ITS OFFICIAL - Slump in realty sales hits brokers really hard

Correction is official in IREF at least. Pune, Mumbai and NOIDA are facing the heat.

But GGN seems to have escaped the slump? Or is it waiting to happen.

Vote your opinion on the link as to how long and how deep the correction would be. My bet was 18 months and 15% downturn for NOIDA.

Has to be more for Pune and Mumbai because of more excess - maybe 25-30% correction and last 18 months.

It can only get worse tomorrow after the RBI meeting. Since RBI has to keep its credibility in international fora, after 9% plus inflation, 25 bps rate hike is inevitable.

What about GGN? What is going to happen in DEway? and GCX/SPR? And NH8?

What is the ground scenario?
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