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Unitech Launch Floors in Nirvana Country -3 Sec -70 Gurgaon, in 1st week of June.

Tentative Area – 180, 240,360,400 and 500 sqyd.

Cheque Amount – 6lac and 10 lac.

In favour of “Unitech Ltd”.
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  • nc

    I think this is total ticket size including EDC/IDC which will make the BSP as 5300....

    We need to find out from brokers and Unitech
  • Athena Floors

    Unitech has also added 250 sq mt option ( 290 sq yards) in the Athena floors project. This was not there in the initial published plan but was subsequently added based upon demand. Here is the layout. Approx cost for second floor is 85 lacs ( including IDC and EDC ). What do u guys think about it from price point of view.
  • Go for it!

    I think the pricing is similar to other size floors. These floors have sold like hot cakes.

    I think there could be quite a bit of premium soon on this set.
  • Gupta ji did u buy any floor u seem to be very bullish on this project
  • Amit - my budget only suited 200 sq yard option. Anything beyond that is definitely no for my pocket.

    I could not find anything with discount from Unitech. I think, i will pick up something in resale.

    Resale options will start to float in soon.
  • U can try for smaller units in the new high rise project.
  • finally broker confirmed the unit no. for 240sqd 2nd floor :bab (4):
  • Originally Posted by g sach
    finally broker confirmed the unit no. for 240sqd 2nd floor :bab (4):

    Congrats brother you got a confirmation on the floor number. My money is debited from my account and still waiting for the unit number. The broker just told me that this unit is corner one but of reduced size: may be 211-217 sqyd as compared to 239.2 sqyd in standard layout. Keeping my fingers crossed....
  • people (mainly brokers) are saying that apartments will do better than floors as far as future price is concerned mainly because ggn public is young and they like staying in high rises...economically i think floors shld make sense as there is less supply of these as compared to high rise appt! whats ur take on this?
  • Congrats Smart and g_sach

    G_Sach - do you by any chance work in Goldman Sach :)
  • what did you decide Jonbon?
  • booked 300 sq yd for 85.3 lacs all inclusive (excludes service and stamp duty tax). 2 floor.
  • sry..that includes service tax but no stamp duty :) jumping in the big indian real estate first time! lets all do well!
  • Jonbon how many sqaure feet for the 300 sq yard..?

    So it inlcudes edc/idc parking every thing??
  • So we have 3-4 people on the forum who have bought these floors.

    It seems thar this project indeed received a good response