I am planning to buy Floor in BPTP's Astaire garden project. Project is located in sector 70a of gurgaon. Does anyone know about this builder and this project. Will it be good investment for next 5-6 yrs. Please provide your comments/thoughts.

I also heard UNitech launching floors in sec 70. Looks like floors are in demand.
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  • BPTP Monet Floors 70 A

    Originally Posted by Krazy Yuppie
    Please read Post 151 carefully.

    Thanks, However i tried visiting the above link but its no more available..
  • HI
    We are planning between BPTP Astaire Garden (Monet Floors ) & Premium Floors in Vatika. Confusions is on following points :
    - BPTP's reputation, we are very skeptical on the delivery however location is better than Vatika India Next.
    -Premium Floors max they should be able to give possesion in an year's time.
    - Vatika's Reputation better thn BPTP.
    -we liked the layoiut of Monet Floors.
    this is for purely end use purposes.. it wil great id someone can thro some light on above and give us some information around this.
  • Got this update from BPTP today....The connecting SPR is apparently complete.

    Has anyone visited the site recently?
  • This message is correct from BPTP about Astaire Garden; now it is connected with SPR with a new 24 meter wide road. I have visit the site and checked the same. If you go on SPR on left side once you pass Tulip Orange site there a new wide road which takes to first to Monet Floor (Block E) and then to other block of Astaire Garden.
    This would increase the property cost of this Site in next few months.
  • What is the delivery date as per bba ?
    Do you any labours at site ?
  • I have visited BPTP office too and they have confirmed that construction would recommence in Sep (next month). The way area properties are ready for possession and 24 meter road is ready now to Astaire garden; this society price would go up. Current rate in Area (sector 70A) is 6400 per sqft and monet floors are under market rate so there would surely increase be increase in rates.
  • Yesterday after seeing Monet Avant Floors adv in ToI I visited the site ans can confirm that the access to BTPT is now quite easy and could see lots of families visiting the floors as they might have found the offer by BPTP as per their linking. 360 realtors the underwriter for this monet floors publish this adv and as per the adv one has to pay 40% of total floor cost and rest 60% on possession and they are claiming that BPTP is pushing for possession in 18 months. I have seen that structure is quite ready and guess more than 80% payment is gone.

    One has to pay 30L in 6 months and rest on possession. looks interesting.

    I need to know.

    1. what was the launch price as the current price is 6750 psf.
    2. how good these floors are end use.
  • ground floor price

    What is the current price for the ground floor with basement 250 sq yd? I purchased it for 6000/sq ft.
  • SinghSaab,

    How are happy with your purchase?
  • I have faced following issues so far:

    1. There were few occasions when they charged interest rate unnecessarily but I was able to get it removed (not all but most of it)
    2. They did construction very fast and took almost 90% of payment and after that things are slow. Still waiting for possession. It is painful to pay monthly installments on 90% of amount but if you look at it in different way it is good that at least (so far) this project don't have any major known issues related to possession like some issue in sector 67 and court cases
    3. Looks like they will miss promised possession date of 2014. I have ready many post on this forum and I shouldn't be complaining of 18 months delay (assuming possession will be given in the next 18 months)

    Overall, experience is ok so far. I will be happy if I can get possession in next 18 months and sell it at 8000 psft rate. Right now I am in no loss and no profit.
  • Thanks Singh Saab for your reply.

    It looks like that this property is promising both for investment and self use purpose. Possession in 18 months will be great as by then the neighboring projects like tulip violet, ivory, white, vistas and GPL will be occupied and there will be lots of activities around. By then SPR should be fully functional. I am planning to buy a unit for self use as against the adv published last sunday ToI. Pay 40% now and rest on possession. What are your thoughts on this offer?
  • What is the price BPTP quoting for the ground floor +basement unit 250 sq yd?
  • the BSP cost is 1.16 cr for GF + basement for 250 sq yd floor. for this 40% now and 60% at the time of possession scheme.
  • Price is stuck around this for quite some time now. Looks like market is really down.
  • Originally Posted by SINGHVN3
    Price is stuck around this for quite some time now. Looks like market is really down.

    The prices I mentioned are for new 40% and 60% scheme. Singh saab what are your thoughts on 40 % - 60% scheme from end use point of view.