I am evaluating to buy a small 60 sq yards plot in gurgaon. Can members send their comments on availability, price and future potential in south city 1/2, rosewood city etc.?
Appreciate the views/comments.
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  • i was searching for same 2 months back. here is what i found out
    you can also add malibu towne to your list.
    south city 2- ~44 lacs
    malibu ~42
    rosewood 38~40
  • I did some research last year in plots of this size because of the price but figured that they are not so easy to sell off.

    Ultimately 60 Sq yards is small and some one with a budget of 50 Lacs is looking elsewhere.
  • Guys,
    Thank you for the comments. Do you think i would make sense to buy a plot, construct 2-3 floors and rent out? I am looking at something that can give returns (approx 25k per month) and the price increase can happen over time.
    I know it is small size, but this is the only one I can afford and rather then buying residential apartments, i am keen to own a piece of land.
    Comments from members are welcome.
  • 60 Sq. Yard Plot In Gurgaon (Land Cost, Floors Allowed & Rent)

    Hello Friends

    I would like to buy a plot measuring 60 sq. yards in gurgaon (suggest best location for such plots) for self use and rental income. Please let me know the current market price.

  • Sir, give it a shot in Palam vihar. Rate around 70 to 90k/ sq yard. Make a pg, gains will be handsome