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Suggestions : 3 BHK, 75L, Gurgaon


Suggestions : 3 BHK, 75L, Gurgaon

Last updated: June 24 2011
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    Re : Suggestions : 3 BHK, 75L, Gurgaon

    Your spread sheet is is really very helpful.
    appreciate your efforts to help others.


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      Re : Suggestions : 3 BHK, 75L, Gurgaon


      Originally posted by ren_grg View Post
      Your spread sheet is is really very helpful.
      appreciate your efforts to help others.

      I heartily accept your appreciation and would like to say that it is not mine but dedicated to all IREF members.
      I am also encouraged by contributions from fellow members and invite all for suggestions, improvements and updation of the data therein..
      I am planning to shortly incorporate a legal cell for genuine aid and consultation from a group of lawers who deal with matters pertaining to RE.
      The possibilities are endless and would in the same breath thank IREF for providing a platform for like minded people whose voice is generally unheard.



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        Re : Suggestions : 3 BHK, 75L, Gurgaon

        Extremely informative sheet! Thanks !


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          Re : Suggestions : 3 BHK, 75L, Gurgaon

          kahan chupe hue the St Anger jee aap ab tak?

          Appreciate taking your time out and posting detailed views.

          Originally posted by St_Anger View Post
          Renu jee

          Lemme evaluate a few projects for you which are as per your requirements...

          1) dwarka expressway projects will suit you needs.. Almost all of them are available at attractive prices.. Will have excellent connectivity to airport and Delhi ...You will get the desired size at the desired price.. Although, I personally do not track or invest in these projects as of now because of the uncertainity over land aquirement and actual position of expressway w.r.t to the sectors and projects. As an area, it would suit your needs but I don't , personally, advise it!!!

          2) golf course ext road.. Emerald estate 3 bhk is in your budget .. And is a great project .. Available arnd 4700 psft but is nowhere close to it's pre-launch price of 3000. Bptp park prime is another project but it's far from it's launch price of 2700 and a large percentage of payments have gone.. Ansal essentia floors make for a VERY DECENT option in case you're not a huge fan of high
          rises. Others like pioneer park, palm drive, vatika, escape etc will grossly overshoot budget

          3) sohna road and adjoining areas

          Spaze privy is a good option but again has had a huge jump in premium.. I'm a strict naysayer when it comes to spire south and CHD .. both of which anyway are not close to their launch price.. Spire to a certain extent .. But already 2 years old and still not a *** on the site.. Chd is too close to the sewage plant and was booked at a measely 2300 rupees.. Construction quality won't be that good..Umm I won't recommend that at all.. Unitech sunbreeze /vista etc are again projects who have already seen good appreciation.. Today canary, although I already have had some skirmishes on the issue, remains another good option.. Booked at 3650 still available at 3750.. Only 20% payment gone.. Fulfills the wishlist completely... But the builder is shady.. Isn't known to give quality products.. And is known to try and fleece customers.. Depends whether you'd want to take a risk. Otherwise, my senses say that if markets strengthen up a bit.. It cud easily kiss 4200-4500 by year end!!
          Gpl eden heights is another project you can look for.. The structure is almost ready.. Hasn't seen much appreciation as the area will still take time to become livable.. Don't know the current price as I'm not a big fan of the project but it shud be arnd mid 3ks.. Can be a decent option for 4 yrs down the line.. Builder reputation is unknown, although his speed of work has been pretty acceptable!!!
          Others like Bptp Astaire gardens and tulip projects are again a no- no as they have little going for them right now !!

          4) NH-8 projects

          emaar palm hills.. Bang on expressway.. Available at little premium to booking price.. 550-600 rupees extra.. Connectivity is great although distance is a concern.. I don't kno given choice I'd much rather want to zip straight on the expressway for 5 mins past sohna cut.. Rather than be stuck I'm the jam.. But lack of development is an issue.. The project has certain issues itself which can be read in detail on the project specific thread but i still think it wud be a very very good buy.
          Opp to it is palm gardens.. A little steep for those areas at 4100 rupees but the layout is excellent and is right next to the upcoming Hilton hotel. Better than palm hills but comes at a price.. Also at a min size of 1700+ I think it's gonna overshoot your budget... Others like uppal canary and Vipul lavanya are not really 'i wanna lap it up right now' kind of stuff.. Vipul though, is available at dirt cheap 2900 psft ...Vatika next is also mired in a considerable controversy. My friend who went to visit the site a few weeks back wasn't allowed by farmers who still have issues with vatika...

          Ok .. Shows over.. Verdict time now!!
          My choices, in order of preferance ( considering everything that you asked for)

          1)emerald estate ( If you can manage the black or find an all cheque deal)
          2) Ansal floors
          3)palm hills
          4)today canary
          5) gpl Eden heights
          6)Vipul lavanya ( only because it's available at a mouth watering price and thebuilder is widely respected)

          All this is just my POV.. I know many won't take it kindly, but then I can't change facts to play for an audience.. My advice to you wud be.. Listen to every one.. Short list atleast 6 projects.. Visit and find out info on them.. Further short list to 2 or 3.. Dig up every grave possible and then finalise the project.. Nd don't forget to check project speific threads and particular builder complaints before making a decision.. All the best to you!!!


          Have any questions or thoughts about this?