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Astaire Gardens by BPTP in Sector 70A, Gurgaon


Astaire Gardens by BPTP in Sector 70A, Gurgaon

Last updated: June 24 2019
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    Re : Astaire Gardens by BPTP in Sector 70A, Gurgaon

    Still we all are forgetting that BPTP does not enjoy good CRM.

    Resale would really be a difficult activity .. Heard that their old allottees found it really difficult to exit from their respective bookings. So act accordingly...


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      Re : Astaire Gardens by BPTP in Sector 70A, Gurgaon

      Hi Sachin (@smahipal)

      1. There were no discounts given by BPTP. But I got good broker discount from the brokerage company i booked from.
      2 and 3. I have booked a 3BHK. Next steps are that you will get a demand letter for the balance payment to make it 15%. They will allot the unit after this payment. I got the demand letter last week and have paid the installment yesterday and have been told that I will be called for allotment of unit within 2 weeks time.



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        Re : Astaire Gardens by BPTP in Sector 70A, Gurgaon

        Only thing which did not allow me to consider this ever was -"BPTP". Someone said "Blood Pressure Through Property"


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          Re : Astaire Gardens by BPTP in Sector 70A, Gurgaon

          Thank you Infralytics !
          Very good insight.
          Being subvention till possession, may get possession also on time.
          May consider this as a good option for oth end use and investment.


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            Re : Astaire Gardens by BPTP in Sector 70A, Gurgaon

            Infra what ever.

            Are you marketing this product.

            Otherwise please don't give incomplete information to unsuspecting buyers.

            This is a low rise, & in subventions you are already paying extra for the 3 years of subventions where as the property is a low rise which is very quick off the block so jus takes a few months to complete structure. So in no time the prop will be ready and subvention will end where as all other structure around it will be under construction.

            HOMEBUYERS - don't be a fool. Just ask the builder how they will charge if you don't want subventions and it will much less so people please use your brains do some research. The real price is the price of The resale market.

            Originally posted by Infralytics View Post
            @eidilp let me ans this for you

            I have observed that choice between a high-rise and independent floors is a personal choice. Some people especially elders are not fond of high-rises and they like to stay closer to ground. In past Floors have suffered due to:
            - ownership issues, where govt. had stopped registry for the ones which were sold on GPA.
            - they were often not part of gated townships like the case with floors in SL 2. Even if they were like Ardee City, they had lot of big and small builders doing individual construction. The whole complex wasn't owned and developed by a single builder. This led to lack of accountability on the development and maintenance of the township as a whole.
            - they lacked 100% power back-up facility which is so needed in Gurgaon
            - they lacked lift facility, and most families with elderly people wouldn't get ground floors easily and at decent prices.

            But now with BPTP's Astaire garden, Unitech Nirvana County 2 and MGFs Emerald Hills etc most of the things above are getting addressed and i believe floors are back in contention.

            Coming back to BPTP's pedestal floors, i have bought it as a long term investment due to its possession linked subvention, i do believe it is a good option for end use too.

            - It is a part if 100 acre integrated township which will have only villas and low rise floors. Thus it will be low density living which is always sought after.
            - With half of the township earmarked for luxury villas, you will have a good upscale neighborhood. I am sure that this factor will also influence the security parameters apart from it being a gated complex. Much like Nirvana Country as we see today.
            - The approach is going to be fantastic with a 60 mtr wide roads connecting it to SPR from 2 sides. One 60m road will further go down and connect it to the 90 m wide road running parallel to SPR.
            - I have looked at the location of 4 bedroom units, it is a really good location alongside villas and on 24m arterial road.
            - The township will have all modern amenities like power-backup, club, school, commercial etc which I am sure you will already be aware about.
            - Finally the product on offer is also unique with subvention till possession that will save you interest (emi) cost for 3-4 years depending whether you get possession on time or with delay.

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              Re : Astaire Gardens by BPTP in Sector 70A, Gurgaon

              Going through the documents, there is provision of 5% rebate for the buyers who are not opting for downpayment/subvention scheme.
              All other prices are same for CLP as well as subvention.


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                Re : Astaire Gardens by BPTP in Sector 70A, Gurgaon

                One more doubt Aviral79 .....
                Subvention is possession linked and not structure based. My understanding of possession is the area has to be completely built and okayed by HUDA (Certification, sewage connection etc. etc.) before it is offered for possession.
                Kindly share your views.
                Thanks in advance for all the guidance.


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                  Re : Astaire Gardens by BPTP in Sector 70A, Gurgaon

                  Hahaha bptp is a fraud builder. Check the fine prints in application form and bba. Hehehe


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                    Re : Astaire Gardens by BPTP in Sector 70A, Gurgaon

                    Following is written in the application form
                    " Under subvention scheme, Interest on BAnk loan till OFFER OF POSSESSION will borne by BPTP"

                    As this is a pre launch, BBA is not available .
                    Do any one have the copy of BBA ? Kindly suggest .....

                    Thanks !!!


                    • Re : Astaire Gardens by BPTP in Sector 70A, Gurgaon

                      BBA will be executed only after payment of 15% demand which they have already raised. All these issues will remain uncleared until we get our BBA.

                      DO anyone here have got his loan sanctioned for this project?
                      What if we get only 60% of loan amount sanctioned in subvention? In that case, When do we have to pay the remaining 20% which is to be paid from our own pocket (Upfront or in pro-rata basis)?


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?