 70% now & were advising that this project has all aprovals in place now.

  • How to get refund..?


    I submitted Rs 24,000 to government for our cheque payment of total deal, but somehow our deal get cancelled.

    Can you please guide me, what is the procedure to get this money back from government.

    Is there any direct way or i have to get it back only while filling my next ITR ..?

  • Hi All,
    I witnessed the actual site this weekend and the piling(Levelling the ground) work has been started. Demand has been raised for Block E & F units but not for all units(those who have not recieved demand notice is expected to recieve it in 10-15 days).
    Marketing team Reply to my Queries
    1) The project was stopped for the want of EC approval which has been obtained now
    2) It would take another 2.5-3 years to give the possession(Best estimate)
    My analysis
    1) It could be another eye wash to get the money out of the pockets of owners
    2) There are other couple of projects in "semi-finished" state (not to be misunderstood with WIP) seemingly due to financial issues. My worry "what if anthea's money would be applied to execution of those projects"
    3) and if this time as well there will not be any actual work then whatever little premium is available would also go away.

    any correction to my update or further update are welcomed

  • hi has any one has got demand for F block . i have unit in gf F block
  • Arihant29, Yes I have a unit in F block and have got the demand. Thanks
  • Visited the site to confirm that work is actually gng on or not ....I am satisfied to see the progress...dozer , dumpers all working on site.....

    They have done leveling for F & D block, E block is gng on......they are building the site office also for their staff, and they have started the construction of that ( visible now ;-) )

    The Road connectivity is also good now both through SPR and village road from Sohna.

    The work contractor is saying that they have deployed 60-70 workers on site and plan to ramp up in future.

  • I have a unit in Block F but have not received any demand letter yet.