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Unitech Launch Floors in Nirvana Country -3 Sec -70 Gurgaon, in 1st week of June.

Tentative Area – 180, 240,360,400 and 500 sqyd.

Cheque Amount – 6lac and 10 lac.

In favour of “Unitech Ltd”.
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  • which floor is better to take:

    1st floor or 2nd

    whats the lowest premium one can expect to get at?
  • I spoke to a few brokers - I have been quoted 60 lakhs for 1st floor and 58 lakhs for 2nd floor; which means 6 lakh premium for 2nd floor and 8 lakhs for 1 floor.

    Any specific blocks which should be given preference??
  • Amit my POV is that the ground floor offers the max value. if you calculate the psf on GF it is the cheapest but for some reason it is the least talked abt on this thread- not sure why. Possible because of the bigger outlay required.

    I think this price jum is recent..If you check 99a anthea was being quoted around 5500-5700 mark..something is deffo happenening which is why the sudden jump.
  • what rise you are talking about, i guess the premium has been in the range of 6-8 lakhs for quite some time.
  • How much is the premium if 1st floor is quoted at 60? It is not 6-8 lacs but more..that is the rise im talking about
  • bying price was 52 some thing so premium is 8 in that case.

    also 60 is quoted price, i am sure on table one can get it to 58.
  • buying price was close 5k psf..there was some pre lauch discount
  • yes.. prelaunch discount on anthea was something around 1.5 lacs..
  • There were some floors which were launched with only 1 Lac discount. The location of these floors is excellent since they are much closure to SPR as compared to the majority of other floors. Not sure on the premium of these floors ?
  • This is a great project... majorly undervalued... but I do hear that Unitech is planning a revival soon... and that should make this a happening investment option
  • Chettu

    Which unit u have in anthem and what was your login price?
  • Originally Posted by amit001

    Which unit u have in anthea and what was your login price?

    yaar maine to launch ke 2 months baad liya tha.. i paid 3 lacs premium..
    i remember it was launched in aug 2011 and i bought in resale somewhere in october 2011..

    i dont remember which unit i have.. :)
    bas itna hi yaad hia ki 2nd floor hai and no plc is there for my unit..
    unit number yaad nahi.. papers india main pare hian mummy papa ke paas.. :)
  • Originally Posted by Rbansal1
    This is a great project... majorly undervalued... but I do hear that Unitech is planning a revival soon... and that should make this a happening investment option

    agreed that it is dont get a 2BHK at this price even in 8X/9X sectors
  • Sir ... little surprised on the above discussions .. people quote 60 lakhs for FF of 191 yds ... my friend recently sold 1 FF on 191 yards at 68 lakhs ...

    so yeh 60 manin kahan se mil raha hai ... in fact we 3 friends bought 3 FF of 191 yds ... 1 was sold about 6 months back at 62 lakhs... now about 10 days back at 68 lakhs ...

    But the above discussions make me confused as if we have sold it much above the market price .. but i understand buyers are also not foools...
  • Kapil,

    Thats wht brokers have given me.

    Enough deals for 60-62 for FF.

    Even on 99acres, quotes are for 58-61...

    Is its 68 then there is no point in buying it, as it wont be undervalues in that case. 68 lakhs for a 1000 sq ft floor, does not seem undervalued to me in any case.